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So I just binged for 4 days straight...

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How the hell do I fix this. I ate ALOT. Probably enough to gain a pound a day, if not more. I have a problem, I recognize that, and I'm working on fixing it. So how do I recover. I have forgiven myself, and realized it happened and I just have to move forward. Will everything I ate cause me to gain weight? Or will my body quickly lose weight I gained? I definitely have BED because it wasn't just giving into cravings, I ate until I felt sick and I ate even though I didn't even want to, I felt compulsed. Anyone else have this problem? :(

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I don't have this problem but just remember that tomorrow is a new day. Keep your head up girl!:)

It's already done, so don't worry about it. 

Just focus on a balanced, healthy diet tomorrow and remember that faltering does not signify failure - every time we make a mistake, we're learning what works for us and what doesn't. 

If you believe you have an eating disorder, you should speak to your general practitioner and get referred to a counsellor or a dietary specialist to see if you can figure it out.

As for the weight, it takes 3500 calories on top of your daily calories to gain a pound.  If you believe you ate roughly 5000 calories per day, it's possible you gained some weight from it, but it's unlikely you gained a pound per day, even with those numbers.

just remember tomorrow is a new day. every time you go through those days drink a glass of water before eating anything,  or brush your teeth to wash away the flavors. 

Original Post by ksal822818897:

just remember tomorrow is a new day. every time you go through those days drink a glass of water before eating anything,  or brush your teeth to wash away the flavors. 

"brush your teeth to wash away the flavors" this is something I should try too!

I have definitely been there as I swinged from Bulimia to Anorexia and back several times. I remember one season when k firsr started college. I bought $20 worth of junk: Hagen Daas, lemon poppy seed muffin, whole milk, candy bars, etc. And I ate them all in about 30 minutes. A 4 day binge is a pretty good sign that you have an ED. Its been said that the average woman consumes 2,000 calories per day, and the average bulimic consumes that much per meal. For me, binging was usually a form of self-punishment. But I had to learn some self-control... Or healthier binges. The worst thing you can do is overcompensate. You must find grace for yourself. You are not the worst dieter in the world. We've all been there to some extent. Start afresh the next day. Eat only good for you foods. Be moderate whatever you do.
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You can't "fix" it. It happened. One of the major hurdles for all of us trying to lose weight is getting out of the mindset that you have ruined everything by falling off the wagon for a few days. That is why I am overweight! Because once I made a mistake I just kept on making them with the mind set that I couldn't "FIX" it.

Then I realized that I am going to make mistakes. I am going to slip up, and that is OK! It is all part of your process. The part that needs to be different is how you recover from your mistakes.

Get back on the wagon and back to eating a healthy and balanced diet. One thing I have learned to NOT do is to compensate for overeating by under-eating. Starving yourself to make up for a binge will only result in another binge. Whatever gain you have from the last few days will go away if you get yourself back on track! Don't despair!


Yes, I believe I have this problem too.  Last night I ate a container of sweet and sour pork, a huge bag of chips, a huge piece of cake with icing, buttered toast and some chocolate bars in one sitting.  I bought it all with the intent of consuming everything in one shot when my boyfriend was out. 

I feel the same frustration.  I have heard people say the only way to control binge eating disorder is through behavioural therapy.  Unfortunately for a lot of us this is not affordable.  Been thinking about trying the rubber band trick - when you are preparing for a binge you're usually not able to think about anything else (i.e. like how you shouldn't do it!).  So you keep a rubber band around your wrist and snap it to bring yourself back to the present and keep yourself from dwelling on food and planning your next gorging session.

I don't know, kid.  This is a tough one.  It is certainly what keeps me from losing more wieght.  Do you find it is worse when you're stressed out or sad about something?

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Oh my gosh i have the exact same issue! No one seems to understand it! I will do exactly what you described about three times a week and just continue to tell myself tp stop but i cant i just keep on eating for HOURS! Then i say il be super good from then on, then binge again...its a cycle

If you are thinking about counseling, but can't afford it and live near a university one option is going and talking to a graduate student.  Master's and Doctoral students have to do a certain amount of practicum hours counseling people.  That could be a possible option...

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How many calls u get a day normally when ur not binging? If u dint eat u can get out of control then when u eat and it's more difficult to resist. I suggest drinking lots of water and u cant gain that much weight in 4 days so just balance it out for the rest of the week. Never ever say "tomorrow is a new day" because then u just let itself go for the rest of the day and are unable to resist the next day. A vicious cycle.
I do this a lot, sometimes to the point of crying myself to sleep. I wish I could stop, but at the time I'm eating it doesn't seem to bother me. Only at night when I'm full of guilt. I know I'm not as bad off as a lot of other people here, but it's still frustrating for me. I know I have it in me to eat right, I just don't, but lately, I figure if I'm gonna gorge myself, it might as well be healthy, right? So, now I'm eating a ton of fruit! Don't know if it's working yet, just started a few days ago. I can only hope.

Last year, I lost 85 pounds and was able to keep "most" of it off. During the holidays, I had gained back 20. I started dieting again in January, and lost15 of those 20, but now I'm slowing gaining it back again (10 so far). I keep trying to diet, but always lose to the "binging".

I sometimes wish I could be as strong as most of you. Maybe I'm just all dieted out.

