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When Is the Best Time To Weigh Myself?

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I'm not sure if I'm supposed to weigh myself in the morning or after meals or whatever. I'm confused! How can you get the most accurate weight?
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I always thought it was right when you wake up (after you pee) but I think as long as you weigh under consistant circumstances it doesn't matter. I know I always weigh more at the doctor, no matter when I'm weighed! 
Ok so every morning when I wake up I should go weigh myself?
Your most accurate weight is probably the average of your daily fluctuations. I can vary 5 lbs in one day. I'm lightest in the mornings, before breakfast, after going to the bathroom, in my birthday suit. :) But, really, you shouldn't be weighing yourself many times a day anyway. Even every day is a bit much. Just record once a week on here and the chart will give you an average. I always use that as my most accurrate weight number.
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just do it at the same time on the days that you weigh yourself. i do itafter i wake up, but i used to do it in the evening after i exercised. i think it helps keep the fluctuations down as opposed to weighing yourself one day after waking up and another day after eating a huge meal at mcdonalds or something.

i weigh in everyday but sundays are my "official" weight days. (so today i weighed in at 141.2 but i say that i'm 142.8 since that's what i weighed on sunday).
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I do it in the mornings after I go to the bathroom and before I get dressed for work.  I haven't had anything to eat or drink in about 8 hours, so I feel its a 'pure' time to weigh myself.

Just make sure you do it at the same time everyday. 
I weighed myself yesterday before my doctors appointment and was so excited that I had lost 2 pounds! I got to the doctors only 2 hours later and those 2 pounds were back! Stupid doctor scales! I always weigh myself when I'm my lighest - first thing in the morning.
I personally think weighing yourself in the morning before breakfast gives a false sense of hope, because you'll actually be heavier than that all day.

I weigh myself right before I shower, because then I'm conveniently naked and in the bathroom already, which in the summer has usually been in the afternoons, right after I work out, but during the regular year is in the evening--although I didn't start weighing myself regularly until summer, so eh.
Personally, for me, I weigh myself at night because that's when you're at your heaviest. I weigh myself around 10pm (an hour or two after I eat), after I use the restroom, and in the nude. That way I have everything going against me and I can assume that I'm actually LIGHTER than the numbers shown.

However, I'm going to start weighing myself in the morning (after I use the restroom of course) because that's when you're at your "pure" weight, because it's JUST you... no food, no water, so it'll probably be more accurate. But no matter when you weigh yourself, as long as you weigh yourself at the same time every time and keep consistency, it'll read right (for the most part).

Love and Alohas
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