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apple cider Vinegar and weight loss

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I heard that apple cider vinegar is used to help reduce weight/fat. is it true?

anyone tried that? would there be any side effects?
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I tried it last summer for a couple of months.  Did it do anything? Since I was walking a lot and being careful with my diet, I lost nearly 35 lbs. but I have no idea if the vinegar helped!  I know for sure I had no side effects from it.
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exact same thing happened to me.  i tried a whole bunch of things at once, including the vinegar, and lost a bunch of weight.  i was also eating way better, and exercising, so i don't know if the vinegar had anything to do with it...
sorry i couldn't help more.
it doesn't hurt to try.
I don't think it would hurt, but I don't think it's necessary.  I think the best formula for permanent weight loss is good nutriton + the proper amount of calories + good exercise.
The idea that drinking cider vinegar can help you to lose weight is very popular in Japan (where I live) and lots of drinks with cider vinegar are available. If these kinds of actually things help though it is probably only in a very small way. There is no substitute for healthy eating and exercise!
Nope, just heard a nutritionist talk about this one the other day.

It's an old wives dieting tale.  Doesn't help at all.  Neither does grapefruit.
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ummm... okay first of all, grapefruit DOES work.  it has great metabolism boosting enzymes... so please don't state things like facts when you're not certain. 

second, no one can prove it either way, but it does seem to have SOME positive effects.  Never hurts to try.  
Is true. Studies like this one:

www.medicalnewstoday.com/medicalnews.php?news id=5495

Also mentioned here:


(in case the other link doesn't work), shows that grapefruit does work in aiding weight loss.
I wouldn't say that Grapefruit AIDS actually weight loss BUT...

It takes the body burns more calories digesting the fruit then are actually in the fruit itself.

Plus its yummy and filling =)
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also, im not really sure, but i think the study has to do with vinegar in general (not just cidar vinegar)... red wine vinegar is good too.

i think the way it works is it slows digestion, and takes calories to digest, that's just my guess.
I know many who it has helped unfortunately it also gives one heck of a boost to growing yeast.  If you have any problems at all in that direction, think twice or three times.
Actually, the scientific community agrees that neither vinegar nor grapefruit helps loose weight, other than the fact that they are healthy alternatives to other no so good food choices.   I'm not just spouting from the hip, like one poster above (soare) has insinuated.   I have spoken to three nutritionists (two of them PhD level) AND I heard another one talk about this very thing the other day.   My conclusion on the whole thing very much still agrees with what the doctor was saying the other day.

Bottom line:

1) They've done study after study and found no correlation between anything in either of these food items and increased weight loss.  Fad diet plans and unstatistical "studies" can make up whatever the heck they want, but that doesn't make it scientifically true.   For example, if I surveyed 10 of you  about which toothpaste you use, and nine of you said Crest and one said Colgate, it is not scientifically accurate for me to then presume that 90% of the US population uses Crest  toothpaste.  Studies just don't work that way.  Unfortunately, fad diets and people selling useless supplements do this type of data manipulation ALL THE TIME.  And no, I'm not saying all supplements are useless, but I think you will agree with me that there are some quack ones out there.   If someone wants to sell you their grapefruit diet, of course they're going to do a biased study where the numbers are manipuated so you're going to drop your cash on thier "diet".

2) Scientists believe the reason people do lose weight with the grapefruit in their diet is because they are so focused on eating grapefruit (along with whatever else diet they are on) that they in turn eat generally less BAD food because they are already full of grapefruit.   Its so simple, really, that it is depressing.

Grapefruit is a great food when one is trying to lose weight, only because its GOOD FOR YOU.  Same with vinegar - great to use as a salad dressing.

Along these same lines, it is now considered statistically true that most people who drink diet soda get fat or are fat.   Sounds weird, huh? And its very sobering because I drink diet soda and I am overweight.  They aren't sure why this is quite yet, but they do agree on one thing - people who drink more than 3 diet sodas a day are either fat or will become fat.  They surmise this is because one of two reasons, but neither has been proven yet.  First, because drinking (or eating) high levels of the fake sugar stuff makes your body go into craving more sweet stuff.  Psychologically, people give in and eat not so good stuff.  And second, people think, "Well, I'll have a diet coke, cut out those calories, so then I can have a dessert."  They then cut out a 300 calories coke and swap it out with a 1200 calorie dessert -  not a fair trade and weight gain ensues.

If you really sit down and review ACTUAL scientific studies by reputable institutions that we all know and trust to be honest and straight foward, you'll really have your eyes open to stuff you never realized was out there.  It's quite interesting, actually.

