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Best third party software for Treo 700wx or Blackberry.

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for tracking food and fitness that is most comprehensive and similar to Calorie-Count.

I see a couple on handango that won the finalist for health and fitness but I don't know which out of the many to choose.

Any imput is super helfpul :)
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i would love to find this, too.  for blackberry.
Do you like the blackberry better than the Palm?  Have you tried the new Palm?  I couldn't decided and obsessed over itfor literally 7 hours and decided on the Palm, but I still have 30 days if I want to switch to the blackberry.
Any ideas?  I saw a few on but I don't know how to determine which one is best.  It's not to use instead of CC, but in addition to while I am away and can't track my food, excersize etc. :(
Grr okay.. i'm giving up hope on any imput around here :(
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