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Ugh, I just realized that I ate an entire bag of carrots throughout  today... I feel like such a cow right now... Is it possible to gain weight from eating to many carrots????? that sounds so stupid I know...
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Well done!!  Excellent!!!  That's the way to do it!!   Carrots are incredibly low in calories, high in fibre, lots of vitamins.  You can't gain weight from eating that many carrots (or at least, not once they are processed through your system).  Eating loads of vegetables is how I fill up - I hate feeling hungry and vegetables let me feel full and still eat a reasonable number of calories.

Eat as many vegetables (of the carrot, celery, broccoli type) as you want.  You won't gain weight on them.  One thing to watch out for with carrots is they contain a lot of carotene - if you ate a bag every day for a month, the whites of your eyes might get a bit yellow...

Don't feel like a cow - feel like a winner because you filled up on something so healthy!
well at least you got a lot of vitamin A and other nutrition for your binge.  better carrots than candy bars.

i think carrots only have 10 calories per ounce, so a 1 lb bag would only be 160 calories.  I think you are safe. 
If you gotta binge, that's the way.  But to know if it's bad for weight loss you have to count the cals.  I know I kinda have to count my baby carrots out if I'm not gonna overdo it.  Forget about today but just keep that in mind for the future.
Good deal, yea I eat them so I don't binge on other food, i was just a little shocked when I seen just how much I actually ate haha... 
hi again,

Just checked out the calorie count of carrots.  1 cup sliced = 128g or 4.5 ounces/.28 pounds.  There's 52 calories in that - not a lot.  Also, of the 128 g of weight, the site says 113g is water.  So, really only 15 g of solids.  Not much.  Lots of other info if you type 'carrots' into the search box.

I consider carrots pretty much a freebie if I'm eating them raw - I figure I use up almost as many calories chewing as there are in them!  :-)
God I wish I binged on carrots.........
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Is it true you can turn orangey with too many carrots in your diet?
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Yep,your skin can turn orangey........but won't harm you or that is what I was told.  I like crunchy things and I seldom think about carrots....thanks
I know your pee can turn red if you eat too many beets.
and if u eat too many fruit loops, your "movments" are green. don't ask how i know. haha lol.

but carrots...dont even use the word "inging" lol. that implies it was a negative thing. its probably the best thing you could have in quantity in replace of chocolate bars and ice cream!

the only way its a bad binge: its a waste of that guilty feeling. if you experienced guilt anyways, may as well have eaten a bag of candies. but it was good you didnt. dont feel bad. lol. save the guilt for when you give in to a tour of the Hershey's factory. *oh how i miss those days*
Carrots are better than some of the alternatives, just note that they are a little high in sugars, if that is something you are trying to keep an eye on. =)
Heck, whenever I get the munchies, I go straight for the carrots for sure! Bag o' chips or bag o' carrots? What do YOU think?! ;) I think it's perfectly fine. I eat pounds and pounds of carrots and I've never turned orange. It's the palms of your hands where you'll notice it. Actually, mine WERE a little orangey but then I wasn't sure if I didn't wash the self tanner off good enough or what.
carrots give me the hiccups!
Don't worry about it, carrots are so good for you! Though they can turn you orange. I used to eat 30+ pounds a month, and I was orange, not just the palms of my hands and feet, I would get comments on it all the time at rock climbing class :)
wat about binging on fruits? is that alright?
i do this alot now.
its driving me crazy .
i now crave more carrots then chocolate things more.

I don't think binging is ever ok. Even if it's on fruit or carrots. If you...

  1. eat much more quickly than usual during binge episodes
  2. eat until you are uncomfortably full
  3. eat large amounts of food even when you are not really hungry
  4. eat alone because you are embarrassed about the amount of food you eat
  5. feel disgusted, depressed, or guilty after overeating.
then it's not ok.
I just cut up a bag of carrots and made Carrot Fries!!! So yummy, healthy and low calorie!
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I don't consider it over eating if I was through out the day. Binge usually is a lot of food at one sitting.
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