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Biggest Losers - Not Really Losing??

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I was watching the Biggest Loser last night and noticed that many of the contestants posted only a 2 - 5 pound weight loss for the week, even though they are still working as hard as ever.

Any ideas on why this is?  Are their bodies adjusting to the low calories and high intensity workouts?  This seems to be a common thing to occur in the 3rd week (or so) of the show.

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I think the first week or two they are losing a ton of water weight. 2-5 pounds a week is still a remarkable weight loss.

You're right joellejello... 2 - 5 lbs per week is still a great loss to post.


I found this link which lists the weight losses by week for the contestants for Season 3 r_%28Season_3%29  (there are similar links for all of the seasons)... In any case, you can see that well into the season, some contestants are still posting 9 - 12 pound losses in one week!  Pulling out my trusty calculator, that's a 42,000 calorie deficit (diet and exercise combined)! How is that even possible?!?!? WOW.  Can't be water at that point, right?

I watched this last night, for the first time. I applaud the intent, but I thought it was highly dangerous to encourage people to lose more than 2 lbs per week.

This is the first season I have watched and its pretty typical of people who have a lot of weight to lose.  they will lose a ton right away and then it will slow down.  Part of it is water weight and part is that they have never done exercise so their body goes a bit crazy.

 They have disclaimers stating they are all supervised by doctors during the show. 

I can't believe those people voted Jerry off!!!   I was so mad, but I loved how he looks now.  He is so cool,  I wish he was my grandpa.  I actually have a bit of a crush on the Red Team captain (forget his name) he is cute not to mention that guy trainer who is so good looking that I can hardly look at him without smiling

They are all under the supervision of Dr.'s and.... They work out anywere from 4-6 hours a day. they are supposed to be activly walking around all day long. these are people who go from a life with NO activity to a life that is thrust into overdrive.

I have watched every year. it is amazing what they do. and those people make such a life style change at the ranch. they KEEP IT OFF! some of them have become nutrionalist or activity teachers. it is amazing how the biggest looser is changing lives.

Jerry was the only one I liked! Why did they vote him out?
I so agree about Jerry - I just loved his positive attitude and determination, he was a true leader!  I can only guess that other people on the team felt threatened by his success - I think that they are going to have a really tough time without him, though.

I was really annoyed by the time last night's show was over - between that one girl eating all that food, then her team mates beating her up over it, then that other guy having a temper tantrum over getting to his workout when his knee hurt, then the low weigh ins, then Jerry........ugh!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess I feel like these people are so lucky to be in the program, all they have to do is workout and eat right all day long - that has got to be a godsend for them, so why can't they leave the drama behind and just do what they need to do?

I loved Jerry's attitude and he did prove that he could do it on his own at home.  He did have a leadership attitude I think that is why they voted him off because they were threatened by him and that he was capable of doing the weight loss on his own because of his attitude and leadership.

I really enjoy this show and like was mentioned above they go from a lifestyle of very little activity to a lot of activity and it does affect your weight loss drastically.  It does slow down but they have such intense workouts under the care of a doctor and you have seen injuries occur it just goes to show that they need to be careful with any workout that you do to try to avoid injuries and to consult with your own physicians prior to doing something like that.

The part of the show I don't like is that they work so hard just to be voted off but I am glad that they teach them enough in a week and give them all the tools to be able to continue the lifestyle changes at home to continue to succeed with or without the show.  The trainers are very informative and give the participants lots of ideas if they don't have gyms available, etc.  It is a great way for anyone to look into it.  They have the fitness book out that when I can afford it I will be able to get it and read it.  I have the cookbook and love the recipes that are in there.  There are a lot of great ideas and easy modifications can be made to even make healthier.

I agree, I really liked Jerry. He had a really positive attitude about him. I can't believe he was so successful at his age!

I'm really hoping that some of the girls start to lose more weight.  It can be frustrating to get discouraging low numbers week after week.  Working out doesn't get any easier when you're depressed about slow success.  I think a lot of the girls need a moral boost in order to finally knock off more lbs.

Well, I have a LOT of weight to lose, and watched the show for the first time this season hoping that there was a female contestant who weighed close to my starting weight. (Men lose at such a different pace, it is just too discouraging to compare.)  Not only am I older than every female contestant (I'm in my 40s), I also started out 75 pounds heavier than the highest-weighing female contestant. (I was hoping for a 370 pound female contestant ... but they were all under 300)

Oh well, I've still been watching anyway but seeing how quickly they are losing versus how slowly I am losing has been pretty depressing and discouraging, actually. I watch the show every week and sob. My husband thinks I should just stop torturing myself by watching it.

My starting weight was 369 -- now I am 345.4. I've been dieting for 5 weeks (since 8-22-07) and I've lost only 23.6 pounds.  But I am eating healthy and balanced meals, and have a 950 calorie per day deficit (medically supervised since I am an insulin-dependent diabetic.)

No, I am not working out 5-6 hours a day .... my medical conditions won't let me. But I have joined a fitness center and I am allowed to start with 30 minutes of strengthening 3-4 days per week. At this rate, it will take me a WHILE to equal the weight loss that some of these people showed in just 1-2 weeks. (sigh)  

What makes me saddest is watching how disappointed the contestants look when they lose 2-3 pounds ... because some weeks I don't lose anywhere near that.

=^..^=  MOLLY

Molly - Sounds to me like you are doing great, that is an average of over 4 pounds a week and it sounds like you are doing it in a safe healthy manner.  Keep it up gal!!!!! 

Molly - you are doing an amazing job!  I get teary when I watch BL too... it's so inspiring, and those people are working so hard.  I'm with you, I just want them to succeed and see big payoffs each week for their hard work.

Weight loss is difficult for everyone regardless of where they're starting from -  15 pounds or 150 pounds, once it's there, it's hard to get rid of.  You are doing GREAT!  I'm sure I speak for many when I say we are very proud of you and your amazingaccomplishments!  4 pounds a week is a very significant number - keep up the good work! : )

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