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Weight Loss
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B-12 Injections for Weight Loss?

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Out of curiosity, has anyone else ever heard of B-12 injections increasing weight loss?  I heard this rumor floating about but I cannot confirm anything through research (then again, I don't have access to peer-reviewed journal articles). 

I get the injections regularly (1000 mcg, once a week) for nerve tingling/numbness but I have read forum topics (not on CC) where people mentioned that it increased their weight loss.  These individuals also appeared to be taking appetite suppressants, and I'm not interested in that, but still curious about B-12.  Since I can't confirm through research, I thought you very bright people might have seen or heard this (and can confirm or deny??)  If you've heard of this (or experienced it), at what dosage did you start to see a change?  (There's no known toxicity for B-12, so I'm not worried about taking too much.)

Thanks for reading -- good luck with your own personal weight loss!!

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I'm no expert on the subject but my friend has been having B12 injections due to a deficiency, she has them every three injection apparently is supposed to last her for this period of time. She has recently gained a stone (14lbs) in weight although I'm not sure if this has anything to do with the injections, she doesn't always eat healthily and doesn't really exercise but she is fairly slim, probably due to a fast metabolism and genetics (her mum is skinny).

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Thanks for your reply.  Any information helps. 

Fortunately for me, I have not gained weight since starting the B-12 shots.   I actually have MORE energy (I can actually tell the difference after I get a shot).  Hopefully, the additional energy can help my metabolism.....wishful thinking and the placebo effect may be my saving grace :)

Have a great day!


B-12 generally makes you happier, more spunky person. I suppose that it could seem like you'd lose weight if you were more energetic and felt better about yourself so you didn't eat as much pity-junk and exercised more even if it's just the extra bounce in your step or you're just leaving the house more.

I think it's a correlation, though, not a causation. B-12 in and of itself would have no direct affect on weight loss.

Oddly enough, I have an elderly cat with kidney problems.  When her appetite gets funky (not eating enough), the vet gives her a B12 shot (about 2-3 times a year).  In her case it usually stimulates her appetite (and perks her up).  I certainly hope it doesn't aid weight loss, at least in cats, as she needs to keep as much weight on her as possible!!  At any rate, if it is an appetite stimulant, I would find it odd if it also promoted weight loss.  But again, this is a cat, not a human, so it could be totally different for humans.  This could also be a situation where everyone's body reacts differently.  Let me know if you find anything else out.

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tincognito - thanks for your reply.  This is why I struggled to believe what I had seen on other forums, because it is not indicated in the NIH information on B-12.  Since I could not confirm, I have wondered all this time.  I would figure, though, that if it assisted with weight loss, that I wouldn't have such a hard time losing weight :)

eph1975 - thanks for your reply also. stimulates her appetite.  I wonder if this is due to increased activity level (?).  I'm still researching, so thanks for the information and I'll keep you updated :)


 A B12 defficiency is also called Pernicious Anemia, a reduction in red blood cells when you are not absorbing B12, and just like regular anemia it can make you extremly tired and cause other health problems such as neurological problems.

I have never heard of it helping people lose weight but since it can incease energy by restoring red blood cells you will become more active and move around more, which will burn calories


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I have been taking B-12 shots for a two months.   It has aided me in loosing weight.  Coupled with a good old fashion food plan that includes a low fat, low calorie diet plan.  It supposed to help boost your energy thus boosting metabolism.  No side effects unless you are diabetic or suffering from some liver issues.  It works for me.  I take a double shot of b-12 which lasts me two weeks.  I have lost 10 pounds of FAT without working out.   This is a much healthier way to loose weight.   I will soon have to work out because B-12 and a healthy diet won't be the end all be all.  I used to take the appitite suppresen.  They work - believe me - but after a while you have to be careful - I started to feel funny. I didn't like the way I was feeling.  That was me because I usally don't take medicine.     I stopped and now its mind over matter.  I just keep saying to myself that nothing tasts better than thin feels.  Every now and than, I treat myself to something - but im back on track to this calorie count to check myself.  I hope this helps.      

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aarian -- thanks for your message.  I'm interested to know whether you had 2 1000mcg injections every two weeks.  I'm currently taking 1000mcg per week but the weight loss clinic said that I could do this twice per week.

I've definitely noticed an increase in my energy level and I was not feeling this with the sublingual tables of B-12.  I also notice when I'm near my "injection date" because my knees start to ache again :) and that's when I know I'm due for another injection.

Now if I could just do it myself, I wouldn't have to keep paying someone to do it for me :)

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I Canada, where I am, and select locations in the US, there places where you can be on a B12 injection/diet.  This is through

My friend went on it and lost 60 pounds in three months and I started just a week ago and lost 9 pounds in the first week.  They put you on a low carb diet and I go for the injections three times per week.  It does work.

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