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Weight Loss
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Anyone use the Gazelle?

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Has anyone used the Gazelle and had successful weight loss??? I was skeptical about the amount of calories it says that I burn an hour but perhaps I am being to critical
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I'm currently using one but I don't use the read outs. It makes it imposable for me to enjoy my work out. I got it because it is small and affordable. So as far as the read outs go I can't tell you whether they are accurate...

I've been doing 30 mins a day for about 2 months with a change of diet and I've been consistantly losing weight every week, about 20 lbs in all. And people are noticing the change, for example I was told my butt looked smaller.

I'm sure it not the best equitment on the market and can't tell you wether you would get the same results, but in my case its working. 

This is great, thank you. I find that I get bored with exercise after awhile so I just try to keep things elliptical got boring, so did the bike so I wanted to put the Gazelle into rotation with jogging outside since its getting nicer out.

I really appreacite the answer you gave as I think I will go and pick one up tomorrow. I am so excited to start something new and something that should work well.

Best of luck to you and congrats on the weight loss, that is so awesome for you!!

What's gazelle?
Do you get it at drug stores?

I would like more information. Thanks!

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I have been using it for almost two months six days a week at an hour a day. I have lost 13 pounds and for me thats great cause I have a thyroid problem. I like the fact that I can do it while watching something good on tv so the time goes by quickly. I don't worry about what is says in fact I have taken that part off.
Original Post by blackout:

What's gazelle?
Do you get it at drug stores?

I would like more information. Thanks!

The Gazelle is an exercise machine by Tony Little reminiscent of a cross country ski machine or elliptical. You can find it at many department stores / online.

Let me tell ya lol I bought a Gazelle in January and it was the best thing I have ever bought!!! I absolutly love it.  I do it for 35-45 minutes and its a good workout! Best $100 i have ever spent. Without it I dont think i would be losing weight like i am. Some nights i get out of work at 5:30 get to the gym at 6 work out for an hour, drive home now its 7:30...have to make dinner, eat , do the dishes now its 8:30 and its like omg where did my night go? On these nights its nice to come home at 5:30 get my dinner going. Jump on the Gazelle. Watch some tv while doing it. And be done with everything by 7.  Nice to change the exercise you do once in awhile too.


Thanks so much for info, This helps A LOT as I have been stuggling to get back into exercise.  I am picking mine up this afternoon - lol
Original Post by prdrmewf:
 I don't worry about what is says in fact I have taken that part off.

 Me too :)

kk-I LOVE the Gazelle and I am about to go back on track with more excercise, ONLY with my Gazelle. I love love love it!

Ive used it for 10 years straight, switching from model to model- I lost all my baby weight *80 pds* with the first gazelle model (called "airwalker" back in 97), and I have not been overweight (nor heavy dieting) ever since. Laughing

When I turned 30 I became really depressed and gained weight, all the way to nearly 160 pds (I am only 5'2)Yell....guess what took it off? Gazelle. It was the only machine I felt like using- I lost the weight in 4 months of cutting back A BIT of calories, and doing 30 minutes 5 days a week. This was back in 2004- Its 2008 and the heaviest I've been is 118. No dieting, just Gazelle and a bit of common sense during the weekdays. Wine? Chocolates? Whopper Jrs? Absolutely! Most all the time, just watching not to overdo it. Tongue out

I recommend it 100 per cent! HOWEVER: You are correct: Don't assume or trust the calorie panel on the Gazelle; just assume a 3 calorie per minute burn if you are already skinny and 6 calories per minute if you are heavier.

Just sharing what's worked for me,


Original Post by kkothlow:

Has anyone used the Gazelle and had successful weight loss??? I was skeptical about the amount of calories it says that I burn an hour but perhaps I am being to critical

I failed to ask my doctor before buying ours.  If you've got a deteriorating disc problem like I have, don't use this.  I had such back pain, I couldn't 'move' about - however, it is unique to those who don't have strong backs, or with disc problems as I do.

We gave ours away because my husband who's 72, also found he had difficulty with his lower spinal area after using, so follow the directions; any doubts, check with your doctor first, since ours cost us $480 (including shipping).

OMG, I so love mine, but have had it stowed away while I paint my "craft" room where I plan to set it up.  I can't wait to get it out now, you've got me thinking about it.

I also have degenertive disc disease and both my doc and physical therapist thought it was a great excercise for me.  Guess it all depends on which disc's are effected.  Definatly a good idea to check with your doc before trying any new work out.

Well, I bought the Gazelle about 8 Months ago and it worked wonders! Using this as my ONLY source of cardio and a sensible diet, I've lost 100 lbs!

That being said, I have gotten very bored with the Gazelle recently, so I suggest that you have other activities too (like circuit training or jogging outside).

It was more than worth the $80.00 I spent on it!

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In 2005,  my ex bought me a gazelle, that is before he was my ex..   anyhow to make a long story short, it works on muscles that need working..   I would chug along on it for almost 40 minutes every night ,  I keep my weight off and got tons of compliments on how in shape I was.. I would alter the exercise on it.  would step back onthe pad and pull the handles down , it was like climbing a hill.

 I had not done the gazelle in quite some time but started again 3 weeks ago and love it..    nothing to worry about because its low impact, on legs and back,  I had back surgery from a very bad car accident and with this equipment I never worry... 


Enjoy it!!!!!!!!!

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almost forgot ,, if you put it in a room where you can see outside or watch tv.. its great cause time just flies by
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