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What is your average calorie intake for breakfast?

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I am thinking I might not be eating enough calories for breakfast.  I usually eat a yoplait yogurt and then hit the gym.  It's 100 calories.  If I ate more calories for breakfast do you think I would lose weight easier?

How many calories do you have for breakfast and for those who exercise in the morning, when do you eat in relation to working out?  one hour before or 30 minutes?

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I eat between 50-250 calories. A yogurt, sometimes a breakfast bar or oatmeal. Occasionally I have a half bagel with butter (BAD!). The thing is my allowance is only about 1200-1400 calories so I tend to not want to eat too much in the morning b/c I like to spend most of my calories at night on dinner. That being said, if I wake up earlier than normal (7am as opposed to 9-10am) I eat more since I will be up longer.
My understanding is that eating "a little something" will start the pilot light of your body's fat-burning incinerator.  I don't have the energy to do anything unless I eat breakfast but others can't eat before exercising without ill effects.  I eat about 1000 calories before it's even lunch time but that's because I walk the dog and use the treadmill and sometimes do weights.  I eat all morning long. 
i work out in the mornings! umm i eat between 300 and 400 calories for breakfast and i only eat after i work out.  i can't eat when i just wake up in the morning and that's when i like to work out so i just wait until about an hour after i get home from the gym ... i shower and do my hair and make-up and then i eat. but i don't think it makes a difference if you eat before... maybe have your 100 calorie yogurt before you work out and then have something when you come back?
usually 300 to 500 calories. i usually workout after though.
I eat a half cup of ceareal and a little soymilk (around 100 cals) before the gym, then after the gym, I have a cup of fat free yogurt, coffee, and a piece of fruit at the office.  It keeps me energized until lunchtime.  If I don't have a little something when I get up, I don't have energy to get through my workout.
I have 1 c. of cheerios with a banana and 1/2c. vanilla soymilk. I also have coffee which is about 100 cal. My breakfast rounds out around 350 calories. I actually eat right when I get up and do my workout about 15-30 min after eating
I eat around 250 (oatmeal or cereal and yogurt) for breakfast and then 150 for a snack between bfast and lunch.  But I don't work out til the evening.
thanks for all your responses.  I just realized I suppose that I should have said that my intake for the whole day is usually no more than 1400 calories.  So, with that I'm sure a lot of us will differ in the amount we eat for breakfast.  Hmm...now you have me thinking.

Is it better to eat before or after you workout?  I want to know which way will allow me to better lose weight?  Does it matter?
I think having the yogurt before your workout in the morning is a good idea.  Your body needs fuel.  But you also need to eat after the workout so your body can properly recover from the workout.  Protein ofter the workout is especially important for muscle repair.

I workout at lunch and I usually have fruit or a yogurt before the workout since it has been 4 hrs since breakfast, then I have lunch after.
400-500 depending on what I eat.  I eat something around 730am (if not earlier), then again at 1030am.  I eat every two hours or so when I am home.  It's harder at work (teacher - 2hr classes back to back) so I make sure I have handy/healthy snacks with me for when I get stuck in a taxi or something.  Like today!    I seem to do better when I don't save my calories for the evening, by accident or design.  I definitely try to drink half my water by lunch!  Else I get dehydrated fast.

THIS MORNING, however...I'm super hungry.  Hormones are probably to blame but...who knows.  I had a cup of (home-made) yogurt with 1cup pineapple at 630am.  By 8.30am I was famished!  My blood sugar is quite suddenly all out of whack, not sure why.  I have not eaten much sugar OR fruit for years....I thought when I started counting I was doing okay and felt no imbalance...perhaps it's caught up with me?  I have been having more and more sugar, other than fruit.  GADS! 
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I usually have a peice of fruit on my way to the gym.  A banana is best, it gives a great amount of energy with a small amount of calories.  Then once I am done with the gym I either have a 'protein pancake' or 2 scrambled eggs.  I don't think yogart is a good idea because it loaded with sugar.  If you have some protein before you work out it will last longer and help build muscel.
My first meal of the day (around 7:30 a.m.) is 350 calories.  I usually eat 1 packet of instant oatmeal with 1 tbsp flaxseed, 1 hard-boiled egg white, and 1 whey protein shake.  I eat another 350 calories at about 9:30 a.m.  I find that I am less likely to binge later in the day if I eat more in the morning.  I normally eat 6 meals a day and around 1850 calories a day. 
400-600. Usually under 600.  I sort of eat a big breakfast, eat little things throughout the day til around 2-4 ish when i eat another bigger meal, and then more little things here and there.  Total should be 1,450 but is often 1,500.

times when i work out are either early morning (6ish) or somewhere in late afternoon-night (3-8)
Breakfast for me consists of 2 slices of lite wheat toast and 2 pieces of turkey bacon with 16 oz of orange just.  I eat a banana about an hour later once I commute in to work.  Total intake from that is 290 calories.
for me, im guessing its about 250-300, although i am not 100%

I have a two shredded wheat, with a small amount of semi skimmed milk and a teaspoon of sugar.
I'm liking what I'm reading so far.  It's giving me good ideas.  I think from what I've read so far the one that said something light before work out and then protein right after makes the most sense to me.  I think I might start trying that.  Perhaps eat the light/fatfree yogurt before workout and then have 2 eggs afterwards.  I like the sounds of that.

We'll see.  I also like whoever said something to th affect of not saving all your calories to the end of the day.  I find that I tend to do this myself.  I do it with the mind frame of, oh I don't want to waist my calories on that, or on that, so I end up with a lot at the end of the day.  I think that my weight loss would be better if I more evenly spread the calories, rather than realizing I need to eat them all at the end of the day.  This will be my new goal.  Thanks for all your input!
jzirbes:  Don't under estimate the nutritional value of yogurt.  You stated that protein before a workout is good for you and a 6 oz serving of yogurt has 5 gm of protein while the average banana has .5 gm.  Plus the dairy has duel proteins one type breaks down quickly while the other breaks down slowly providing the body with what needs both to jump start the day and continue with the muscle building after the work out.
I usually have a banana, toast with fat free cream cheese and jelly, and then either a boiled egg and a sausage link or a bowl of cereal.  It's up to 400 calories of my 1600 daily total.  But hey, it gets me going in the morning, keeps me full until lunchtime, and gives me energy to work out.  Breakfast should be the most important meal of the day!
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