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Apple-Shaped Women Unite!

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UGH ITS SOOOOOOOOOO ANNOYING. I'm the typical apple shaped women! The rare apple shape. My legs are arms are sooo skinny, then theres my stomach which is huge and bulgues out! It gets me soo frustrated.. I know u can not lose weight at certain spots in ur body... but if i lose any more weight on my legs or arms ill be a toothpick...my upper chest too is really skinny..below my throat.. like super skinny.. but then my stomach BAM!!!

SUUGGESTIONS ALL YOU APPLE SHAPED WOMEN!! How do we get ride of this? It seems like nothing works! Ive tried it all. Protein. Cardio. Abs. Pilates. Stomach Workouts.

Then the WORST PART is.. after eatting lunch/dinner (slighty bigger meal than a snack) my stomach bulges out like crazy for a few hours after...looks like im pregnant sometimes..

this stomach problem is really becoming a pain..


And its not like mine is all flab from doing stomach exercises u could feel it is hard  underneath th layer of mush on top.

And I know some of you will say just keep up the exercise and eatting healthy and it will come off. NO IT WONT. Ive tried for over a year and it hasnt!

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I'm also apple-y.  My stomach loooves holding onto fat.  I found I get the best results from eating healthy (fruit, veggies, nuts, lean meats, whole grains, etc... with a few treats for my sanity, of course) and combining running, yoga and pilates for my exercise. 

Running helps with losing the extra weight and tones your abs if you run with proper form.  Pilates is great for toning and lengthening the core without adding too much muscle to the midsection.  Yoga helps with good posture, which doesn't actually get rid of belly-fat, but makes you look slimmer. 

I'm curious, though... you say "I know some of you will say just keep up the exercise and eatting healthy and it will come off. NO IT WONT. Ive tried for over a year and it hasnt!"

... but you also say "LETS WORK TOGETHER AND GET RID OF THIS".

I'm not sure what you're looking for, really... a magic pill?  Because I don't think there is one.  And if you've "tried it all", then how can we help?  Be positive. =)  Keep trying. 

Also, though, just to burst the bubble a bit: if you're an apple, you're an apple.  That's your body shape, and it ain't gonna change.  You might be able to make it less obvious by keeping yourself at a lower weight, but you'll always store fat on your belly before anywhere else.  So, to some extent, you can exercise and eat healthy and keep it under control, but you also have to accept who you are and love your belly for what it is: a part of you. =)
I have read that belly fat is caused by high stress hormone levels (cortisol), so one thing that might help is to make sure you get enough sleep, maybe a little more than you are used to. And if you have noticeable stress in your life, try to reduce it.

Another thing that comes to mind is the study about low-fat dairy products (anyone have a link to this?) that suggested that incorporating things like low or non-fat milk and yogurt into the diet for three servings a day resulted in more weight lost than either the people who took calcium supplements or the people who did not take calcium or dairy (total calories in each group was the same). You might want to try drinking nonfat milk for some of your snacks.

I am trying that and fat-free yogurt. I don't know if I am an apple. I have a LOT of belly fat but my hips and thighs are big too. Maybe I will be able to tell after I have lost some weight!
I also meant to say about the calcium study that besides more weight lost, also a larger percentage of weight was lost from the stomach area with the dairy products group.

I think it is interesting that the calcium supplement group did better than the control but not as good as the dairy. The total mg of calcium was the same.  I suspect that the reason is that it is easier to absorb  calcium from food  and that if they had given the supplement group a greater dosage that results may have been similar.. but I wonder if the dairy industry had something to do with how the results were presented. Still, it IS healthier to get nutrients from food than supplements.

Okay, my problem is that I decided to go to the gym at midnight and now I am all wound up and can't sleep!
denise07-  Use this Waist to Hip Ratio Calculator to determine if you are an apple or pear.
Thanks! It says I am a pear (I love pears - yum!).
I'm some weird fruit hybrid. I have an hour-glass proportion with pear/apple tendencies. It's really bizarre!!

