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Weight Loss
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Are you the Biggest looser on Calorie Count Looser? All respond with what you loss.

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This question is being poised because some people think it is impossible to loose consistently or maintain a weight loss program, and I know differently.  Two examples are  :   Duke3522 and X16X16Star16X.  Congradultations to the both of you.  You are well deserving of honorable mention.

I'd like those who have achieve what they FEEL is a significant weight loss to THEM to post what they lost ~ this is as much for my encouragement as for those who read this post.

Take care all and God Bless.

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Hey J, whaddaya say!?!?  Wink

I am still bouncing between 115-120 pounds lost.  My starting goal weight was to lose 140 pounds.  Either loss, be it my bounce range or my goal loss, to me, is a significant loss I am proud of.  Even though...I do forget my current achievement sometimes and can get hard on myself. 

Still, I know I am NOT the biggest loser on this site.

I have lost 133 lbs since July 2007, maintaining since August 2008. (251 to 118) at 5'7". More than my goal but what my body seemed to want to stop at.

Congradulations to the both of you!  What an accomplishment!

Thanks for the encouraging story and please do remember how far you have come ~

edited as requested (though i don't see why.  i blamed a culpable third party for the OP's spelling mistake).

I know there are more of us out there. I've lost 175 pounds, and I couldn't have done it without CC on my side, thats for darn sure! The holidays are becoming especially rough, but we can always get through this.

Starting Weight: 294

Current Weight: 120ish (give or take - that's what maintance is)

Starting pant size: 24/26

Current pant size: 2!

My story? I can't fit that all in this little box, but once you start to see that your dreams are looking one way, and your life is gearing in another direction, you have to grab the bull by the horns and take charge of your path. This is a journey, and I'm glad I got to experience it all with you.

Love! Hang in there. If anyone needs a friend, motivation, support, or whatever, just pop me a PM. I'm around here all the time :)

Those are encouraging words, And what a dramatic drop in size!  BRAVO FOR YOU!


How did you do it x17star17x?  I can't seem to loose 5 lbs even though I have a ton to loose.  I was with this website for sometime and then dropped off in the middle.  Please share your secret for loosing. Thanks.

I managed to lose 119Ilbs from october 07 to october 08 and have managed to maintain since, but i find it easier to lose than to maintain (need to find the right balance now i suppose)

Graham, are you trying to stay within a reasonable range within 5 -7 pounds or are you working towards staying at a specific number only?  If that is the case, you will find that difficult to do. 

I commend you for the amount you have lost so far.  Did you do it by alot of food calorie counting and exercise?  What was your secret.  As I remember Star's story, she did little exercise because she hates it.

Set set up tiny goals.  Here is are some tips from a previous post I made that I can' t find right now.

Here are some tips to help you on your resolution. "As quoted or rewritten from the Mencinnatian issue January 2006.

  1. BE REALISTIC:  Don't confuse reasonable expectations with realistic ones.  By reasonable I mean make sense.  Possiby set one expectation at a time.
  2. SET SPECIFIC GOALS:  Have a step by step plan to achieve your goals because will there is a motivation there is a way.
  3. WRITE IT DOWN:  Make a step by step plan.  This increases your commitment to achieving your resolution.
  4. TELL OTHER PEOPLE:  Again this is another commitment for accountability.  Select people who you wish to be critical and offers support towards your goal.
  5. USE THE BUDDY SYSTEM:  See if there is someone else trying to set the same goal as you and partner up.
  6. ELIMINATE ENERGY VAMPIRES:  One reason you fall off diets and exercise programs is that you need a quick fix every time you deal with negative people or a no win situations.  These can be so exhausting that you say "the heck with your goal for commitments and throw it out the window.  Find a way to reduce contact with these people and situations and you'll dramatically increase your energy and be able to stay on track.
  7. STICK WITH IT: It has been said that is takes 30 days to change a behavior so it becomes a habit and then a total of 6 months for that habit to become natural part of your personality.

I wish wish you the very best of luck.  You did a spectular job!  I am proud of your accomplishments.

Take care and God Bless.

I lost my weight be doing both counting calories and exercise, i found it the quickest way.

I am trying to stay within 5 pounds of my target weight both above and below.

i know i'm not the biggest loser, but i lost 84 pounds.  WooHoo!!! 

i'm 5'7" & i started on 9/4/07 at 218 & 134 on 7/15/08.

congrats everyone!!!  :D

I started CC on 3/5/07 at 341 lbs as of today 12/13/08 I've lost 139lbs. Did pretty much the same thing as 6raham. Still have 20-25 lbs to go.

Thanks CC.

Wow Wee.  You all accomplished something you should be proud of.  So you deserve a  ***PAT ON THE BACK*** and a ***LOOKIN" GOOD***.  Stay with it. 

My loss is 45 lbs and I loss that since July of 07. Slow, sure and steady.  I am even proud to say the diet support group I belong too I received an honorary bracelet for being the BIGGEST LOOSER FOR OUR CHAPTER.  I really didn't anticipate that, but it makes me want to keep on going.

If you are interested in the diet support group I belong to  PM me and I will give you the address.  It only costs 24 dollars a year, and you even   get magazines for that fee which includes weight loss stories, recipes, health and fitness.  You can find a local chapter by keying in your zip code.  If maintaining or getting to your goal is what you need they are there to support you.

Take care all and God Bless.

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