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Ate too many calories yesterday, less today. Will this work??

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So......... was eating okay yesterday. Went to my kick boxing class and by time I got home I was hungry. I ate a take away chinese (was realllllllllly nice!) but i also know that's it's probably double my calorie intake for the day! Frown

So today, and without really trying I've eaten below my calorie intake and I've done my kick boxing class and walked an hour today. Judging by my burn and eating meter, my deficit is 1192. Is this just too big?? It wasn't done intentionally, but juding by yesterdays mammoth take away, will my calorie intake and burn today counteract yesterdays - in a positive way? Or do i need to eat a lil more?

So approximately, how will this affect me, at a guess? Sorry to sound as clueless as I do, I just am! Tongue out

Thanks x

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Well, one day of a deficit of more than 1000 probably isn't going to do any long term damage, but if I were you, I'd still try to eat my proper calories today, and just write off yesterday as a cheat day. It's no biggie, we're allowed one once in awhile you know. :P

You don't want to get in a habit of binge/starve and the thinking that it's okay to overeat one day cuz you'll just undereat the next day. Yesterday is just a blip, and today you should be trying to be back on your regular eating routine, not overcompensating.

Hope that helps!

Thank you, guess will count it as my cheat day! :) thank you very much for reply :)

Yeah road of penalising yourself one day because you went over cal's on another is a long and slippery road downwards.

Once you start you find yourself saying things like "oh well i can have this cake today ill just eat less tomorrow" rather than sensibly decideing just to set the cake asaid and have something healthier, and it gets worse and worse to the point you can almosr rationalise a day of bieng a total pig by saying that you'll make up for it tommorrow and when tommorrow comes your starving and grumpy till you given i and say you'll make up for it the day after .... and so on and so on....  

The better way is to just sit back rationalise it in a healthy manner ... did one day really hurt you long term goal?? no of course not ... in the grand scheme of things does it mean you'll get there slower?? yes exactly one day slower ...

TBH as long as it's rare it won't hurt you that much in the grand scheme of things tbh the "cheat day" are planned and allowed by many (me included) because it given the metabalism abit of a shake up sometimes giving it some extra calories can actually help,

For me though the most important thing is that life is for living and if your dieting 24/7 your eventually gonig to fall off the waggon because sometimes we all need alittle comfort food, to be able to have fun and eat something totally bad for us, go out with freidns and not worry about calories.....

Having a planned day every now and again gives you some control you can plan how much you splurge and in my opinion can actually help keep you on track because there is light at the end of the tunnel telling you when you can something you've been really craving that's not normally on your "allowed" list.

the conclusion write this day off .... don't worry about it, don't stress long term it's not going to cause you problems...after all tommorrow is a new diet day.   


Thank you very much for your reply. Most helpful. I just don't even feel so guilty about eating :) Everyone deserves treats once in a while, that i will take on board. So thank you.

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The short answer is no. Won't make a difference in the long run because it's the average of what you eat longterm that counts.

Next time try to have something at hand at home so you avoid takeaways. Think of all the artificial stuff that was in your takeaway!

After many many years of trying to figure it out with weight loss I realised that when I stay with my parents for more than a few days I lose weight. The reason? Good quality home-cooked food, eaten at regular intervals.

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Original Post by sophiaeco:

 Think of all the artificial stuff that was in your takeaway!

I think this hits it on the head.  You really need to control what goes into your body. Chinese food typically has a lot of oil and if I had to guess- you didn't get brown rice.

I just do extra cardio the next day when I overdue my food. Most importantly, dont beat yourself up over it. All of us, at one time or another, have gone over calories.

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