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Best/most accurate kitchen scale?

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I got a kitchen scale at IKEA, but it's really inaccurate after weighing just one thing.  I went to Target.com and am now looking at the

Digitt High Precision Digital Scale.  Has anyone used this before? 

I want something really accurate, to within the gram or .05 ounce.  Does anyone know the most accurate food scale I can get for a reasonable price?  Thanks!
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hey waifdreams. im looking into buying a kitchen scale as well. :) i dont have one yet but i went to target dot com and they have a page of kitchen scales that have user reviews. the one you mentioned does not have any rating yet, but there are several on there with 5 stars.

chefmate 3-1 digital scale - 5 stars from 1 review

taylor kitchen scale (11 lb) - 5 stars 1 review (i might get this one. features seem awesome. lets you weigh the dish you are putting your food in and subtracts it automatically after weighing with food in it.. thats what i got from the review anyway. and its under 30 bucks!)

trimmer digital glass kitchen scale - 5 stars from 1 review

primo digital scale - 5 stars from 1 review

hope that helps! I'm going to target now. lol.
Hey there!! I got a really awesome scale to weigh yarn, but I also weigh my food on it too, sometimes (Don't fret, yarn does not mix with food, two different containers). I found it at a Hemp product shop. I also found them on the internet (like eBay), just look for a jewelry scale.

The one I have is called, "Professional Digital Counter Scale TX-1000" and it can weight things as light as .1 grams up to 1000 grams. It also does oz, dwt and ozt (I don't know what those last two are!).. pretty much, I can weigh one by one whole wheat pasta noodles.

It also has a TAR feature that really rocks. I can put a measuring cup on it, push the TAR button, then fill the measuring cup with something...

Can you tell I like playing with my scale? =)
I had a chef-mate from Target initially, but it died a sudden death one day, and no amount of new batteries, coaxing or pleading could get it to work.

I use a Salter scale now, and love it.  You can get these at Bed, Bath and Beyond, and other houseware type places.  I use Model 1015.  I think it cost about 30 dollars, but I don't recall exactly.
I use the Salter scale and it does a great job, I got it at Kohls on sale for 25.00 or so.  I really like it!

Hi Everyone, just to update that I did end up ordering the My Weigh i2500 kitchen scale online and I absolutely LOVE it!  It cost me about 45 dollars, but I have no regrets!  It's the most accurate scale I've ever used (to the .5 gram) and is very reliable.  It even has a counting feature, which I haven't tried, but sounds really cool.  I've been using it for about two weeks now and no complaints.  It is an excellent product.  Most of the other scales online with comparable features were much more expensive, so I feel like I got an excellent deal.

Salter kitchen scales are currently the best selling kitchen scales in the market. Salter scales are the one of the best scales that people commonly buy and recommend to their friends and family.

According to me top 3 best scales are: Salter 16-Ounce Food Scale,Salter 3003 Aquatronic Glass Electronic Kitchen Scale,Salter 6055SSDR Stainless-Steel Electronic Kitchen Scale.

For more information on kitchen scales just visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salter_Houseware s which will surely help you in understanding scales.


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I ordered the EatSmart Precision Pro scale from Amazon.com for $25 a couple of months ago and really like it. EatSmart has amazing customer service, too!

http://www.amazon.com/EatSmart-Precision-Digi tal-Kitchen-Silver/dp/B001N07KUE/ref=sr_1_4?i e=UTF8&qid=1312299087&sr=8-4

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