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Behold!! The Answer to the SHOWER mystery!!

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We've all seen the Post (Why do you weigh less after a shower?)

because you are Warmer!!! WOOO HOOO 

Back in School if any of you took Chemistry you might remember that they always said to let objects cool to room temperature Before you weigh them.

I never knew Why... BUT This link below explains it well!

http://en.allexperts.com/q/Chemistry-includin g-Biochemistry-1355/warm-objects-weigh.htm

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I take it that putting the scale in the oven to warm it up a bit is a no-no, right? (Don't worry.... just kidding.)

So.... I should weigh less when (a) I've come from a hot shower; (b) I've been toasting in the sunshine; (c) the air conditioner is broken; (d) in the summertime; and (e) during hot flashes.

Well, good to know.

I KNEW I wasn't overweight ... I'm just under-hot!!!!

:: giggle ::


I think besides the person being warmer the room is also warmer so maybe the combination of both contributes. I mean, this is if the scale is in the bathroom where I think most people keep theirs.
This was hilarious to read!  You've got chop_chop "gettin nerdy", and streakers everywhere ROFL! XD   BTW, I don't think anyone can pee THAT much in the shower, and who can honestly "cross their heart and hope to die" that they have never peed in the shower (not even once)!
hmmmmmmm, weighing less after a shower?  well, since i shower at night after dinner...i dunno how accurate this would be anyhow.  still, the concept is funny...
he, he, he... you guys are too funny!

Shoot, I weigh myself first thing in the morning after pee pee time and shower time (yes, sometimes I do both at once. I'm a multitasker!) On top of that I do it butt naked (no mirror in sight, thank god!) So I guess I am a big stinkin' cheater!!!
My ex told me once that he weighed 1kg less after peeing (not in the shower though) - that's 2.2 pounds! He stepped on the scale right before and right after. I always weigh more after I shower - even if I don't wash my hair. I guess there's always an exception

Well, to confirm what I already knew from my Chem 101 course, I did a little research on pee weighing more than water. Urine weighs more than water because urine contains substances like sodium, potassium, and chloride, which water does not. This makes urine weigh more than the same amount of water. So I still think that someone is pissing in the shower... aaaannnd maybe the temperature of the surrounding air mass around the scale is causing this phenomenon (pa tee pa tee pee, mah na mah na). 

My question is: Do you lose weight when you fart? Google my question; you'll be surprised that there is..., I mean, by the answer! Man, I "crack" myself up sometimes!

I love this post!!! You guys made my day. My son was really pushing me this morning starting the day on a bad note, and then like always I get on this site to log and read or whatever and you guys make my day so much better.  Please forgive the run-on.  XD


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