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How do I get my ass back?!

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My ass WAS my best asset! and its gone from dieting and working out.

does anyone know how I can get my ass back but not put pounds in other places?!
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I have heard lunges, squats and running up and down stairs help to firm the gluteus! a friend of mine who is fairly thin but not particularly toned got a job in a shoe store which involved running up and down stairs everytime she had to get a pair of shoes out of the stock room. she has the pertest and well formed (wow that sounds pervy!) ass of anyone I know. 
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i feel you...

im worried that i'll start working out and lose what little ass i do have...and even worse, my titties!!!  if i lose those, i'll feel sucked dry of all sex appeal.  and i heard that they are the first to go if you're apple shaped.  at least you can do ass exercises like lunges though.  anybody know of any tittie exercises?
mine has never looked better.  I have been using an excersize bike and walking up and down hills. 
haha oh man, yeah my boobs shrunk too.. it was sad. but i was more sad about losing my ass.

so ill give those squats and lunges a try.

anymore suggestions would be great too!
I used to have a nice, although a little heavy busy (come on 10DD is getting extreme) and a rather large behind. Problem was that matched my HUGE thighs. This all came off with weight loss - all three. I want my chest and bum back!! At least to a 10D (i have a decievingly odd shape - 10DD and people guess I'm a 10B... so a 10D would be nice...)
I agree - the flat bum is more hurtful tho.
I wish i could just eat a few Krispy kremes, you know how they say "Those go straight to your ass" - well it doesnt on me. it goes to my tummy and a tyre on such a small framed girl looks horrid
I will try the lunges and sqats and tell you how it goes. I also read about skating, with knees bent (like half squat)
running lifted my bum up to where it's supposed to be... get down on all fours and lift one leg as high as you can one at a time... it makes your bum muscles contract ... and when all else fails.... .wear high heels...
when I was in college and played fieldhockey my whole team had really nice butts!  Mainly because we were doing cardio workouts that required us to stay low for long periods of time.  Try some kickboxing, tae bo, or even some of those "power fles" cardio workouts you can watch "on demand" if you  have cable, or do at a gym.  The whole, "staying low" for extended periods of time really works those muscles, often time without you even noticing!
I've never really had much of an ass (it's always been flat), but man, am I going to miss my boobs.
I'm having the same problem!  I had a great booty!  Now, it's getting a little flat!  I was at my dad's this weekend and he said to me, "man, your butt is getting smaller, but it's flabby"!  WHAT????  I am soooooo sad!  I think they have workout videos especially for the butt!  I have been doing the uphill treadmill for a few months now and it's only gotten my butt smaller and flatter!  HELP!!!!
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For as long as I can remember, I've been a 36DD.  However, until recently, since I've been working out, I shrunk down to a 34DD.  Unfortunately because alot of fat is stored 'up there' they usually do go first.  As for my bum, I never really had one until recently, which is a good thing.  I use the stairmaster at the highest incline and increase the intensity every 5 minutes. In addition, I also do squats and lunges every other day.  My bum has never looked better even when I was younger.  I can actually fill those sexy low rise pants nicely.
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