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When is the best time to weigh yourself?

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A few questions:

When is the best time of day to weigh yourself? I've noticed the number is different in the morning compared to the night.

Should you use the same scale every time or is it safe to say most scales are pretty close to accurate?

Should you weigh in daily, weekly, or monthly?


Thanks for any help you guys can give!

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I weigh myself on teh same scale, every morning, after I pee, but before I eat anything, butt-naked.

I only "count" the weight once a week, but I find that weighing myself every day helps me stay on track.

In short, since your weight changes through the day, it's best to always weigh yourself at the same time on the same scale... generally first thing in the morning will give you your lowest weight for the day without your food and drink interfering. Not all scales are calibrated the same, so pick one and stick to it so that you don't confuse the issue by jumping around. And it doesn't matter how many times in the week or month you weigh yourself - it's entirely up to you - some people only weight once a month, some once a week, and some prefer to keep on top of things by weighing every day. (I'm the latter...)

from experience and because this is true, your true body weight is the one you have in the morning, after peeing, before doing anything, meaning right after you wake up, you pee, you take your clothes off, and you weigh yourself. Thats the most accurate way to get what you weigh. Remember the scales will give you the weight for everything you have on you at the moment, meaning...if you have clothes on, those count for a few grams to a pound depending on how many pieces you have on and how heavy they are..also food in your stomach, water (which makes you weigh a loooot when you have a drink of it), and even bm's that have yet to leave your body.

Also at the same time because this can also affect how much you weigh. Normaly people go up and down, and its quite normal. Never weigh yourself at night or during the day, cos you will ALWAYS weigh more than your real weight.

Different scales are definitely calibrated differently. After a wedding celebration, I stayed at my uncle's house, and he had a scale....so I woke up that morning, took my clothes off, peed, and weighed myself. I was in shock, because even after all the food I ate the night before, I lost like 3 pounds according to his scale. But then I knew it was the scale, because I got home the next day and I was exactly the same as eveyr other day. Same as when I bought my new scale...it read an entirely different number to the one my old scale was giving me.

so same time, same scale, in the morning, after peeing with no clothes on.




EDIT: oh and once a week is the weight that counts...meaning if you weigh yourself every sunday morning, thats the weight that should take most in consideration, as daily fluctuations might throw you off track and maybe sometimes disappoint you. I weigh myself everyday, but I take into consideration more what I weigh on sunday morning's :)


So funny, I do the exact same thing. First thing in am butt naked!

First thing in the morning. After you use the bathroom before breakfast. Later in the day you start to hold more water and you eat and drink so that is added to your actual weight. I weigh myself about 2-3 times a week. If I am feeling "fat" "bloated" I skip that day so I don't get upset. Wink

lol @ littleshellys  :)  i wish i could do the same thing, but even if i'm bloated, i....must.....weeeiiiiiggghhh.............&nb sp; lol

and me too, i weigh every morning after morning pee, naked.

Veggiedoodle, I use to weight everyday but now I am maintaining so not so much. Some weeks I do some I don't. I am trying to think about it a different way. It is more about how I feel and how my clothes fit. I have added more muscle so that has brought my weight up some and that still bothers me sometimes. Even though I know I look and feel better and that it is mostly muscle weight I still get upset with the number on the scale. Undecided

Thanks everyone for the answers! Definitely makes sense to weight yourself in the morning and on the same scale. Laughing

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