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Can baked beans be eaten on a low carb diet?

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Hey im new here :) im around 114lbs and i wanna get back down to 106 if possible!


im just wandering about carb content, i looked it up but im not sure i get it!


and i heard of this man who lost 10 stone eating only baked beans


also is the sugar content in them bad?



thanks :)


Dietfreak  xxx

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If you mean the kind in a can, they often have quite a bit of sugar so probably don't qualify as "low carb".  On the other hand, most people can lose weight just fine without going "low carb" so unless you have insulin sensitivity or some similar condition, that's really not necessary.

Sugar is carbohydrate. Not that it's bad, just that it's not low-carb. The beans themselves contain both protein and carbohydrate. Baked beans are good for you, but homemade ones would be even better. You can usually buy low sugar and low salt versions though.

Eating only baked beans sounds horrendous to me. Why give up your health just to lose weight? A balanced diet with moderate portions would have given him the same weight loss.

Bear in mind that carbohydrates give you energy and are mood-boosting. Therefore a low carb diet can make you tired, irritable, lacking in concentration and depressed. I am a great believer in eating all things in moderation - there is no reason to limit carbs just because you are trying to lose weight.

Just a word on low-carb diets generally.  The report out yesterday on the link between high protein, high fat diets and arterial damage.. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/8218780.stm  is pretty concerning.   If you want to lose weight, try going for a good balance... baked beans included.

I ate baked beans for a month as a side to a healthy dinner...usually chicken or fish. I worked with a trainer that explained that baked beans have healthy carbs. I really, really like baked beans which is why I so much of them. I did loose weight (about 4lbs)--but after that month it took me a while to like baked beans again. I am one of those people that gets stuck in a food rut, when I like something and it's healthy, I eat a lot of it.

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