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What is the average calories burned just by being alive?

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Okay -- I'm having a hard time trying to determine my daily calories burned.  I am a secretary and some days I'm glued to my chair; other days I'm up/down in my chair, running here and there.

What is the average calories burned by just living, breathing, etc.?

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It depends on how big you are, really.   Larger people use up more energy just 'being' than smaller people.  That's their base metabolic rate.  An 'average' woman (if there is such a thing) say between 130 and 160lbs would use up about 1800-2000 in a regular day.   A totally bedridden person the same size might only get through 1700 or so. 
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Thanks gi-

I'm pretty average ( I think )

5'4"    125#   42 years old

The burn meter on this site is kind of vague.  Like I said, I couldn't determine which category I fell into.  So, do you think it would be safe to say that I would burn about 1700 just by doing your normal daily activities like laundry, dishes, driving, etc --?   And then anything extra like walks and gym work outs add to that?

If your day is reasonably active, you'd use about 1700-1800 without exercise on top.   To lose weight, therefore, you could either go for the 1200 starvation rations (not much fun at all), or you could aim for 1400-1500 and try to do some exercise every day.  The exercise not only burns calories while you're doing it but it also lifts your metabolic rate for the rest of the day....  Personally, I think that's better than starving. :-)

It will depend on your height and weight. Try this site for your BMR and RMR:


I think 1700 sounds a little high. Your life sounds a lot like mine although I'm a little taller, older and ~10 heavier. At any rate, cc said I was burning 1800 choosing 'light activity'. I've now established that I'll gain weight at 1800.  My newest fav. calculator is http://www.phord.com/cc/. I do think gi-jane  is right about adding the intentional exercise and eating around 1400 to loose.

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