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Alright, I'm going to share a problem that I have recently noticed....I always have a bad taste in my mouth! I brush my teeth in the morning and at night and use mouth wash from time to time. I bring this up because I constantly grab something to eat to have a better taste in my mouth rather than because I am hungry.

I have an issue with TMJ or I would chew gum all day long. I am a fast and furious water drinker, but my mouth remains "bad tasting". Does anyone else have this problem?

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There are a few possibilities I can think of.

First, do you eat a lot of foods that are heavy on garlic or onion or other, similar seasonings that "stay with you" for a while?  I love garlic, and I am never without my tin of Altoids as a result, because sometimes I can taste garlic hours after I've eaten it.  Embarassed

If the taste in your mouth is more like a rotten or bad-breath taste, it may be your sinuses, or your teeth.  Sometimes you may have a low-grade sinus infection and feel okay, but the infection drains down the back of your throat and can cause a foul smell and taste.

Also, if you have a cavity or a tooth that is otherwise in the process of rotting or dying (and this can happen with little or no ongoing pain, I know this from personal experience,) it will leave a bad taste in your mouth as well.  The tooth becomes infected, and the infection can sometimes drain out of your gum and into your mouth, also creating a foul odor or taste.

So if you've had a toothache in the past that went away without your dentist's help, or if you have a scratchy throat or history of sinus problems, maybe visit the Doctor or Dentist just to rule out those problems.  :)

The first thing that popped into my head is ketosis (terrible taste it has...from personal experience).  I don't know what your case is but that's just my 2-cents in what the taste could possibly be.

Good luck finding out what it is!


I have it too.  It got to the point where I couldn't stand it.  I asked my dentist who had no solution, so I went to my doctor.  He suggested that it might have something to do with being anemic and iron levels.  

I don't know how accurate that diagnosis is, but you might get your iron levels checked and ask your doctor about it. 

I still rely on the good ol' course of Listerine and Altoids.

Good luck!



I sometimes have the same issue... usually after I eat something that has dairy or sugar in it (makes me salivate more)... I find that drinking something with carbonation helps... diet coke, diet ginger ale, diet 7Up... all have 0 calories and help keep my mouth from feeling and tasting gross... good luck!

I actually have a REALLY awesome book from the late 70's (I think) that is all about nutritional healing. I was really hesitant when I picked it up to read it but a lot of the things the author says have more truth now than ever (like the "green juices" that are all the hype right now).  It's self-explanatory; (s)he explains all of the ailments that come from being low on certain vitamins or nutrients and how you can fix them or control them through diet. It's not on me right now, unfortunately. I read the article about halitosis and chronic bad breath yesterday.


One thing (s)he said is that lack of fiber can cause bad breath. It was strange to hear it because just the other day I thought about how my breath smells naturally sweeter as my fiber intake increases.


When I get the book back later, would you like for me to type up the article for you?

I sometimes get a metalic taste from cankersores.

I concur with the sinus infection. get thee to a doc and have them look up your nose!

 I don't know if this is related, but there are lost of bacteria on the tonuge. Maybe get a tounge scraper and scrape your tounge?

There are some really good ideas here.  I've been have this issue on and off since I changed the way I eat.  

Two things that help me:  flossing regularly and brushing the back of my tongue every time I brush my teeth.  I almost didn't think to mention the tongue-brushing because it is such a regular part of my routine, but then I remembered that I am the only person I know who does this so I guess it's not that common.  

ETA:  Of course I got caught by a three year old post.  I need a hobby.

Same thing here..and it all started since i began dieting:/

You could have Tonsilloliths, do you have your tonsils still?

You could have Tonsilloliths, do you have your tonsils still?

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