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I ate ice cream and lost weight? What?

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Oh my gosh. See, I'm the kind of person that tends to eat when things aren't going right. To me, food seems like the temporary answer to everything. Your dog died? Eat. Your best friend moved away? Eat. Family troubles? EAT! At least that's the way it seems to be with me.

Which, you know, was okay to me until I decided I wanted to lose weight. I actually have been having family troubles lately and my dad's threatening to leave my mom and me and I couldn't help myself-- yesterday I went WAY over my calorie limit! I was doing good until that evening, because my mom made me go to Burger King (ugh.) and I got a salad and tea, and I didn't eat anything else until dinner (I snack a lot usually) and I ate a bit too much then and went just a few calories over my limit.

Which isn't too horrible, but then we went out and my parents kept arguing and I ended up getting ice cream, when I was already over my calorie limit! I ate every single bite of it and still wasn't full! But I told myself to stop, thank goodness.

Oh, and I couldn't exercise the extra calories off. I had exercised a bit TOO much the day before and it hurt just to move at all-- I so wasn't up to a full workout. o_o

So I totally expected to have gained back a pound or two when I weighed myself today... but I've lost 1/2 a pound since yesterday! What gives? I mean, not that I'm complaining. But it just doesn't make sense...

And does that mean that I can have occasional little binges like that and still lose weight? I'm confused. XD
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Yes, you can have occasional little binges and still lose weight.

This is especially true if the number of calories you ate is still less than your maintenance number of calories. For example, for myself, my calorie target is 1600 calories. I can eat up to 2200 calories (since that is the number, on average, that I burn in a normal day). That means that I can mess up occasionally and "go over my target" by as much as 600 calories, which would be a lot of ice cream.

I hope your family stress resolves itself. Take care of yourself.
Okay! I figured up that I burn about 1800 calories per day (I'm not very active... trying to fix that though!) and my calorie limit is 1000, so no wonder I still lost weight... That makes me just want to go eat more ice cream! XDD

And thanks, I hope it does too... And I'll try to! =D
Your calorie limit of 1000 is too low. If you burn 1800 calories a day, you should be aiming at 1200-1300 calories per day.

Eating 1200 calories is a fairly universally acknowledged minimum. It's what you need to keep your brain and internal organs functioning properly.

By eating 1000 calories per day, you are actually in danger of causing your body to go into "starvation mode", where your metabolism slows to a crawl and your body breaks down muscle to fuel itself while storing any extra calories as fat. In effect, you are simulating a famine, and the body has evolved this mechanism to survive famines.

It's better to eat more on a regular basis (stoking the fire of your metabolism), shooting for about a 500 calorie deficit on a daily basis.

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Eat a bowl of salad or broccoli or something really nutritious before hitting that ice cream.

So you've been under calories, which won't kill you, but is not very good for you long term.  Fortunately, you can fix it.  If you've also been getting good nutrition you may not be hurting too badly.  Definitely make the 1200 minimum plus at least 1/2 of what you exercise.  You may need to go get a latte or a small scoop of ice cream or have a small piece of chocolate...half the fun of counting calories is finding spare calories on some days when you can have a treat.  The treats get burned off better if you have them in the middle of the day, but typically you don't have spare calories until the end of the day.

Binging occasionally is fine, just try to limit it to one meal per week.  As far as your exercise goes, your body was sore because it was building muscle and repairing the results of the overexertion so essentially you ended up exercising two days in a row, the second day just isn't as good for you.  Try more regular exercise rather than killing yourself one day and being a slug the next.
Of course it's still possible to lose weight and have a chowdown every now and then.  Heck, just this past week I thought I was up a creek without a paddle due to eating too much junk (4th of July, a "second 4th of July" due to getting rained out, going over to a friend's house for dinner...).  I stepped on the scale for my weekly weigh-in, and voila!  I'm down 2 and 1/2 pounds from last week (1700 calorie daily limit; a little over 18 pounds lost since mid-May).  Booyah!

That said, there was one week where my weight went unchanged, which I attributed to the same reason (eating too much junk).  So, all I can say is that it's just more proof that I'm not in control of all the factors that affect my weight, and I'm guessing that's true of most other people.  You do what you can with your diet, but your body's just too complex to think that you can control its weight within a pound or two. 

So, like someone else said, increase your intake a smidge to 1200-1300 and keep up the willpower to stay within your limit. 
one day i ate a whole pint of hagen daaz "light" ice cream...it had something like 960 calories and i was so afraid to check the scale the next day, but i did and i was 2lbs lighter...wouldn't it be funny if we found out some how through this, that if all we ate was icecream we'd lose weight AND be healthY...HA!

but when i'm feeling stressed or depressed my new outlet instead of food is writing...exercising still helps but during those times i'm "too depressed to move"  i write and write and write...and i feel better...i even write about how i could be eating but i'm chosing to write....it make me feel a whole lot better and get things into perspective
Wow; I can see it now - the 'All Ice-Cream Diet'.


That's exactly what happened to me! I totally gorged myself and snacked on a whole bag of Kettle Corn, coconut icecream, and, like, 786542312186 PB an' J sandwiches. I felt horrible, like, 'OHNOZ, I gained, like, 5 pounds!'.

Hoohah. I woke up the next morning to find that my weight was exactly the same, and that I felt much, much better.

Oh. Whenever I'm depressed - I run. Y'know what they say, 'running from your problems'. Yeah, I just run. Sometimes I read/proofread things that I've written before. I try never to eat when I'm depressed 'cause the feeling you get right after you defeat the temptation of fatty, sweet goods. It's an amazing, spectacular feeling.

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