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Weight Loss
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Anyone tried weight loss pills?

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I started taking Jillian Michaels detox and cleanse + fat burner 14 day system today...Anyone tried this or any other weight loss supplements?  It's supposed to be all natural...Hope it works a little...

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I've never used the Jillian Michaels pills but I've tried other pills in the past.  Either they didn't work, totally wigged me out or I gained weight back or plateaued as soon as I stopped taking them even though I maintained the proper diet and exercise.

On the other hand, I've done a different cleanse in the past where I lost weight, gained 1 or two pounds back a few days after getting off the cleanse but then went back to losing weight steadily with diet and exercise. 

I know this doesn't really answer your question.  Ultimately though, I think you'll be fine as long as you're using the supplements along with diet and exercise and not in place of diet and exercise.

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