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Best time for breakfast/lunch/dinner?

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Meal times are concerned...

when is the best times to have breafast/lunch/dinner?

and when is the best time to eat - before or after gym/exercise?
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I asked my boyfriend about the eating and exercising thing since he's a PT in the military and he recommended to eat an hour before you exercise so that your body has something to work with.
I eat when I wake up and that can be at 7am or 11;30am and then I just start my eating from that point. Every three hours regardless of what time I wake up. Might not be the best but I'm NOT waking up at 7am on a Saturday to eat my oatmeal.
I always try to have b-fast within 1 hr after waking up. This is based on a nutritionist's suggestion. The habit stuck ever since... Since I have my b-fast around 9am, it's a good 3 hours before Lunch, then another 3 hrs for afternoon snack, then another 3 or so hrs for dinner. Morning I don't snack much, except maybe some almonds. So for me it works. ^_^
Hmm, it really depends on if you are trying to lose weight, or maintain you're size. If you are trying to lose weight, and you just so happen to run in the morning, or do some sort of cardio, then dont eat before you do it, here's why.

Overnight during sleep, calories (mostly complex carbohydrates) are burned slowly. By morning, blood sugar and carb levels low. This empty stomach training forces the body to look for an alternate energy source. If carbs and blood sugar levels are low, the body moves to its alternate source of energy which is fat.

This is also a good reason to taper you're carbs toward the end of the day, and try to eat more good carbs, and fewer for dinner. That way you're not storing as much fat while you sleep.
I agree to a certain point with you jonathan, I always run on an empty stomach. but I also know of plenty of people who just cannot do that, they need something in their stomachs before exercising. Like the best training times, eating times are also subject to individual metabolisms I guess.
Being a diabetic, I have to eat at regular times and unfortunately, I cannot do what Jonathan suggested.

I have to eat within one hour of getting up in the morning.  Then, about 3 hrs after, I have a small snack.  Then, I eat at lunch time.  Again, 2 1/2 - 3 hrs after, I have another snack.  Then supper time arrives.  Sometimes, I have a snack before I go to bed, if I can afford it in my calories of the day.

It also happens that I skip a snack.  In that case, the dietitian strongly suggested that I do not wait more than 4 - 5 hours to get my next meal. 

I hope this helps!

Personally, I cannot exercise before breakfast in the morning.  Therefore,  I always eat something small (like a bowl of oatmeal) before the exercise, and then eat something else afterwards.  Basically, I split up my breakfast.
I do the same as shayna, I eat oatmeal or a banana as I can't exercise on an empty stomach, but I leave cals for after exercising be/c I know I'll be hungry
The medical advice I got, from the techs at my pulmonary rehab program, was to have a balanced meal about an hour before coming to class.  These are the pros, so I listen to them.
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