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Anyone try the 2-week Atkins diet?

Jul 29 2008 13:34
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I've been trying to look for an already written and commented on thread on this, but couldn't find one. So I decided to start one. (Sorry if there is a thread on this somewhere and this is just a repeat.)

Anyway, I've been reading up on the Atkins diet, more specifically the 2-week induction thing. I was just wondering if anyone has tried it and if it works and how it relates to CC. Thanks everyone.

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Hey. I've been doing Atkins/low carb for a couple years now.

What I did was count carbs and calories. However, it's really not a huge deal. You can eat more cals on Atkins (as you know) so it makes up for the carbs, in my opinion. I find that Atkins Carb Counter is more accurate with carb amounts and CC is more accurate for calories. So, try the websites if you want to keep track. :) 20 carbs a day isn't hard at all when you get used to it.

And yes! Atkins works like a charm. I'm living proof lol. (check out my profile if you want)

It might be hard for carb-lovers, but if you're like me and you don't care much for most of it, it's fine!

Good luck! Remember to eat lots and lots of green for carbs lol. (there's kinda a lack of fiber on Atkins tends to um.."slow" digestion. so the more vegges you can get without going over your limit, the better)
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Atkins is cool - I enjoy it since I can eat more than if I did high carb low fat. Once you get past the 1st 2 weeks - it is a piece of cake.

Yes, really does work.  Several women in my family have done atkins.  But, they all gained the weight back, almost immediately upon returning to a carb-filled life.   I was able to maintain my weight loss for a much longer time, by slowly returning to carbs.

In any event, I now know low-fat does not work as well, as limiting your carb intake.  Atkins is pretty severe in this respect.  Unrefined/unprocessed carbs work best.  Pure Atkins does not allow enough fruit or veggies for me, but limiting carbs is surely a good idea for life-long habit.

And, no any and all protein is not a good idea.  All must be approached with moderation.  Picking lean protein is again a good idea for life-long habit.

Do induction, you will lose weight, but becareful when you return to the carb-life.


Atkins work, my brother did it but he said his energy level dropped and felt like crap after a while. Then there's the part where you start to reek. You don't need Atkins to loose weight, limiting your calories and having a 500 calorie deficit every day, will have you loosing a pound a week. 2 slices of bread and you have easily used up your 20g of carbs. Your body needs complex carbs like fruits, veggies, and whole grains. I tried Atkins for not even a day, it didn't work for me, it's not something I could stick to and it ended up making me sick the rest of the day. I wouldn't recommend it, but it's your choice.

Edited to say: There are no quick fixes and no easy ways for loosing weight, think of it as a life style change. If you can't stick to it the rest of your life, don't do it.

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I did the 2 week diet and lost a ton of weight - but I didn't understand anything about calories at that time so of course I gained it all back straight away afterwards.

The problem with a lot of those diets is they have an extreme start to get you to lose a lot very fast, but then don't really teach you about balance or calories afterwards.  People either do the start diet then figure that's all they needed to lose and go back to their previous lifestyle, gaining it all back and more, or they try to STAY on the start diet, keeping themselves nutritionally unbalanced and other problems start to crop up.

I have no problem will limiting refined carbs to help with weight loss, but I really hated the idea that in the first 2 weeks of atkins, you couldn't have ANY fruit, and no milk.

If you need a jump start with your weight loss, go ahead an try it, but be very careful when you come off the 2 weeks - if you add carbs in too fast, you'll just end up gaining it back.  Keep your calorie counting going as well so you don't undo all your efforts.

Good luck!

Jul 30 2008 00:26
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Thanks everyone. Sounds like it has good results. I bought tons of veggies, chicken breast, lean pork and hamburger steaks. Tomorrow will be my official first day. It's going to be hard because I love carbs. Wish me luck.

I've been counting calories, making sure I have a 500 deficit every day, but haven't lost anything. I honestly don't know what the problem is. That's why I think the Atkins might be for me.

Another final question - anyone have an opinion on taking Hydroxycut while on the Atkins?


yeah atkins works if you want to increase your risk of dieing of heart disease.  My father did that diet and died of sever heart disease at the age of 55.  If you want some good info on the diet,  go here atus-of-the-atkins-diet-2008.htm


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Hydroxycut can be really dangerous - I know it works for some people but there have others who have died due to heart attacks from it.  It works by increasing your heart rate drastically which increases your metabolism, but increases the risk of heart-related problems.

Before you make a decision, I'd really recommend doing your research - find as much info, good and bad about both atkins and hydroxycut.

I tried the atkins diet back in March and did the induction phase with my friend. I was at a plateau at the time and thought it would be decent to try. While it was good for mixing things up after strictly counting calories for six months (cheese, steak, mayo, all things I hadn't been eating) I found it torturous to have to weigh vegetables and control my intake of them. I'm also a bit obsessed with fruit and had a real hard time without it. I had terrible headaches and felt like crap. I had terrible workouts where I was exhausted, my mouth tasted like metal and I literally didn't want to eat anything after the first few days. People did say I looked a little thinner, but honestly, I only dropped like 2 pounds and they really didn't stay gone. It was difficult for me to learn all the carbs and things and look them up when I already knew calories, and I was afraid that I would gain more weight once I started eating carbs again. I didn't love it obviously, but my friend did. She despises fruit and vegetables, so it worked for her. She lost close to ten pounds in induction, but she did get sick. She took a few days off from school even. 

So, really, its not a particularly healthy or unhealthy option and although it does work if you do it correctly, its just about what you can handle restricting. 

Last week I started something like the Atkins diet.  So far I've lost 5 pounds...but I'm feeling heavier and think I actually look a bit heavier.  I've done some research on low carb high protein diets and some researchers say the initial weight loss in these types of diets is water (since carbs hold onto water).  Anyone have thoughts on this?

Also, little side note...does anyone know why nutritionists recommend losing up to only 1-2 per week?  ...Other than they believe if one were to lose weight faster they may gain it back fast?

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Atkins is not for everyone! I love veggies and meat and mayo, and cheese. Fruit makes me sleepy and I only miss bread during the holidays. Sweets are my downfall but I found cottage cheese and SF jello are great together.

If you like fruit and bread then the South Beach would be more your style. You introduce a piece of bread or starch and a fruit everyday after the 1st 2 weeks.

I am continuing to stay on induction until I lose a reasonable amount of weight. The medication I take for my anxiety is causing my weight loss to be very slow but I cannot live without it.

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