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Best Snack Foods for Diet / Weight Loss

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I'm trying to lose some weight / eat healthier, but I LOVE to snack. I already know some good diet-friendly snack foods (fruit, veggies, pickles, soy crisps)... but I was wondering if any one else had some good suggetions for some low cal/healthy foods to munch on and fill me up! Also, I'm not good with portion control (I can never do the whole ONLY eat 6 almonds thing), so anything that I can have a big serving size of would be awesome!

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Buy an air popper and pop your own corn, oatmeal, toast on whole wheat fat free bread with sugar free jelly, jello with sugar free cool whip, fat free pretzels, apples, organges, bananas, sweet potatoes, egg beaters wrapped up in a fat free wheat wrap with hot sauce. Yum.

Melons (watermelon, cantaloupe, honey dew) have very low calories for their volume. Berries (raspberries, blackberries, strawberries) are also a good choice.

Rhubarb cut up and cooked in the microwave is super low-cal. Sweeten it by adding some berries or sweetener or applesauce. It's good with yogurt.

Yogurt is great for getting a little protein and calcium, and some varieties only have 35 to 50 calories per individual cup.

A serving of tuna and diced pickles or celery all mixed with low-cal salad dressing (instead of mayo) is filling and full of protein.

Puffed grain cereals (millet, kamut, rice) can be found in the organic food section of the grocery store. They're cheap and only 50 calories per cup. A great milk substitute is Almond Breeze, which has several varieties ranging from 40 to 120 calories per cup. A cup of rice puffs with 1/2 cup unsweetened AB is only 70 calories.

Some stores sell smaller granola bars that have 70 to 90 calories instead of the typical 120+.

Egg biscuits (5 jumbo for 130 cal) or lady fingers (3 large for 130 cal) are great for cake cravings. They can be dipped in chocolate sauce, yogurt, or whipped cream and the damage is still fewer than 200 calories.

Do you like watermelon?  I like to have that and it seems to be filling and if you get hungry you can always have more. 

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celery and peanut butter, triscuits with low fat cheese and low sodium turkey, apples with peanut butter, sugar free popcicles(sp?), brocoli casserole, homemade chicken broth with cabbage

sugar free jello
honeydew melon
snack bag popcorn
sugar snap peas
green/red/yellow peppers

Be careful of pickles....very high in sodium!!!

I buy the low sodium white tuna in water and it's DELICIOUS!


pineapple is fab for sweet cravings! So is cooked beetroot, baby tomates, apple slices... use honey instead of sugar if you want to sweeten things like green tea.

 Another great snacky thing is raw carrots (i love them on their own, but you can eat them with low-fat peanut butter or hummus) 

Rice cakes are nice, warm or not (heat them in the microwave), and you can eat them with jam or cheese or whatever, and they're only a teeny tiny amount of calories each (mind what you put on them, though, else you'll ruin that idea!)

hope that helps!



Can I take this thread to ask...how are pretzels a good snack?  I only ask because they are loaded with sodium, carbs and calories.  Yes, they have virtually no fat but what is it, like 12 pretzels have 150 calories in them. 

Just wanted to see if anyone could shed some light on this for me.  I eat 2 small pretzels and feel guilty.  Sheesh.

I mixed a cut up apple with 1 ounce of fat free cream cheese and a dash of cinnamon. stir it up. OH MY GOSH! soooo good!

a few of my favorite snacks:

carrots with hummus
about 75 cal (25-35 cal for tbspn hummus + 40 for a whole medium carrot)

banana slices up and sprinkled with cinnamon
110 cal for one medium banana

a mix of berries
depends on which kind and the amount, but easily under 50-60 cals

For some reason I just ran out of ideas. Lately my meals have been more filling so I've been snacking less. Another thing you can do is make your own chips (crisps) with different vegetables. Here's a link:

http://blog.fatfreevegan.com/2006/03/lotus-ro ot-chips.html

Haven't gotten around to trying this yet because I never liked potato chips, but the idea sounds kinda cool.

gwenweidow - wow, that sounds awesome.  I think I might try that. 

shrimp cocktail with some pico de gallo... shrimp are very low in calories, easy to eat 10 or more and keep the calories super low.  great source of protein and really keeps the hunger down. 

I am not good at portion control either. I have been buying the rice cakes and do good with that. I dont add anything to it, I just get the chocolate or the peanutbutter with chocolate chips.

I eat cucumbers, carrots bla bla, and pretend that it sure beats a jar of olives and half a pound of cheese  and yes, I sure would rather be nibbling on celery than a lucious quarter pounder with fries but I know I have to change my thinking so I can change my eating habits..

I can't eat just 6 almonds or 2 olives or 5 pretzels..  LOL   Get real, that is nearly insane to suggest and every time I read on a diet that you can have 2 or this or that , I think whats the purpose so I just don't.

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