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Around how many inches is a pants size?

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How many inches do you need to lose in order top drop a pants size? I went from a size 9 to a size 13 in around a year...so I was wondering how many iches I needed to lose to get down to where I was previously?

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it depends on where you buy them but i think most jeans is like 2-3 in. If you want to make sure you could always look at the stores size charts to get a better idea tho im not sure how accrate it would be (whenever i buy jeans its like every pair fits different even if they are the same size!?!?). but i would look at the size charts just to see.

i hope i was some help.

Surprisingly, it is only 1 inch. I have jeans from Hollister, and your waist or hips, maybe both, have to go up one inch in order to increase in a pants size. Interesting.

Sorry I never tracked inches, but here's some pound estimates from my own experience.

size 12/14 --> size  10  (12 pounds lost)
size 10 --> size 6/8 (another 12 pounds lost)

Note that the lower your total weight, it takes fewer pounds to go down a size (or for a given amount of weight loss, you'll lose more size). That's how I ended up buying a bunch of size 8 pants that are now slightly too big.  

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For most sizes it's only 1 inch.  But the bigger sizes (size 14 and over I think) go in increments of 2 inches or more.  For me it seems like I'll lose a size every 5-10 lbs.

Wow, this is a great question.....I would like to know, too!!  I have lost 32 lbs and have gone from a tight fitting size 18 to a comfortable 12....but how do sizes work?  Plus sizes go from 12 to 14 to 16 to 18.....but there are two sizes between each one, right?  Maybe that confirms what the above poster said about plus sizes moving in increments of two inches...where as smaller sizes that go from 10 -9 -8 - 7- 6, etc. are in one inch increments.  Hmmmm.....so that means I have lost 4 sizes.....eight inches...and 32lbs.....which means for every 4 lbs I lose, I lose an inch...and every 8 lbs, I drop a size...at least for right now. :)  This is good to know!!!

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Hi Marietta, even sizes (4, 6, 8, 10 etc) are misses and women's sizes, where as odd sizes (3, 5, 7, 9, etc) are junior's sizes.  Juniors sizes are not only usually smaller but they are cut differently due to the fact that most juniors don't have hips like a woman does.  I would not worry about trying to wear Junior's sizes. 

Thanks, Kathleen!!!  I don't think I will ever even attempt to wear JR sizes....hahaha.....I will be happy when I get to a size 8.  :)

My size 10 pants (you know, the 70 dollar a pair Editor pants from Express) are too loose on me now after a month or so of counting calories.

I can fit into my size 8 pair perfectly.

I estimate that I lost about 6 pounds total so far, thus making my current pants too loose.

Go figure, the most expensive items I own and wear most often now don't fit well. 

It's good and bad I guess.  Unless however, the new pants fairy wants to visit me soon! Then it's all good and not bad at all!

LOL zuzu, I know how you feel!!!  I have been so overweight for so long and have 2 closets full of expensive jeans and suits for work.....now none of it fits me and I am giving stuff to Goodwill like crazy.  I have decided that until I get to my goal weight, I am going to be buying cheap stuff......like Old Navy and target....that way by the time they are too big for me, the clothes will have lived their short lives ( about 5 washes) and I won't be out much money.  Just wait, though....when I hit goal weight, I am going to have myself one BIG designer shopping spree!!  :)

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