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Belly fat

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Ok, so I have the concept of the diet and exercise plan down and I am starting on my weight loss track, but my MAJOR MAJOR problem area is my belly.  I was recently in an EXTREME stress profession where in 6months I gained tons of fat in my belly.  I quit because of the negative effect on my health.  Is this what they call Cortisol fat?  I need some motivation that this WILL come off.  I am exercising and eating tons of leafy greens and vegetables as well as lean protein but although I have only started I feel discouraged and bloated.  Does anyone out there have any advice to give?  This is the only area that I have really gained weight in and its frustration to see that its the hardest are to loose weight from.  HELP!!Cry

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Don't get discouraged because patience is the key.. it took you 6 months to gain it? Well it probably will not take you that long to lose it but you have to realize that you can't undo 6 months worth of stress/overeating/whatever in just a few days or a few weeks! It's going to take some time and effort and also.. be kind to yourself. Being "bloated" does not mean you are not losing weight. It's possible that you feel a bit bloated because you are eating more food than normal (more fruits and vegetables, which are heavier than most fatty junk foods).

There is no way to lose weight in a single spot-- exercising that spot exclusively will only make it bigger by building the muscle there (so no thousands of sets of crunches a day.) Unfortunately where you lose weight first is determined by genetics. But the first place to gain is USUALLY the first place a person will lose in.

Good luck and if you want more specific advice about your diet, lay out all of your stats and what you eat etc.

I have NO idea if this will help but someone on here mentioned tonalin CLA to help reduce belly fat. They said that they had good results with it. It is suppose to be an all natural fatty acid substance derived from sallflowers sp??? that helps break down some of the fat you consume, especially in the belly area! I went to my local GNC today and bought some for 18.00 for 90 capsules. The lady there told me that many women had used it and found it helpful along with diet and exercise when taking one before each meal. I did a little research and it seemed promising! I hope it helps! I am skeptical but I figure if I don't see any results I only spent 18 bucks and I know I have spent 18 on worse things  haha!
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Sigh. Why do you tell people things like this amyjo, especially people that are obviously NEW and DISCOURAGED. Diet pills do not work. It's a fact. People need to get over the fact that while other things in this world can be "fast and easy", losing weight is only going to happen with two things: DIET AND EXERCISE.

STOP wasting your money by listening to people promising that they will make you thin.

STOP being so gullible!!

That annoys me so much.

Thanks Amyjo. I know that CLA is not a diet pill.  We studied it in some of my food science classes.  You'd think that since I have the knowledge I can make this work for me right!  Wrong....  I will go back and do some more research since its been years since I studied supplements.  Keep me posted. 

I had never heard of CLA much less tried it, so I looked it up. Here is a WebMd article on it.

http://www.webmd.com/diet/news/20040520/cla-w eight-loss


I personally wouldn't take it after reading it. It's all about making informed decisions.

You bring up a good article.  All we studied on it was its contribution on heart disease - never touched on the weight loss side of it.  Thanks for the article. 

feanor, I didn't say that worked or that it didn't work! I have no idea! I just started trying it today, I figure what do I have to lose 18.00??? That is pretty minimal in the scheme of things! Also, I did say that she had said  that ithad  helped along WITH DIET AND EXERCISE!!! TO each there own, Im not telling you how to live your life or what advice to give. She asked for advice and I thought that I would share the info that I was given. Sorry, I thought that was allowed on here!!!!

Izaboo, You are welcome, I am not sure if you are wanting to give it a try or not but I just wanted to throw it out there. Didnt think I was hurting anything. Good luck to you!!!

Balanced meals, lots of cardio, abs, weights and you'll get there. Keep counting CC and you'll see it happen, just give it a little time and don't think about it to much, or try not to at least.

I'm 7 weeks in to my new healthy lifestyle and I'm just now starting to see some belly reduction. I bought some slacks exactly one month ago. At the time they fit perfectly. Today, they fit really loose. So I can see that I'm losing, but it's subtle. Had I not had the slacks for reference, I would have thought my belly is still the same size.

Thats a good point.  Your clothes will tell you if you are loosing since its hard to see the results right away.  Thanks for all the encouragement!

HI there.  I just joined today and I too am in hopes for great results.  My friend just told me last night (she is a nurse) that one way to track your success is to get a measuring tape and tape only your belly.  When you are loosing weight and gaining muscle your body will do a lot of shifting.  Well your belly will only tighten and slim down.  I dont know if this will help but I am willing to give it a shot since it is hard to see the big picture when weight comes off in little bits.  Good Luck.

I got motivated to loose weight after reading "You, On A Diet." It really focuses on the health impacts of belly fat and that was where I noticed all my new fat going.

Since December I've lost 28 pounds and 3.5 inches off my waist, dropping from 40 inches down to 36.5. The book recommends that women have a waist lower than 32 inches. I can't remember if my waist was ever that tiny but I want to at least smaller than 35 inches, anything larger creates health problems.

I've focused on a healthy diet within the recommendations on CC, and I'm doing some basic ab work, using a bosu ball for strength, balance, and to add a high intensity element to my cardio work. I'm working my waist off!

This web site has exercise suggestions that include a lot of abs. While you'll lose weight all over, it doesn't hurt to strengthen your abs. It helps tone your tummy and improve your posture. Give yourself a little time and use a measuring tape to see results.

Original Post by izaboo99:

I need some motivation that this WILL come off.

Unless you are an alien from outer space, you will lose fat when you eat less.

Obviously cardio does the trick, but a nice thing to add to your workout should be circuit training. I have started this and can already feel the difference. I will write one of the four I use, I got them off the internet. Youtube is a great place to watch these videos.

Here is one:
Do these exercises each for a minute, unless noted otherwise.

1. Jumping jacks
2. Lunges
3. Hip Ups (also bridge in yoga/pilates)
4. Bicycles
5. Swimming, variation of super mans
6. Squats or squat thrust
7. Jumping Jacks
8. Push Ups
9. Side Leg Lifts
10. Corkscrew (pilates)
11. Push Ups
12. Mountain Climbers
13. Jumping Jacks
14. Squat Jumps
15. Leg circles
16. Plank

There are a lot of exercises on here that aim for other areas other than you stomach, but you cant spot reduce. It is a whole body work out, and your body will thank you later.Try to do each exercise with little to no break in between. Do cardio, and this 2-3x a week on non consecutive days and your stomach (and other parts) will start to change.

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