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Barbara Jean (Reba) weight loss

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looked up a little info and it said she did NOT have surgery, but lost all the weight between the 6th and 7th season, by diet and exercise.

I dunno.......I really don't see how anyone could lose that fast, even following an unhealthy plan.

We'll all know eventually if she gains it back as all fast weight loss is said to come right back.  If she did it on her own, more power to her.

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she was so fat its impossible to lose that much w8 without taking anything shell need at least a year and a half.

i think she went for weight lose pills with diet and training
I thought she was pregnant...though they didnt show her pregnant on Reba just fat...
I think most people even remotely associated with Hollywood have some tricks up their sleeve when it comes to weight loss. Maybe she tried the cocaine diet that seems so popular with the young actresses.
Geez, tough crowd.  I never thought she was "FAT" to begin with.  Maybe a little overweight, but I wouldn't have worded it so harsh.  Just my opinion.  But either way, if she did do it naturally, good for her if it makes her feel better.  Honestly, it was a great relief to see a real sized woman on television.  But good for her.
I thought she got scary looking when she lost the weight.  If she did it for health reasons, cool beans but... yucky.
Big or small, Melissa Peterman is beautiful. Weight loss was her personal decision. There are pictures used everywhere of Melissa Peterman after she lost 60 pounds. She looks healthy and happy so yay for Melissa. Earlier, she was 60 pounds heavier and considered ?big? in the society. She lost the weight through diet and exercise after the birth of her child. She said she owes it to her personal trainer and baby. 

 I was chubby after having my baby. I gained 86lbs due to water retention ( which they couldn't give me anything for ) Yet, I lost it all in under a year. It didn't melt off with diet pills, a fad diet, cocaine diets, or any other drugs. I didn't even have a personal trainer. ( I'm jealous of her in that department. Lol )  The weight didn't melt off she worked it off, just like I did. I worked out so much. Each time I felt discouraged I just popped in another workout dvd and got with it. I became addicted to working out. To walking up a storm. To drinking water and to eating as healthy as possible. Hello, veggies. I learnt to say no to delicious fried foods. Leave it to society to deem her " big " beforehand. And now something even worse such as a cocaine user or pill popper.

 It is possible for a woman to get fed up with baby weight. It doesn't matter if they were 'thin' prior or 'big.' Sometimes people decide to do something about it and do it. In a relatively short time though in retorspect. When I went to the doctor for my six week checkup I was prehyper everything. All of which could've easily been corrected by weight lose. I felt I'd been diagnosed fat so I did something about it. For my baby and myself. I didn't want to be that kind of mommy. I want her to remember her mommy being at her best. So she doesn't pick up idols such as Britney Spears. I really want to be her Idol.  That may sound a bit selfish, but it's the truth. For some women having a baby truly does change their prospective on healthy. Why they want it or strive for it becomes less about themselves. Suddenly they see themselves through their childrens potential view. A lot of people say their spouse made them way to be a better person. My infant made me want that the moment she laid her head on my chest.

To all of the women out there who have or are doing something about it a healthy way... I applaud you. But, remember there is always someone out there that'll say you did it by pill popping. Or starving yourselves. Or with drugs. Or surgery. They just can't fathom someone doing it with good reason and working it off.

At the same time there are all sorts of stories that sound like absolute mircles that nobody can quite fathom. Such as stories of a mother 115lbs, lifting a 300lb motorcycle off her child in the middle of the street. Where did she get that brute strength? That sudden will to do what needed to be done?  Could it be as simple as her motherly instict told her she could do it... for her baby and for herself. 

I bet the trash newspaper said  " Young mother saves her child by popping steroids at the scene of the crime!"

Ahh Reba is my favorite show! IMO though Barbara Jean was funnier when she was bigger. Melissa Peterman is gorgeous though, big or small, definetly.

I think she did get fat there for a bit. Some may call it overweight but she did look more then overweight a bit to me. She looks much better without all that weight.

She's too fat -- she's too thin!!!  Sometimes we just can't win.

I don't know much about Melissa Peterman's story.  I love Reba, and good old B.J. is my favorite character.  

I think at one time she was actually pregnant on the show.  I don't know when though.  But yes ---- she gained some excess weight, then she lost it.  Maybe lost a little too much, IMO -- but I remember that show where she 'debuted' her this self, and I'm not sure she's still quite that thin.  

Maybe she's found a place where she's comfortable and healthiest.

I think she's a riot --- LOVE HER-- and I hope she's happy, whatever size she is.   

I dunno. I have a TV and I haven't gotten to see Reba.

As far as her losing it quickly:

I was watching a stand up of Margaret Cho on you tube recently (a lot of people can't stand her). A lot of what she had to say really spoke to me. She tried out for a tv show and they told her she was too fat, not asian enough, and they changed her comedy around. So they immediately hired a personal trainer, cut her eating WAY down, hired someone to follow her around and teach her how to be more "asian".

She dropped a TON of weight rather quickly but had to be hospitalized because it wrecked her kidneys and had all sorts of other effects. Anyways, even if you don't like Margaret Cho's comedy, what she has to say about what happened to her during that time is very... heart wrenching. It's good to see her speak up about it.

Hopefully, Reba did it cause SHE wanted to and hopefully she was healthy about it.

Edit: Thought some might find this article interesting http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2006/11/21/ear lyshow/health/main2202339.shtml 

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She was pregnant.
She gave birth in 2005. Her kid was about a year old when she lost weight. (From her website). She says she spent a summer getting it off.

I don't remember her being that big to start with - diet and exercise sound likely, I don't think it was THAT fast. 10-12 lbs a month is possible with diet and exercise, when you're big. She lost what, maybe 40-50 lbs? If the summer is 4 months, that's possible.  (It sure doesn't look like 60 lbs to me, for what it's worth.)
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Precisely.  Thank you for bringing reason into this thread, trustwomen.  

She was pregnant on the SHOW! She had a baby the same time as Rebas daughter. Remember guys?!?! Cmon!!!!

And it is SO possible to lose baby weight that fast. Hello Victoria Secret model who had a baby and did the runway show like 2 weeks later or something? Who was that? Heidi Klum or something?

Wow.  And we wonder what is wrong with women in this country and their opinions of themselves.


Good grief.


Melissa, you look fabulous.  It was apparent to me that you were pregnant, but even if you hadn't been, you looked great then, you look great now.


It's possible to lose both baby weight and other weight in a healthy way in a short amount of time.  You eat the calorie target for your target weight.  You work out 20-30 mins. 4-5 times a week.


When the people in this thread reach our targets, we wouldn't want people talking like this about us.  We would want people supporting us, and wishing us the best for our futures.


Just figure out your target:

10 + the number of hours you work out in a week (say 2 hours for this example).  We'll make that total 12 for this example.

Multiply that number (12) by your target weight.  Let's use 125 lbs. for this example.


12x125 = 1,500 calories


Then you use your target calories and your amt. of exercise each week, and you will also get there...and you'll stay there...permanently.


And for Pete's sake, let's hope that no one ever talks about you the way that some people have talked about Melissa P. in this thread.

You don't have to use pills or have surgery to lose a lot of weight. I lost over 80 pounds in 9 months by eating healthier foods and walking daily. When I started I could barely do a mile...now I walk anywhere from 5-10 miles daily and am starting some weight training.


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It really does work. You don't have to be smart...it worked for me and I'm a man for instance. You have to be persistent is all.

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