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So I suggested to our H.R. Director at work that we start a "Biggest Loser" in our office. She said she likes the idea and was going to check around and see if they had any funds for it.

If not, each participant would just pay to enter, and the winner gets the pot of money. But it looks like it's going to happen. I will probably be in charge of it too! So I'm pretty excited. I think this will be fun!!

If anyone has been doing it through their work, please let me know what you have found works, doesn't work, etc. Or any ideas that you might have!! Thanks!
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We did it in our office. I lost 10 pounds on it. Every couple of weeks or so, the person in charge, Bene, would send out pop quizzes via email. She set a time limit on it, and whomever got the most right would win a prize. I got a year's subscription to any fitness magazine I wanted. I picked Runner's World. Best gift ever!! (these were pretty challenging pop quizzes though!)

Every week, we'd all email our weights down to her, and she also had us enter them on a spreadsheet she developed so we could keep track as well.

There was cash prize, 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, as well as a cash prize to the person with the most percentage lost.

Good luck and have fun!!!

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Awesome!  We started the exact same thing at our office on Jan 2.  10 of us each put in $100.  The contest runs through Apr 1.  The winner will take $900 and second place gets their money back.  The rest of them/us get the thrill of knowing we did something good for ourselves.  What we did was have one person (not in the competition) do the official starting weigh ins.  He wrote a note about what we had on for dress, the time of day, and what we weighed.  Each week, we do our own weigh-ins (either on the scale at work, or on our own at home).  Then, on Apr 1, the same person who did the initial weigh in, will do our official weigh outs.  At this weigh out, we must be dressed the same, and it must be approx the same time of day.  We obviously do not vote anybody out like they do on the show.  The person with the largest percentage of weight loss during the entire period of time wins!  It has created quite a sensation here at work... there are even folks doing side bets on who will win!  Have fun with it... I know I am!  Oh.. BTW... we also made a rule that anybody can weigh out at any time (obviously, this would not be a smart move if the competition is close.)


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We did this at our work as well, there were about 10 of us all together, and we did it for 6 weeks, measuring percentage of weight loss each week, and then the person at the end of the 6 weeks that had lost the most percentage won 80% of the pot, and the person that came in second recieved the other 20% - $20 buy in (: it was a lot of fun, and because it was a competition, you'd come in some days and find a donut sitting on your desk, or a nice big starbucks mocha - it was rewarding to figure out who put it on your desk and put it on theirs and see if they could fight the temptation. a lot of fun!
Ok.. this is probably a really dumb question.. but how do you figure out how to get the % lost each week and at the final week?

Do you just take the number of pounds divided by their weight each week? Then the total pounds lost at the last week divided by their starting weight?
Anyone know???
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We had a contest last year and I lost 20 lbs.  We are doing it again starting in Feb.  To participate you put in 10 dollars.  We have different teams(by dept.) and the team with the greatest % gets all the money.  we weigh on the same scale every tues. and record our weight.  HR tracks it all.  it's fun and very motivating for me!
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Let's say you start at 200lbs and lose 5lbs.  The difference is 5.  Divide 5 by the starting weight (200) and you'll get 0.025.  This means 2.5%.  Hope that helps!


we did this, and I actually won :)

What we did was had a jar of money and every week, everyone who weighed in on that scale had to put in $2. Everyone did it, and sometimes they contributed more one week to make up for one they missed. I think we did it for about 3 months, and I won $160.

It was very inspiring :D

My office did a combined biggest loser/pedometer challenge over four months. 

Teams of four would track their steps taken every day and submit to HR once a month.  There were winners every month and then the grand winners at the end - one for most weight lost, the other for the most steps in total. 

We also have done this twice now at my company.  It was not a "company sponsored event." 

We each contributed $ at the beginning ($20 each the first run and then $30 each the second run).  We weighed in at the beginning and end (and in between if we wanted).

We had separate contests for male and female contestants (seeing as men seem to lose so much quicker than women, we're trying to be fair) and the winner got 50% of the pool.  Second place got  35% and third got 15%.

The first run, I won 2nd place and the last run I won 3rd place.  The second try was much harder for everyone because we started in October and ended just prior to Christmas...  A very hard season to avoid fattening foods.

It is a lot of fun and was a great experience for me...  Each time I ended up gaining what I had lost back, but each time, I learned more about how I can be successful.  I think Christmas was my issue this last time, we had almost 2 weeks off and I gained every pound back in that time.  Too much rest and relaxation with that turkey and stuffing LOL!!!

We're planning another one maybe in April.  But I'm working now just for personal reasons (My dad had a heart attack just before Christmas so now I want to make sure that doesn't happen to me in 30 yrs).

Our community is doing one now sponsored by the newspaper, the new sports center, and the hospital.  Over 700 people signed up and weighed in before Jan 13.  The contest ends April 8th when everyone weighs out.  Whomever loses the highest percentage of weight wins $3000 for first $2000 for second and $1000 for third.  Everyone else just gets the satisfaction of losing some weight.  I have never in my life been a "joiner" mostly preferring to sit on the sidelines and watch the world go by without me.  Well preferring might not be the right word.  I am sick and tired of sitting on the sidelines watching the world move without me.  I cant believe I moved my fat butt off the couch join but it has been the very best thing in the world for my motivation.  I have never been able to "diet" before and have now completely changed my whole lifestyle.  Good luck 
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