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Weight Loss
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Anyone trying to lose those last few pounds - come join me!

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To anyone who is in the process of losing the last  few is it going? Just wanna start a support system and see how others are doing with this! If there are any special methods you're using, please share! =)

I'm currently trying to lose 3-5 pounds after losing about 10 since February. CC says I burn 2000-2100 a day, and recommends that I eat about 1500 to get to my goal (June 20).

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Hi icat!

I am in the same boat...I have 3-5ish pounds that I would like to get off.  I do not really diet. I am celiac so I eat relatively healthy to begin with- no glutens and I eat very limited refined sugars.  I have a lot of trouble with getting the motivation to make it to the gym! 

Congrats on the 10lbs!

Hey mbct, thanks for joining me!

Yeah, it can be such a drag to go to the gym, especially if you're worn-out, I agree! Do you know how many calories you eat on a daily basis?


Loosing those last 5 lbs has been so tough for me too! I also recently lost about 10 lbs and i've hit a plateau for the past few months and have not been able to get over it! I keep hovering at my current weight (114-117) and I would really like to get down to 112!  I really dont like going to the gym but I've upped my cardio workouts and I try to be active on the weekends too. 

The hardest part is eating good on weekends! Anything I lose during the week I gain right back on the weekends because I dont work out and I eat so much. 

Hi all,

I would love to join you.  I too have lost 10lbs at first quite easily but the last 5lbs or so have been difficult.  I've been at a plauteau for about 5 weeks or more. I work out about 4-5 days a week but the scale is not changing too much.

NYC: I agree, the weekends are tough!  I barely keep track of by calories because sometimes it's just to hard to figure it out.

Here's to the last 5lbs! I'm going to start interval training in hopes that it will break the plateau.  I will let you know how it goes.



Interval training sounds like an awesome way to maybe break that plateau, especially if you've been doing the same kind of cardio exercise for awhile now. Good luck!

By the way, how many calories do you all eat at the moment?

Hello everyone,

I'd like to join, too.  I just have 6 more pounds to go.  I started last spring at 160 and am at 134 now.  I have a foot injury that is keeping me from exercising, so it is all diet for me.   I had my metabolism tested after the injury, and luckily I have a very fast metablism, so my burn rate is around 1850.  I am eating somewhere around 1500 cals/ day.   :) 

Thanks for starting this thread. 

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Hi ya

icat- I actually dont count calories. I tried it before and it just didnt work for me. I became half obsessed and would totally cheat and pretend I didnt.  haha  My guess would be about 1300ish.  A typical day for me would be fruit for breakfast (or a homemade smoothie), either a chicken wrap or a salad or soup for lunch, i snack all afternoon on cheese, sunrype fruit bars, fruit and raw cashews, almonds and brazil nuts and ususally a  meat and veggie dinner.

I eat when Im hurngy.  Since I cant really eat any carbs I am hungry very often - haha but I eat lots of fruits and things with no refined sugars. 

I am 27 - 5'3ish and weigh 117. I am used to hovering around 110 but since switching bc pills and getting a little more courageous with my gluten free diet, have  reached 117...which I totally wouldnt have a problem with if my pants still fit me! 

Im looking to get rid of this muffin top and get back to my normal weight.  Like nyc, I really do not enjoy the gym.  I do walk/hike a lot - but live in eastern canada where the weather isnt too reliable :)  I need help in making me go to the gym and feeling better. I always feel better after a good work out...its just the going to the gym part that gets me :)


I take in about 1350-1500 calories per day but then there are those days (weekend) where I will have about 1800 calories but it never shows on the scale either way.  

mbct: Welcome my fellow Canadian. I'm in Toronto and it's rainy today.Undecided 

I would like to join as well.  I have about 5 lbs. to loose.  My eat meter says to consume 1200 calories to loose the weight, but I am too hungry with so few.  I usually end up eating around 1300 -1400.  I do not count calories on the week-ends, it's just too hard :)

Exercise? I hate that!  I am finding it very hard to find the energy or motivation after getting home from work and before cooking dinner.  I have been trying to ride my stationary bike (that gets really boring) or go for a walk, but I am in Ontario, Canada and we all know it's cold here in the winter.  (and raining the last 2 days)

Hi Violetorchids, welcome to the group!  I also find that 1200 calories was just too low for me so I think that the calories you're eating sounds like a good amount.

Is there any activity you like to do?  An option is to buy some ankle and wrist weights and wear them while you walk around the house doing things like cleaning and cooking. I dunno, just throwing out ideas.

I bet though that starting to exercise regularly will make a big difference. It hated the gym at first, but then I really thought about it; what's worth more - comfort or the body you want? I hear you though, it's tough at first to get the motivation, but then you start to enjoy it more when you see the results. It is really worth the work. =)

Thank-you for the support and suggestions!  I think I will get some arm and leg weights, what a good idea.  I quit smoking 2 weeks ago and do notice a difference with ability to breath better while riding the bike or walking. 

Is just 15 minutes on the bike going to make a difference or am I just kidding myself?  I am also trying to do some strengh training at home along with some yoga.  We will see.

violetorchids - Congrats on quitting smoking! =)

It's great that you're now doing yoga/strength training. I have a feeling that only 15 mins on the bike, however, is hardly enough cardio to make any difference. Try increasing your speed or ride over hills and definitely add time! At least 30 minutes 4-5x a week is what I would begin with.

I need to jump on this.  Today has been a pretty bad day calorie wise. I ate a whole pizza! It was the Kashi no cheese pizza at least... but still 660 cals for the whole thing! 

Tomorrow = another day.  NOT EaTING ANYMORE TONIGHT!

I like the attitude ;)

Wow, I ate so many tortillas chips yesterday that I went waaay over maintenance.  But I'm back to clean eating today.  Thank go.

I'm going to eat clean today too :) My weight went down... so that's a huge movitation to keep it up!

Hi all! i'd love to join...i recently lost 10lbs (i am a shortie so it was the most difficult last three months - yes, thats how long it took.) I have 4 pounds before i reach my "vanity goal". I recently purchased a 12lb weighted vest from wal-mart and LOVE IT!! i put in on when walking on the treadmill and when i do housework. It is pretty comfortable and has definately increased my burn and hopefully will break this plateau i have been on. i think my problem is that i am soooo close to goal AND a gym rat (workout 5-6 times a week) so these last few pounds are going to take time. One piece of advice - DRINK UP!!...H2O that is..i found it has made a big difference in my weight lost.

hey mutoko78 -

Wow we're very similar! I actually lost 10 lbs since Thanksgiving b/c of upping my calories. I'm trying to lose about 3-4 "vanity lbs" too. And I'm a 5 foot gym rat lol! :P My weight loss kinda halted about a month ago (it was always on and off though...until something happened like i got sick or upped my cals). I've been eating anywhere from 1300 to 1800 a day...trial and error like...and its been so hard...I hear ya. :P Now I just don't know how many to eat! And it's not like I have time before summer hits....I'm praying though. :)

hey icat_7 --

congrats on your weightloss!! that is fantastic!..especially at our height, lol!! i upped my calories this past week to an average of 1465 but am "cylcling" different everyday. I am going to try this for a couple weeks and see if if it nudges me down. Did you see an increase of weight when you first upped you calories? that's what i'm scared of...but i know in the long run it will be easier for me when i get to maintenance. best of luck to you!! please keep us posted!

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