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Is it bad to take vitamins all at once?

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So I never remember to bring vitamins with me to classes/work. I have a very sensitive stomach and so I have to have a full belly to take vitamins. I've been taking them all at once after I eat dinner. So a full days worth of vitamins at once. Like all my fish pills, multivitamin, and calcium/vitamin D at once. Is that bad?

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Not bad like it'll hurt you, but you might be reducing the benefit.  There can be some interactions.  Vitamin D and magnesium help with the absorption of calcium, but iron will inhibit calcium absorption.

Vitamin C helps with the absorption of iron.  I take my calcium/mag/D and a multivitamin with breakfast, iron and vit C at lunch, and more calcium etc and multivitamin at supper.

Some things are best taken over the course of the day.  This particularly applies to calcium--you'll get better results if the same daily amount is taken in two or three doses than if you take it all at once. Your body can only use so much at a time, and if you overdo it, the rest gets passed on out.

You might want to watch for supplements designed to be easier on the stomach. I just found enteric coated vitamin C pills to take with my iron.  Like the iron, they're supposed to dissolve further along the digestive track so they don't irritate the stomach.

I've been reluctant to try fish pills due to past experience with stomach upset and the difficulty swallowing the gelcaps.  I'm going to try childrens' enteric coated fish oils.  They should be small enough to swallow, and since they're low dose, I can spread them out among meals.  I'm hoping that'll reduce the impact. 

With all the supplements and medications I have to take, I sometimes wonder if they end up elbowing each other out of the way trying to get into my bloodstream. :)

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About the not remembering to take them--I use those weekly pill containers and colour code them.  Yellow container is breakfast pills, orange is lunch pills, and blue is supper pills. 

I have four sets so once a month I can sit down and fill all the containers.  If I had to remember and take pills out of bottles every day, I'd never make it.

If I were going out to lunch, I'd just keep the current orange container in my purse or knapsack.

Oops...last night I took calcium+D with an iron pill lol (they're the only supplements I'm taking right now). I was pretty good on calcium for that day anyway, but now that I know...

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Original Post by jamers23:

Oops...last night I took calcium+D with an iron pill lol (they're the only supplements I'm taking right now). I was pretty good on calcium for that day anyway, but now that I know...

Yeah, when my doctor warned me about this, it gave me a whole new perspective on the tradition of using meat and cheese in the same sandwich or recipe, especially for people like me who have trouble absorbing iron to start with.

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I take my three vitamins twice daily together. I take fish oil, a multivitamin, and an acai berry tablet. I take them in the morning afterbreakfast, and after "dinner".

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