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Anyone tried the Metabolic Repair Manual by Leigh Peele?

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I started using a program called the Metabolic Repair Manual by Leigh Peele.  Has anyone else used this program?  If so, how was it?  I am trying to get my calories up to a healthy level without gaining a lot of weight.  Hopefully, this will in turn get me back to losing fat safely, healthy and permenantly.

She also has an ebook called The Fat Loss Troubleshoot.  Anyone used that program.


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I have not used it but you can get all of your questions answered at http://forums.jpfitness.com/

Leigh is often there answering questions.  And nearly everyone there is familiar with her program.  I have not read her books but she is one smart cookie on the board. 

Leigh is very no-nonsense so if you have questions make sure they are clearly stated and be patient for an answer. 

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