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Weight Loss
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Bad taste in mouth

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I have been having a bad taste in my mouth ever since I started on this weight loss journey. I brush my teeth at least 2x a day and I use mouthwash. It is driving me crazy.

Has anyone else had this problem?
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Are you eating any one food in particular? Also, are you by any chance eating low-carb? I had a funny taste in my mouth when I was on a low-carb diet.

Sometimes if I haven't eaten for awhile I get stale breath. Make sure you snack.
Oh man, with a title like that, I am TRYING SO HARD to be good......... deep breath ......... okay.

Have you tried brushing your tounge? That helps me. Don't brush it back and forth, just brush it outward and see if that helps.

bill (trying to be a good boy......... for now)
gross billb - just gross. What a bad boy UR! :p
Have you made a really drastic change in your diet for example: cut out coffees, sugars and fats?  If so, your body may be going through a cleanse on its own...releasing some of the toxins via saliva and glands.  Although it might be not the most pleasent thing it could be for the better....if however you dont see it resolve itself in 3 weeks or so, I would go see a dentist...sometimes our diet can cause dental and peridontal problems when we make changes too fast...lack of nutrients in particular...
Hi there, what kind of bad taste? Are you noticing a fruity odor or is it acidic / indescribable?
mrswuktisch, I was good and didn't say it, and it was valentines day yesterday, so you never know ;0)

Seriously, brush your tounge, my dentist recomended it to get rid of the taste.
I brush my tongue everytime I brush my teeth. The bad taste is more of metal taste.
are you eating enough?

i remember something about atkins diet and ketosis (i think was how it was spelled?)....
    Its common to release toxins during weight loss (like alysiabrooks said above). During the initial toxin dump, symptoms can be quite evident. Over a period of a couple weeks it usually slows down and you shouldn't notice much by then. The great thing is you will be getting all that bad out and will feel really good!
This is very common with losing weight... or changing your diet.  Do you drink enough water?  Maybe try chewing gum?  I'm actually having the same problem as well, and gum  (like eclipse or something really strong) helps.  I don't have bad breath... just icky taste!   And I Do brush my tounge! lol
Hey there,

Although brushing your tongue is always a good practice, the problem won't be remedied that way.

Ketosis is a stage in metabolism occurring when the liver converts fat into fatty acids and ketone bodies which can be used by the body for energy. Most medical resources regard ketosis as usually associated with chronic starvation.

Glucose is regarded as the preferred energy source for all cells in the body with ketosis being regarded as a crisis reaction of the body to a lack of essential carbohydrates in the diet. If the diet is changed from a highly glycemic diet to a diet that does not substantially contribute to blood glucose, the body goes through a set of stages to enter ketosis. The brain has a residual need for glucose because ketones can only provide energy when used during aerobic respiration.

In other words, you need carbs. Do try to eat from all of the food groups. They're all good for you in the recommended quantities.

Cheers, Ren :D
Symptoms of ketosis include general tiredness, abrupt or gradually increasing weakness, dizziness, headaches, confusion, abdominal pain, irritability, nausea and vomiting, sleep problems and bad breath.
I agree with the two above.  Ketosis possibly.

I suppose your body could possibly just be getting used to eating healthy, if you weren't before, and you're getting reflux and just not noticing it, but seems more likely its ketosis.  Fear not the carbs!  =D
I agree with the ketosis statement.
I did a low carb diet and was in ketosis and didn't notice a bad taste - but I also smoked at the time so its hard to know if it was there maybe and since I had no taste buds because of the cigs I didn't noitce.  However I know for me when I get a metalic taste its usually from a cold/ flu / virus or some other sickness coming on.  For me I take zinc as soon as I start to get that funny taste and its gone in 24 hours and I hardly get sick. (never say never and I'm knocking wood) But honestly I haven't missed a day of work due to colds or flu for over 5 years.
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I also have noticed that bad taste especially at the gym.  I am in this low calorie thing for about 2 weeks now.  It seems to be worse in the morning and night.  Lots of water seems to get rid of the taste while i am at work.  I drink between 8 and 10 bottles of water per day.  Although, its only temporary and returns at night like i said.
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