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Badia Natural Slimming Tea

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Badia Natural Slimming Tea really works. This tea costs approximately $2.87 and has attributed digestive properties as well as assists in the elimination of

Badia comes in a pack of 25 teabags and you can have two cups a day. I drink one cup a day and after 8 hrs, I can feel it working in my stomach.

Having this tea after a dinner meal will help in keeping the body slim and healthy. I would recommend that you drink this tea on the weekends as you will have an urge to use the bathroom.  You might experience some cramping, but try it. It works! lose 5lbs in a week.

Excerpt from Ask.com

"hello i have been using it for 1week now, and from my experiences for it makes  you go to the bathroom in like 8h after taking it, i get realy bad stomach  cramps!!!!! which passes after I'm done.
but i must say you really do feel  lighter, i am dieting at the same time, and doing a 2x a time cardio workout i  guess i will see the results soon!!
will let you know!!"


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I can drink water and lose 5 lbs in a week if I want to as well. Doesn't give water any "slimming" properties.

SPAMMERS!! :)  Moderators please delete this post. This is promotion of a product....

hmm didn't know offering tips on a product that I believe works is spam. Was just sharing some information on natural remedies that work. Why consume weight loss pills when you can try a natural remedy.  Nevertheless, moderators can delete the post, but it's harmless.

Likewise, water can help you lose weight, but this tea allows natural detoxification. I'm not the maker of this slimming tea or a distributor....fyi

Natural detoxification occurs in the liver and kidneys no matter what you eat. It's why we have the organs.

hey...do what works best for you! np


I studied bio and chem in college, it's not my fault!



I've found another thing that helps with weight loss... Costs nothing, and actually saves you money in the end...

Eating less and moving more.



Original Post by armandounc:

I can drink water and lose 5 lbs in a week if I want to as well. Doesn't give water any "slimming" properties.

Well no, but to be fair, water doesn't have laxatives in it like those teas.

Seems like a painful (and temporary) way to lose weight, really.

Why would I want stomach cramps??

Key word: May cause slight stomach cramps, as with most laxatives. Also a detox is a good way to start a diet. You get rid of some impurities. I agree water is a natural detox. At the end of the day your comments are well appreciated. Just do whatever works for you....

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