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How big is a neck supposed to be?

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Hi People's.

does anyone know how big the average neck is around? I'm not sure if mine is too big or too small!

I'll post my number after you guy's share yours ;)

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If it holds up your head, I'd say it's exactly the right size! :-)
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15 inches
hahaha, that's funny. :)

I was just curious because there is a site online that takes your hip, waist, neck, height, weight and around your navel measurements and tells you your estimated body fat percentage. I was wondering if my neck made it seem like I had more or had less fat than I really do.
Don't know it it helps you or not, but my neck is 14 inches.
Male or female?

That's like asking what a normal height is for a person.
What is that site? I'd be curious to just see...

My neck was 12.5" when I last measured, about 3 weeks ago?

Sorry for the strange question. :)

The site is http://www.healthstatus.com/calculate/bfb

My neck measures 13.5

It says that my body fat percentage is either 37% based on the Navy Formula or 30% based on the YMCA formula.
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my neck is about 13.5 inches.

i assumed your neck was an area without a lot of fat kind of like your wrists so that taking a measurement of that would help determine your frame size or maybe how much fat your frame carried.
your neck is proportional to your waist. i read that if you don't feel like trying on jeans at the store, you can hold the jeans by the sides of the waist and wrap it around your neck. if the two sides meet in the middle, it'll fit your waist. it works on me.... i don't know if it does on everyone.
Hey my neck is............... well there, my waist is still there............. and yes I'm be fecious
Sorry, I think I agree with athena
Man, I hate all these tests!

I went there and entered in my measurements, and it told me I had 27% bodyfat!

I had my bodyfat proffessionally tested and they said my bodyfat was 16%!

That's a big difference!

I think it's because I have a lot of muscle creating my circumferences. None of these online tests seem to be designed for chicks with muscle.

By the way, my neck is 12 inches.
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18 inches

There is no normal size for a neck.  We're all different.  I've seen some really obese people who don't have a thick neck, and some people of normal weight who have a fat neck. 

We're all shaped differently. 
Claire's got it right on.  test this, test that, test'schmest! lol.  MOST Anything on the net that promises quick answers when it comes to health, are usually innaccurate.  I'm a chick with developing muscles too and I know my body fat % ain't no 30% pfffffft lol.  Sorry, my .02 ;)

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My 18 inch neck presents problems, since most men's stores carry very few 18 inch neck shirts.  Id like to lose around 1/2 inch in my neck; then I'd have a whole new wardrobe as I have many shirts with that size collar.  Most XL shirts without neck measurements tend to be in the 17.5 inch range.

PLus, I look like Arnold Schwartzenager, so am 18 inch neck looks appropriate for my build.

(kidding a bit about the Arnold thing....I talk like him more than I look like him)
The last shirt I bought was a 18 1/2, and the problem with that and my arms apparntly being long it looks like I'm swimming in that shirt.  I also have the issue with t-shirts being tight around my neck.

Guess it is just something I will have to live with.
My mom does that jean thing.  Everytime.  And she always gets perfectly fitting pants.  I have tried it, and it does not work for me... Maybe it only works on skinnier people like my mom...lol

My neck is 13" and my waist is 33" 33 divided by 2 is 16.5 sooo I guess the jeans thing won't work for me.
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