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Weight Loss
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i ate too much >

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i've eaten 1650 calories today...probably more...which gives me a deficit of nothing :( i think i'm gonna go on a run toda, but max that'll burn off 100. i feel so bad, but i know i shouldnt, because i filled up (or tried to) on healthy foods....but its still really hard for me to eat that much. i'm trying to tone up- but its so hard for me! i dont build muscle easily. does anybody have any tips as to how i could get past this?
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if your going 2 run, run 4 a good 30 mins at a medium speed ,ur sure 2 burn a lot more than jus 100cals


n its ok 2 eat loads if its healthy just dont snack on junk food :D

do sit ups 2 tone ur stomach nt sure bout the rest 


i cant run that long yet...:(
no, all you had to do was eating less and you couldn't, i'd say "awww cheer up" but that wont take the pounds out of you, you need power of will.

And I see the support just keeps coming...

Kiera -- first of all you know that one day of no deficit just means no loss, no gain -- that's all, not the end of the world.  You have to have faith, you need to know that you are strong enough to do this and get past the hard parts -- it will be worth all that much more to you when you look back.  And you know that for your body, you can't exist easily on 1200-1400 a day and still be able to be energetic and get a workout in.

To build muscle in any form requires strength movement -- if you "don't build muscle easily" it may take you longer than others, but it's not impossible, and you need muscle to look toned.  Therefore, to look toned you will need calories and exercise.

^what coach_k said^

To build muscle you need a caloric excess, not a deficit.  If 1650 is maintenance for you, try eating within about a 200 calorie range (some days over, some days under).  And instead of running for cardio (which will just burn the calories that you need to build muscle), try some strength training.  Weights are good, or try yoga or pilates.

Are you trying to build muscle or just lose body fat?  Running is a great way to do both, and running for 20 to 30 mins burns about 250 calories!
Don't feel bad about one day, because it really IS just one day.  You would have to eat 3500 EXTRA caloies just to gain one pound, and I promise you didn't eat nearly that much.  Tomorrow is a fresh start, and I wish you the best of luck!
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Ok, one bad day does not equal failure. Make sure that tomorrow is a good day and keep your bad days down to a minimum. You'll get through this, as we all will, so long as we continue to strive toward our goals. I have faith in you!Wink
Yup, not gaining/losing isnt anything to worry about. Weightloss isnt a have the rest of your life to get in shape. I figure as long as there is a general improvement over time...then things are working.

By not gaining/losing, you arent undo-ing all the hard work you have there isnt really anything bad about it.
Do a run/walk for 30-40 minutes--it's the best way to increase your endurance.  Run for 3 minutes, walk for 1-2 and repeat.  You'll burn almost as much as if you were running continuously!  Good luck.  And cut yourself some slack, really.
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