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Big weight loss goals

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I'm 31, type 2 diabetic and just found out that my hgba1c is a 9.1. Initially I freaked out but with diet and exercise I know I can overcome this. I've been heavy all of my life I actually reached my highest weight around 26, 324lbs. I am now 294 and I plan on being close to 240 by summer time.

If anyone else has big goals and needs a Little push, just know that you could be saving your own life by being dedicated. Just do it. Don't procrastinate, you will suffer the consequences.
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Sometimes people with a lot of weight to lose get discouraged quickly and believe that they will never be able to lose their weight. I want you to know you can absolutely lose all of your weight and be happier than you have ever been in your life.

I was that guy (morbidly obese) and in December of 2007 I made the decision to change my life. I have lost 195 pounds and have kept it off and if I can do it, anyone can. I just wanted you to show my support and wish you the best of luck.


That is so true.  I have a lot of weight to lose.  I was at 385 back in Oct 2011.  Now I'm 345.  Slow and steady...but I do get discouraged.  Especially when I have a "bad" weekend like this one that just past.  It is so hard to lose, but so easy to gain.  I almost want to just say F*** it!  I still have 120lbs to loose according to my doc.  That would put my back at my college football weight of 225 (6'2").  I'm hoping to continue my 10 lb per month trend and hit the mark in a year from now.

I has the same problem but allowed it to continue unchecked for 20 years. I now have irreversible kidney failure. But after years of unsiccessful diets i had bariatric surgery and lost 123 lbs and my 11.3 a1c is now 4.9. Im off all meds and regularily run 5k. Life is so sweet and good now. I feel better than i did when i was 30 and first was diagnosed with dm. Dont let your health problems continue. You will not get better without a true commintment to diet and exercise.
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You guys don't know what happiness and relief you have given me by posting these supportive messages!! Thank you!

I am actually doing pretty good. Last month I was up to 311, I've been really dedicated and have been checking labels on everything and Today I was 290.3! Im very excited to do all The things I've wanted to do but have been too afraid. Oh and I can't wait to fit on roller coasters!!! Haha!

I know that this is a lifestyle change not just a quick fix and I know it's not easy but I don't want my life I be shortened because of something I did!

Again thanks for the support guys and bravo for your successes you're all amazing and I strive to be just as great!!!

Congratulations on the decision and positive results.  I think big goals are great, but I also need some short-term goals.  After I started, and got some short-term success, my goals got more ambitious.  I lost 25 and decided 50 lbs were achievable.  When I lost 50, I decided a total of 150lbs were doable.  I've lost just over 100 in the past year, mostly by chopping the goal into shorter term chunks.  Makes the plateaus manageable. 

Good luck with setting goals and getting there.  A combination of diet and exercise and you will feel lots better!


Good luck and great job for committing and taking that step towards health! I have lost 83 pounds so far and have about 10 more to go before I can say I have reached my final goal, so I know you can totally do this. Ride the ups and downs and do not let those bumps throw you off the course completely. Sometimes in this journey you will hit a bump and drive on the shoulder for a bit, but as long as you committ to coming back into your lane you will be successful!

I have lost 175lbs on my low carb diet so far and still have a ways to go.  Just note that a side benefit to a type 2 diabetic doing low carb to lose weight is better diabetes control.  I use to take 4 diabetic medications to maintain control (including insulin - 6.0 A1C back then), now I am taking ZERO medications (5.4-5.6 A1C readings over the past 2yrs).  Plus, I can eat this way the rest of my life.  For guys like me, doing low carb truly does need to be a life style change.  I only mention this to let you know that this option is out there, if whatever you currently are doing fails for you like all other diets have for me until I attempted this.  Let me know if you want to hear more about what I am doing.  I enjoy sharing what I have learned.

I am 53 and was just warned that I am borderline diabetic.  I was freaked out too.

I started logging foods on another site, but found their database lacking sorely.

CC is great.  You can customize your nutrition goals for diabetes.

Yes, logging every bite you put in your mouth is important.  It wakes you up real quickly.

I have lost 12 pounds in 4 weeks.  I worked first at getting rid of those foods that grade D or F.  Then I started trying to balance my nutrition.

I am starting to feel full sooner and have found a cup of cantaloupe fills me up better than a bowl of chips.  A bowl of oatmeal lasts longer on my tummy than a bowl of cereal.

Also, eating healthy items every few hours helps keep my sugar in check and prevents binges.

Best wishes in your new lifestyle and improving your health one bite at a time.

I feel for you but you are right - things can change.  I too was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes young.  It took me  a while to figure things out... but diet and exercise do work.   In January of last year I was about an 11 on my A1C.  I lost about 25 pounds and by July I was down to a 7.  And I still have a lot to lose... so even a relatively small weight loss and change in lifestyle can affect your A1C in a short period.  Best of luck!

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