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I'm asking because I've decided that this is whats best for me.. At first i was going to do it everyday but then i decided that I needed at least 1 day break.. Maybe eventually I'll end up working out only 5 days, but for now, in my mind, i have to work at least 6 days..... in the past ive tried the 3, 4 day a week working out but after taking the 2 days off i wouldnt get back to it.. so for now i ahve to be strict with myself.. but anyways.. just looking for a work out buddy... not to actually work out with but to keep each other company in this journal.. rather its my emails or posting on here.  feel free to message me... either that or we can exchange phone numbers??? let me kno...

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Doing something active daily is a good idea, but rest is also important, so it just depends on how vigorously you work out, and if you mix it up (mixing it up is good).

You might want to edit your post and remove your email address - you're pretty much asking for spam by posting it.

I am doing five days a week but making sure that I don't take more than one day off at a time, cause I understand what you mean...if I take more than one day off, it is hard to get back into the routine.

Coincidentally I asked my BodyWorks instructor last night "how much is too much?" She said that I was in her step class the night before and now this class, she knows that I do hip hop class on Thursdays and I told her I wanted to do BodyWorks again on Friday and then Pilates on Saturday. She suggested that I take Wednesdays and Sundays off. She said if I "insist" on doing something in the gym everyday, to at least keep it light on my "off days", she suggested no more that 20 minutes on the treadmill......

She also to make sure that with that schedule I am getting enough to eat :-)




I agree. 6 days is best for me for the most part too. 7 I get too rundown, and 5 I start to slip into bad habits. (Like those 2 days will be totally lazy and I'll be stuffing my face haha). For some reason when I don't work out, I actually eat worse/more. Its like I take a break from my good eating habits as well as my exercising! But 6 days this doesn't happen as much, only 5 or less.

 I walk 3-4 miles a day after work, for my leisure. I don't skip days, I do it 7 days a week. I think of it as my treat after work to destress myself. I sometimes do my wii fit, or other wii related exercise games as a real workout, and on Thursday nights, I go rollerblading with friends of mine. If I skip a day, or two for that matter, I get out of my habit and get lazy.

I also work out six days a week, but my workouts vary between days.

My schedule:

Sunday - rest; Monday - run 3.5 miles, kickboxing for an hour; Tuesday - 45 min cycling; Wednesday - run 3.5 miles, abs workout 30 min, 5 min on rowing machine; Thursday - 45 min cycling; Friday - run 3.5 miles, butt workout 30 min, 5 min on rowing machine; Saturday - run 3.5 miles


It changes a bit if I go on a hike on the weekend, and in that case, I don't run on Saturday.  I find this is a great schedule for me because it keeps me active and I have some days (Tues/Thurs) that I do a little less intensity than the others, and then I get a rest day on Sunday.

thanx guys for replying to my post.. i see im not the only one who has to do it 6 days a week... keep up the good work!!!

I try to be "active" every day (7) of the week.  But I don't "work-out" intensively as many people do on this site.  About 15 minutes of calisthenics each day, and I aim for 10,000 steps a day (I have a pedometer).  I occasionally go to Curves (in addition to my regular activities), but usually 1-3 times a week is all.

I prefer to do something relatively light consistently every day to finding more time sporadically to do something more vigorous.  Because for me, anything that becomes a habit is more likely to happen than something that I have to schedule (and takes more time).  Also, my goal is simply to be a little healthier, not to become an elite athlete (or a model).

so true dkc... i think that if it becomes a habit than u wont stick with that... with me, i get up in the morning and i work out before work.. im trying to make it apart of my regular day.... like part of my schedule.... i use those "walking away the pounds" video.. my mom has lost alot of weight using them.. she even adds leg weights to them.. but anyways... on thursdays i go to the gym and hit the tred mill ( well at least i did today).....    the 10,000 steps a day is a good idea.. i need to start using my pedometer!!!

Ditto dk

I try to be conscious of my "steps". I no longer use my pedo but I'm better at estimating now. I do 8 Minutes in the Morning, currently. I generally do dumbbell/bodyweight workouts daily. I feel it keeps my metabolism up. I HATE cardio, so walking more habitually does it for me. I occasionally use my elliptical for HIIT also.

I'm maintaining now, so I'm focusing on exercise that I enjoy and want to do basically for pleasure/leisure.

I do training rides 5 days a week, and commute on my bike the other two. The commute is only 5 miles each way so I don't really count it as a work out. I keep planning on hitting the gym or at least lift weights on those two days. Never quite happens. lol.


i usually run 5 miles a day for 6 days a week

always more than 4 days but never 7. 6 mostly



I work out 7 days a week, I usually walk on all my breaks and my lunch, here at work. Then when I get home I do the stairs up and down, down up 1 down up 2 and so on, I do those 40x's when I've done my first 10 I run a lap around my apt complex. Then when I get done with the steps I do aerobics on TV, I use the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders workout (skinny bitc***) anyway,  my husband doesn't like me working out 7 days a week. He say's "you need to give your body a rest"!! and your not eating nothing, so your not burning nothin!! you can't drive a car on just oil, you have to put gas in it!! I eat!! maybe not enough for him, but I eat.  It's just that when I don't workout I feel lazy.  My knees hurt a little but I don't care!

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