And annoying!!
I'm a total apple...no doubt about it.  I read that apples should stay away from carbs.  I'm a big fruit fan (and beer)...any suggestions? 
we need suggestions? anyone? cardio? less lifting/weight training?
do a lot of muscle toning to make your belly less noticable and even out your figure. 
having a larger stomach is just part of your shape, but your stomach bloating THAT much after eating could mean you have a gluten intolerance....
i usually walk/run for 30-45 minutes a day  (between 3.5 mph and 4.5 mph), i play sports (basketball/tennis) twice a week, and i just got a yoga video that is suppose to be ab intense.  i'm still pretty new to this routine, and am currently unable to walk/run or play sports due to a torn ligament...but I'm going to try the video tonight.
I am also the dreaded apple shape. Good news: as apple shapes, we are able to lose the belly much easier than pear shapes lose their thighs.

Cardio cardio cardio is the answer. Interval training works. 3 minutes of sprinting and 2 minutes of speed walking for 30 minutes for example. Also as apples we tend to have good legs and are not likely to bulk them up. Thus, lunges, leg weights and other heavy muscle work outs on the legs won't bulk them up but will aid in losing weight and reving up the metabolism.

Finally, core work outs are always important. But if the weight loss is not there, the six pack will stay hidden.

I am trying to do this all for hawaii in December. It can be hard, but try to put your self really hard at work outs (from 1 to 10, try to stay at a 7 or 8 in intensity)

Best of luck girls!!

  My mother is the quintissential apple shape, seriously, she looks just like an apple with toothpicks stuck in for limbs (Very nice legs though, must admit).  I've inherited this shape from her, with the extra bonus of bulgy thighs and winged arms.

  The best thing for the stomach is water.  Water, water, water and heaps more water.  Stomach bloating is ofter caused by salt retention, so drinking heaps of water will flush it out nicely.  When you look in the mirror and see the phantom pregnancy, have about a half a litre and it'll clear up in a couple of hours.

Well now there is another APPLE-SHAPED woman in this group.  I am 23 years old, and I have been active in Cheerleading and Dancing all my life.  I first noticed the shape in high school when I couldn't wear two piece bathing suits because my sides would hang over the bottem or even the my stomach as a whole.  But as I got older I've seen me of course eat regular, and TRY diets here and there, but my stomach has only grown.  Nothing but growth.  Now that I'm 23, I plan to have kids one day, and I'd even like to wear a 2 piece one summer before whenever, I'd even like to wear a skin tight dress without the focus being my STOMACH!  So I've never made a New Years resolution, but I did this year for the first time in life.  And THAT of all things is to get RID of my stomach and shop for a 2 piece for summer 2009!  I am a little more motivated than ever but its harder because I know financially I'm not stable, so that gym stuff is for the birds.  WELL...I did just join Jenny Craig like an idiot and I just started using the Alli pills for assistance.  SOOOOO, I am hoping with this whole comobination, SOMETHING will work out.  Please assist me.  I've gone from a size 5/6 to a 9/10 in LESS than a year.  I can't wear regular jeans because my stomach hangs over and I look a MESS!  I've tried high waist jeans, but they don't hide much.  I've even considered maternity jeans.  After all, it DOES look like I'm expecting due to this ugly shape.  So I demand to fit into my old clothes and not to buy ANOTHER 9, 10, or even 12!  I'm losing weight before I get depressed.  Help is greatly appreciated and I am willing to help other.  Thanks!

As a lifelong apple, tons of cardio is NOT the answer. I was dang near an anorexic in my early twenties. I lived on a few fruits and veggies and ran an hour a day. Guess what I still had at 5'7" and 115lbs? AN APPLE SHAPE. I was a skinny little twig with tummy bulge.

Hit the weights and clean up that diet. I don't know about the rest of you apples out there, but the worst thing I ever did was low carb dieting. It NEVER works for me. I lose the most weight eating a balanced diet with good carbs, lean proteins and lots of fruits and veggies (part of the good carbs). Atkins: nope. Soutbeach: nope.


