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Weight Loss
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i really need opinions on what i am probably going to do. (short)

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i ate only 300 calories for the last 3 days,and I've done it before for 40 days and lost 11 kg but then gained half of it back.. i really want to stop. i don't want to do the same mistake again,and i'm already starting to see hair loss again :( but of course if i'll just eat 1000-1200 calories all of a sudden i will gain weight,so i thought about having a cheat day tomorrow to redefine my calorie intake ( i would eat about 2000 calories and probably will gain 1-2 kg of mostly water weight) and then on monday i will eat about 1000 calories and hopefully it will creat a new calorie deficit and i will lose weight...and then continue eating 1000 calories and working out untill i finally get to my goal weight, you think it's a good idea? will it work? will i still gain weight if i do that? 
or that i should just add 100 more calories each week? 
thanks in advance!

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I don't know your BMR but if you know it eat that at least or  (just as an idea, if the details apply to you) a decent cal range is 1400-1600 for little to no activity if you are in a healthy BMI range and an adult female. But please! if you are a teen, very high active and/or overweight you need to eat more than that and more like 1800-2000. This is all very vague details since you provided no details but I wanted to advise on a cal intake above 1200 for you.

But if you give age/sex/height/weight/activity level we can really properly help.

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i forgot to add that i ate only 300 calories for the last 3 days which i know is wrong. and i am going to stop it by doing what i mentioned above,i only want to make sure i will keep losing weight after doing it. 
and i am 17.5 years old,my height is 5'4 and i weight 130 lbs .. i want to lose 8.8 pounds.... and my activity level is lightliy to bmr is 1400 
and i really don't want to eat more than 1200 calories a day because i know i will probably gain weight or just won't lose any.
thank you for trying to help,i appreciate it :)

As an 18 year old, you should not be eating LESS than 1800 calories -- because you are not overweight. 

Losing vanity pounds is one thing -- developing an eating disorder to do so, is completely different.  You have been vastly undereating, for a period of time (this is more than the 3 days of 3000), your body will react to ANY increase in calories -- however, if you wish to become healthy, and lose those vanity pounds in a healthy and sustainable method, then you will have to understand that weight gain is a temporary thing.

Otherwise, you are doomed to a life of restricting calories to lose weight, gaining weight when the restriction ends, then cutting more calories to lose weight, and then gaining weight on lower and lower calories.  Oh, and then you get all of the starvation type problems along with that:

Adequate nutrition has two components, necessary nutrients and energy in the form of calories. It is possible to ingest enough energy without a well-balanced selection of individual nutrients and produce diseases that are noticeably different from those resulting from an overall insufficiency of nutrients and energy. Although all foods are a source of energy for the human body, it is possible to consume a seemingly adequate amount of food without getting the required minimum of energy (calories).

Since the body will combat malnutrition by breaking down its own fat and eventually its own tissue, a whole host of symptoms can appear. The body's structure, as well as its functions, are affected. Starved adults may lose as much as 50% of their normal body weight. Characteristic symptoms of starvation include:

  • shrinkage of such vital organs as the heart, lungs, ovaries, or testes, and gradual loss of their functions
  • chronic diarrhea
  • anemia
  • reduction in muscle mass and consequent weakness
  • lowered body temperature combined with extreme sensitivity to cold
  • decreased ability to digest food because of lack of digestive acid production
  • irritability and difficulty with mental concentration
  • immune deficiency
  • swelling from fluid under the skin

This is what is going you are going to go through if you don't get help from somewhere other than here -- professional help The Body Neglected

After your bones deteriorate and your reproductive organs become so atrophied they don't work, your other organs, including your brain will be permanently damaged. You will end up as a stunted adult with brittle bones and infertility.  But that's not the worst.

According to this medical authority NEDIC 

"The death rate for eating disorders is high: it ranges between 18% (in 20-year studies) and 20% (in 30-year follow-up studies). In fact, the annual death rate associated with anorexia is more than 12 times higher than the annual death rate due to all other causes combined for females between 15 and 24 years old." Cavanaugh, Carolyn. What we know about eating disorders: facts and statistics. In Lemberg, Raymond and Cohn, Leigh (Eds) (1999). Eating Disorders: A reference sourcebook. Oryx Press. Phoenix, AZ.

It goes on to say " The death rate associated with anorexia nervosa alone is more than 12 times higher than the overall death rate among young women in the general population."
Sullivan PF. Mortality in anorexia nervosa. American Journal of Psychiatry, 1995; 152(7): 1073-4.

These are recognized medical sources.  I suggest you take them seriously and seek help for your problem.

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