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Is it bad to eat most your calories early in the morning?

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Sometimes I end up eating up 900 calories in the morning and dont feel hungry untill 5 pm...

Im 5'8 65KG trying to get down to 60kg.


My daily intake is between 1350 - 1500 calories perday...I dont like to have big meals torward the end of the day because it makes me think that my body will still be diggesting food past

12AM at night which for me would be cosidered part of tomorrow


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I do the same exact thing. Today i had 900 cals at breakfast, 300 at lunch, I plan to burn 500 at the gym (as I do every day) and then eat around 500 for dinner.

I do this most days. I don't think there's anything wrong with it, as long as you don't get famished for dinner (or after dinner) and then start going over your limit.

Plus, I just really like breakfast food, alright?


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this type of eating may last you until lunch or supper, but it will fluctuate your blood sugar and insulun levels. Try having a smaller breakfast with more frequent snack periods. this way you maintain a constant blood sugar level and keeps your metabolism working

I like to eat like 200 cals for breakfast at 7 am, then I pretty much eat about 900 cals btw 11 and 1.  I am always hungry in the late morning/early afternoon, but find my hunger to be very controllable in the evening.

I believe that there was a study recently that claimed that eating more calories in the morning was a good thing:

http://health.yahoo.com/experts/nutrition/139 33/is-breakfast-the-most-important-meal-of-th e-day/

I recently met with a registered dietitian and she has put me on 6 very small meals with the calories sliced pretty much equal between the meals (except for dinner and the after dinner snack...dinner gets the lion's share of the calories and the after dinner snack is very small). This has helped me tremendously to gain control over my weight problem. When I get hungry, I know it is just about 2.5 hours between meals that helps me mentally to cope with a diet of just 1200 calories and because I have a snack before I workout and then when I am done I know it is slightly less than an hour before my next meal...I never feel famished. I never thought that I'd be able to schedule my day so that I can eat 6 times, but I've been able to make it work and I feel so much better by eating this way.

There's a billion pieces of research on the internet to support any view of dieting you want to take. Since meeting with my dietician, I am siding with the view that it doesn't matter when you eat but it DOES matter WHAT you eat and that you keep your calories in line with your goals. Calories IN vs calories OUT...its working. My last snack is scheduled for 8:30 pm!!!! Who knew? I don't have to starve between 6 pm and my bed time of 11:30 pm. I don't go to bed famished and I don't wake up wanting more than a lion's share of breakfast.

As long as you have a lot of protein or fiber in your breakfast (not carbs) then you should be fine. But don't skip lunch. Maybe make breakfast a little smaller and have a larger lunch. Are you losing weight with the meal plan you're on? If so, then I guess it's working - so keep it up!!!

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