I am also apple shaped and I can't ever seem to get rid of my belly.  I too have always wanted to be able to wear a two-piece bathing suit but have never been able to.  Now, I'm dealing with the way pregnancy has changed my body as I have two little ones with two c-sections to boot.  I know I'll likely never really be able to have a perfectly flat belly, but I am going to work on making it less noticeable and maybe someday I'll wear that two-piece even if its only for my husband!  LOL


I have to agree with spiro.  I'm the appliest apple that ever appled.  When I was in high school and college, I never dieted but I went through phases of exercising well (e.g. playing on a sports team or swimming lots) and not exercising at all.  I also went through phases of eating really healthy and eating junky crap.  I stayed the same size and shape the whole time.  (Presumably, I adjusted my caloric intake without realising it.)

In grad school, I packed on the pounds due to stress.  I lost some of them (according to my co-workers; I never actually weighed) in my first year of work - but then put a lot of weight back on over the last three years due to a roommate who liked to make me eat junk food (my very vocal sister so there really was an element of "making") and a drastic increase in stress levels at work.  At the beginning of July, I weighed ~177 pounds.

Since then, I've lost just over 25 pounds and am continuing to lose, albeit slowly.  I'm hoping to cross over into the 140s this month.  I eat about 50% carbs (mostly whole grains/fruit/veg but occasional treats) 25% fat and 25% protein.  My body simply can't tolerate any more fat than that; it makes me quite ill.  I started doing more "non-exercise physical activity" (e.g. walk to the store instead of driving, go for a bike ride instead of watching TV" and took up weight lifting.  The weight lifting has *not* made me bulky.  I think my arms may have picked up an extra 1/4" muscle - but they've lost about 1.5" fat.  My thighs are about 2" smaller than when I started.  My waist is down almost 6"!  I actually look half decent in a swimsuit - though am not yet at the comfortable-in-a-bikini stage.

We apples can lose weight.  We need to take advantage of the fact that we find it a little easier to maintain muscle mass than the pears do and hang onto that muscle for dear life.  It does very nice things for our metabolisms!  (Says the girl who's currently losing weight averaging an intake of 2000 cals/day - that's only possible because of the weights.)

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alright so up until about a year ago i had no idea i was an apple shape. i was a little chunky, averaged about 140 at 5'6 .. had a belly..    so about a year ago i decided to lose weight and not "live to eat" but "eat to live" yada yada.. cause i lovedddd food!   so here i am, at 118, exercise about 3 times a week, eat a healthy diet with 6 small meals a day. and i realize im still  not happy with my body. i think to myself why is my waist still not as small as id like!.. but if i lose anymore weight id look freakin anorexic everywhere else. it seriously gets to me..... im so bummed out because of it. i dont wana be super skinny but to not have a big belly i have to be. i just signed up on this site and it said i was underweight!! but if you saw me in real life anyone would probably say my belly could be smaller. i hate it! ive been really trying to gain muscle in my lower body but i feel like im just screwed forever.... its just so depressing...     i mean.. are we just unlucky? and have to just accept it and move on? thats basically what im thinking i have to do..

Original Post by susiecue:

 I'm the appliest apple that ever appled.  

haha this made my morning.

I'm totally an apple too. one thing I like about being apple shaped and have on top of the pears... we can hold our stomachs in while they can't suck in their thighs! I've been cheating for tooooo many years at keeping my stomach in to take off 2 inches and make my stomach look normal in comparision to the rest of my body shape. I'm sick of it though and that's why I'm here, in hopes onen day my stomach will be close to flat where i wont have to anymore. That's my dream goal. Besides the non vain ones like running a half to full marathon, doing crazy high weights, resting heart rate in 40s... 

I am apple shaped, but unfortunately have big arms and a big chest.  My suggestion would be to do a lot of cardio and eat healthy stay in a low calorie range as well.  Stop doing so many ab strength exercises, they only make you bulkier.  Also, try to eat things low in sodium, salt leads to bloating.

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