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Weight Loss
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My boyfriend weighs about 165 and he's 17. He keeps complaining that he's fat because all his friends are skinnier than him.

He used to be bulimic and after he recovered he gained weight and went from 130 to what he is now in about 8 months. I dont know what he's supposed to weigh so I cant help him set a reasonable weight for him because he wants to look good for our anniversary.

I think he looks amazing now but he wants to weigh 140 and I keep telling him that if he's going to workout and get muscles that thats not realistic. He's 17, 5'11" and currently 165. What should he weigh?


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Is his body currently muscular or flabby? With guys it's not about what they weigh but what their body fat percentage is.
You are a 17 year old boy, 5ft 11in / 180cm tall, with a current weight of 165.0lbs. You lead a sedentary lifestyle.

Your Body Mass Index Your current Body Mass Index (BMI) is 23.1.

BMI is a standardized ratio of weight to height, and is often used as a general indicator of health. The "normal" BMI for an adult man of your height is 18.5 to 24.9. This translates to a healthy weight range of 132 to 178 lbs.However, BMI does not take body composition into account. A weight above this range could still be considered healthy if your percentage body fat is less than average. For more accurate determination of body fat levels, consider using a body fat caliper.


Hes not overweight. Talk to his parents before he has a relapse.
He doesnt need to diet.

he's in the 53rd percentile so he's slightly fatter than average, just consult this

site for advise on how much he should weigh, he could weigh 126lbs and not be underweight so I wouldn't worry.

he's in the 53rd percentile so he's slightly fatter than average

 BMI and percentiles are BS. You can tell by looking at a person whether they're fat or thin.
Original Post by sunkissedbliss:

he's in the 53rd percentile so he's slightly fatter than average

BMI and percentiles are BS. You can tell by looking at a person whether they're fat or thin.

 I agree I just realized that 74% of america is overweight so I'm afraid average weight is overweight, I'm afraid your fatty! I mean boyfriend needs to lose weight . 

lol jk. sunkissed is right bmi and percentiles are **** you can tell if someone needs to lose weight just by looking at them.

That would be fairly heavy if he's not well built (muscular). As said previously, it all depends on the body fat %... not BMI which doesn't take into account how much of your body weight is muscle.
According to a BMI scale, at 5'11" the  Average "normal" weight (BMI puts you in a Normal range, overweigth range, obese range and extremely obese range)...average is 157 lbs. High end of a normal BMI for his height is 172, and low end is 136. So he wouldnt be considered (medically) inderweight unless he dropped under 136 or overweight (medically) unless he weighed more then 172. So at his current weight he is fine, and at 140, he would also be fine. Unless he is very large frame and then 140 might just make him look a bit sunken in.

BMI is only part of the pic. You need to take body composition into consideration!!! My son plays football/hockey -- he is 5ft 11 1/2 and 210-220lbs. That puts his BMI over the top.... yet he is rock solid. It would be silly to call him fat. 

Tell your boyfiend  to get into the gym and work out (some cardio and some weights ), and stay away from the junk food. Healthy lifestyle greatly outways the numbers on the scale. Those habits make you feel good about yourself in all aspects of your life. Take care of the inside AND outside of your body and don't be so concerned with the number on the scale!!Laughing

Good luck!!

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I agree with everyone else...with a guy it all depends on their muscle mass because muscle weighs more then fat. I am 6'1'' and 235lbs I play Football and Baseball and I'm not fat. Also look at what his body fat percent is...

I would think he was average. Especially for a 17 year old. He's still growing anyway and the fat he may have will redistribute itself, particularly if he starts working out.

And you're right, 140 is completely unrealistic for someone who wants to put on muscle mass!!!! Muscle weighs more than fat. He can't both be muscular and a stick. Maybe you should consider measuring instead of weighing. (I.E. how thick his waist is, that sort of thing. I think of that as more important than the number on the scale.) 

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