I've gotta find the motivation to do it the right way, and I'll keep on trying.

Thanks for reading.
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It definitely happens more when I'm stressed. I am actually going to college next year, so im thinking of going to a counselor when I'm there to get tested to see if i have an ED. I don't purge, just binge. It needs to stop, its just really hard. I'm either eating beautifully or horrendously. 

Trust me, I've been there done that. I have a horrible binging episode today after I had lost three pounds... It's a hard time for all of us. I'm trying to think of ways to stop all this binging. We could be binging buddies and try to end this horrible habit. You with me?(:

Bingeing sucks! I call it having food regret;) My family doesn't understand which makes it harder cause I'm self destructive. I was doing Weight Watchers but I would eat all of my points by Monday night(I'm a hot mess). I started calorie counting on Tuesday and hopefully "completing/ending the day online" will help. Drink your water, lets do this:)


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yes. we can do this :)

Well I just wish I could stop this binge cycle forever...I truly would be the most perfect eater if it wasnt for these binge moments because I eat so healthy and I love healthy foods! I could lay money on it that I was never going to binge again, that nothing would make me do it again...BUT...it happens just like that!!!! A split second and it all changes and for me...no real reason! I just suddenly think of something nice in the kitchen and then it just wont go...I start to think "ok...I will JUST have that one thing" but I KNOW...i just KNOW that it will lead to EVERYTHING rubbish thats out there ;( it happens everytime! I end up eating so much rubbish, 2 nights ago I ruined my 1 weeks healthy eating, Id lost 2 lbs, was starting to feel great and then...just 1 piece of caramel shortbread at lunch time that I had made with the kids led to a huge binge later at 8pm!!!!4500 calorie intake for the whole day ;( that is just horrendous! Only 2000 of that was healthy foods ;( 

So today is day 2 of "starting over" again...up 2lbs on the scales but atleast I survived day 1! I just need motivation to get out and exercise too...really wish there was someone in Brighton just like me and we could fight this together! This BED just wrecks my social life ;( I cancel arrangements, quit dating and struggle to find any clothes I feel comfy in! I am only 116lbs...ok I am NOT overweight but I just dont feel comfy in my own skin! Any help and advice always appreciated ;) please add me and we can help each other out ;) H x

Stop do not do it for the 5th day. No way did you eat enough to gain a lb a day that is 3500 calories per pound.

4 days is nothing in a lifetime. Lets assume you live till 85. 85x365=31035 days.

4 days is thus is 0.012% of you rlife that is nothing. So 4 days is a blink now change it before it becomes a habit and do not beat yourself up over 4 pidly days.

I know what you mean about the binging.  I am a "recovering" binge eater myself.  Not anorexic, not even bulimic, just binge eater.  First, I think that this is a very serious ED that not many people talk about and I think we should.  I put recovering BE in quotes for myself because I am not healed per se, but I am re-wiring myself.  I gained about 20 pounds in less than a year because of binge eating and depression.  Not at all a great combo.  And I would do it all in shame and in hiding.  I would think about the next thing I could eat while I was eating.  I would eat until I was physically unable to eat.  I even had a relapse last Thursday.  My saving grace was that I worked out hardcore to keep from gaining.  I think I consumed about 3000 calories.  The sad part is I think I worked out just so I could eat.  I wanted to binge.  I had off of work that day and once my boyfriend left for work around 11am I plunged into a binge/exercise routine that lasted all day.  I felt sick and embarrassed all day and even the next day.

I don't think you can "fix"what is allready done, but as long as you accept that it is done and just think of the next day.  The food will always be there, you don't have to have it all now.  We should be able to enjoy food for energy and pleasure.  Not to gorge ourselves and just eat in a whirlwind.  

Keep your head up and look towards the future.  By admitting it you are taking a huge step.  By being able to talk about it shows that you are willing to change.  So just work out, burn some calories.  Rewire your thinking.  Enjoy the taste of the food, within limits.  Good luck

I used to have binge eating behaviour too. of course there are "technical ways" to fix the physical side effect, but the root cause is still due to psychological problems and your mindset. I read the cook "Food: the good girl's guide to drug". previously I thought thr was sth wrong with me cuz I just binge but don't purge, and I feel sick and mental but I convinced myself otherwise cuz i wasn't skinny. you Don't have to be thin to suffer a eating disorder (neither does being thin means that you have one). that book really helped me cuz I cld relate to lots of things in there. maybe you'd find it a good read.

take care!! xx
I use binge eating (sometimes up at 5000 calories in one sitting) to keep my distance from something. Sometimes it's dating, sometimes I hate wig the skinny girl because I'm usually not the well liked girl. I am 120 pounds and anytime I drop below that, I eat and eat. I was at the airport a few days ago and bought 4 Ben and Jerry ice cream cones and ate all 4! People told me that they are flashing eat (I'm not starving, just thin from triathlon training) and comments like that hurt my feelings. Sometimes I binge out of boredom. Right now I am because there is a guy I'm interested in and I'm afraid I'd the rejection so info binge I won't want to see him and don't worry about him not wanting to see me. Sort of like reject myself before someone else can. I don't know. More psychological for me than any sort of love or enjoyment I get from food. Guess I could throw out my make up instead. :)
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