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Weight Loss
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Benefit from taking a day off from exercising

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I was just wondering what the benefit of taking a day off from exercising is when you are trying to lose weight.  I know it is good for the muscles to have a chance to recover, but is there any other benefit for weight loss?

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It helps your body to rejuvinate and stabilize. It's not good to keep it going w/o rest. Your body needs to rest; so, take a day off and rest, even God rested a day.

the benefit is not specificaly about weight loss. you should take at least one day off from vigorous exercise per week to help your body recover. fitness improvements happen when your body repairs the damage created by exercise. if you don't take enough time to recover, your performance gets worse not better. that pertains to strengthening muscle as well as building speed and endurance.

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that's actually exactly what i did yesterday. i took the entire day off from working out and slept/worked on important work at my desk, with the exception of leaving for lunch and dinner.

i even binged (although it was like 8 rice cakes at 45 cal. each, and a couple slices of pita bread and hummus...i found i can't keep unhealthy food around b/c i will binge on THAT, so i figure i'm safer binging on healthier foods...but anyways, sorry for the tangent)

anywho, i ate normal & drank normal amounts of water, and woke up this morning and i was down from 188 the day before to 186 flat. not sure if it was water weight or what, but man, i think i'll incorporate a break every now and then if this is the result! anyone know if this is normal or what happened?

One day doesn't do much for me. If I take two or three days off, I can run faster, longer, and lift more weight at the gym.

Recently I took about ten days off jogging. On my first run after the break, I more than doubled the length of time I could go without walking. It is hugely motivating.
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Hopefully its not too horrible, I'm stuck at home with the worst sore throat ever.

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