Finally, if you STILL don't believe me, go to your doctor and request a nutritional consult with a Dietician.  Make sure that Dietician is at the PhD level and is able to discuss detailed statistical anaylsis of food effects in weight loss, more specifically grapefruits effects on weight loss.   Make sure they are able to provide you with statistical results of at least Univeristy level studies on this very subject.  Then, review those studies (in conjunction with the dietician, if you need to) and come to a conclusion.

When you do that, then ummmm, I'd be willing to talk this over with you on a more detailed level.  Until then, have a nice day and enjoy eating your grapefruit because they ARE good and good for you.

UMMMM...Just wanted to let you know that I have been drinking ACV 3 times per day for exactly one month now (since April 25, 2009)and so far I've lost 15 lbs...I DO NOTHING AS FAR AS EXCERSIZING GOES, and i eat the same as I always have.  Besides "that time of the month" I lose 1/2lb to 1lb PER DAY...and still losing!!!!  So, ACV is working for me.  Hope my post helps anyone else out there who may be wondering if it works or doesn't work  :).  Really, there aren't enough...if any at all...studies done on it to "prove" it to work.  The only way you'll know is if you try it, besides, it has so many other health benefits (the organic one does, with the "mother" in it), so what do you have to lose...besides weight ;).  I've heard of people just drinking the store brand (like Heinz) and they, too, have lost like 20, 30 lbs in a month...just wanted to get my "experience" out there to help someone else.  After the 3rd day, I started losing..and the first 2 weeks I lost 8 lbs.

Having a tablespoon of vinegar with your meal, perhaps drizzled on your salad, may temper the spike in blood sugar (a.k.a. glucose) that occurs after eating a big, carbohydrate-rich meal. This sugar surge is a problem particularly for people with diabetes, who can’t clear glucose effectively; over time, excess glucose in the blood damages tissues. (For the rest of us, a steep rise in glucose triggers an equally rapid drop—which stokes appetite.) But in a 2005 study published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, consuming about 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar along with a bagel and fruit juice slashed the postmeal rise in glucose in half. It also resulted in subjects eating 200 to 275 fewer calories through the day. "The acid in vinegar may inhibit the digestion of the starch, so the starch is rendered into something like fiber, which can’t be digested well," says Carol Johnston, Ph.D., R.D., professor and chair of the department of nutrition at Arizona State University. Drizzle a tablespoon of vinegar on your salad.

B.C.C. (Before CC), I decided to try it. I knew nothing about it except the following statement that I had heard somewhere "ACV can help you lose weight". So I got myself some, poured a BIG spoonful and drank it straight.

After the painful burning began to subside, I decided to do a little bit of research. One thing I found is that it can permanently damage the esophagus when taken the way I did :/

Fortunately there was no permanent damage but I'm thankful it left a bad taste in my mouth both literally and figuratively.

Congrats to those who've lost weight using it but imo it's just another fad- yet another attempt at quick easy weight loss that doesn't involve a change in one's lifestyle that is most likely the reason they have weight to lose in the first place (I'm not pointing fingers at anyone but myself)

Original Post by scrltbgnia9:

I wouldn't say that Grapefruit AIDS actually weight loss BUT...

It takes the body burns more calories digesting the fruit then are actually in the fruit itself.

Plus its yummy and filling =)

 Untrue.  There is NO food that consumes more calories being digested, then in the food itself.  I can't believe anyone falls for this nonsense!!!

I've heard that celery has "negative calories". But that could be completely untrue.

Unpasteurized apple cider vinegar and unpasteurized wild flower bee honey.

Hey all Im no scientist or phd all I can give is my Personal opinion on ACV.... I Have been taking it for about 3 mos now (2tbs in 8oz water 1xaday) To try to help lower my cholesterol , mine is high and I have been on meds for 2 yrs ,highest dose allowed. last blood test showed it did raise my hdl and slightly lowered my ldl .But did not really lose any weight personally. However 2 weeks after starting it my hubby was looking at me...and said "Are you using something different on your face<like makeup or cream>"  I said no why? he said your face looks younger and not as puffy under the eyes.!!! And i to noticed the same thing along with my hair is shinier, nails arent as brittle ,skin feels not as rough. So I will continue to take it  it does seem to make me feel better all the way around! Here is a link I read that helped me decide wether or not to take it. But to each his own.  Hope this helps.


I've read a lot online that a little vinegar with your meal can prevent your sugar from spiking right after you eat and curb the need to eat more . . .

If you're using it in a healthier salad dressing you make at home that includes extra virgin olive oil and that replaces an unhealthy salad oil, I say yes.

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