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Has Anyone Tried the" Idiot Proof Diet?"

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Has anyone here tried the "Idiot Proof Diet" found Online?
I have been on it about a week and am interested to know if anyone knows if this is a healthy diet...what kind of results have others had?
Thank you for helping.
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I thought that's what CC was.
I'm Polish.  No such thing as "idiot proof" for me.

No offense other Pollocks.

I didn't get all the way through it, but I have strong reservations against using any program that shocks your body into burning fat by changing your eating habits.  What happens when your body adjusts to the new eating habits? 

The part where it suggests changing WHAT you're eating sounds viable, of course.

My guess is that it could help you lose ten pounds, but not much more than that.  Does the program provide any assistance with maintaining your weight once you've reached your goal?  If not, I'd have second thoughts.

sarah - there is a "maintenance"  schedule after the diet is over. Basically, you do the diet for 11 days and then have 3 days off - you can go for as many cycles as you want. When you are done, there is the maintenance period.
Hmmm ... well, since no one else is really biting on this one, I have a feeling that no one else has tried it, yet! Why don't you give it a shot and see if it's something you can do?
Thanks sarah - I have been on it for a week and have lost 7lbs...I'll keep going. I was just hoping to find out if others have tried it and found it to be healthy.

I like how they say lowering calories is starving yourself, then the example they give is going from 2500 to 1000.

The site layout and over excited tone makes it just look like all those other diet sites trying to make money, and yep you have to pay to download. Anyway no offense kiwiviv, if it's working for you that's great :) - I'm just curious with what they call calorie shifting, is it like zig zagging? (varying the amount of calories you eat each day), because the comment about the metabolism not knowing when food is coming sounds similar to that....or is it something else, like eating more cals in the morning, then more in the evening the next day etc..?

Calorie Count Plus's mission is to promote healthy and sustainable weight management, and this site recommends a weight loss of 1-2 pounds per week. I note that the diet in question claims people can lose 9 pounds in 11 days -- which is not a healthy weight loss (and is most likely water in large part.)

=^..^= MOLLY

vicereine - the number of calories changes each day, and the types of calories also. It is designed to keep your body from going into starvation mode - so your metabolism keeps working...at least it has for me.
mollymouser - I totally appreciate CC's mission and I am working in tandem right now with the Idiot Diet (being an idiot myself!) I am watching what I eat through all the helps here and learning how my body works, the good foods to eat, how much exercise to do...etc. The "Idiot Diet" gives one a good "jump start" and has made me excited to work hard at this. I like the discipline of a diet program working alongside the many helps found at CC. I definitely will be looking to go into a "maintain" mode of 1-2 pounds per week as you have said. Thanks
Thank you to everyone who commented here - I appreciate all your advice. I'm off to bed after a ton of gardening today. I will catch any more comments in the morning.
Blessings to you all - kiwiviv
Hmmm... it seems rather 'rah-rah' to me, and that automatically makes me suspicious... and there's no such thing as 'different types of calories'! To your body, a calorie is a calorie is a calorie. All food gets broken down into the same basic building blocks when you digest it - your body doesn't say 'this is a carrot, this is good, that's a piece of chocolate cake, oh bad better save up extra fat from that.'
Thanks kajikit - by different types of calories, I mean that the diet shifts the food groups - proteins, fats, carbs - they are all used and shifted around to stop your body from feeling starved.

I did it for about 2 weeks, I did lose like 9 pounds or something like that but then gained it all back because I could not do the "vegetable phase" because I hate vegetables.

The diet is mainly about tricking your body and you can also do this by zig zagging your calories.

kiwiviv, if it works for you that's great.  I googled the diet yesterday and read several reviews the most thoughtful of which concluded it is a decent plan as long as you stick with it.  The problem arises when you go off the diet, even for the 3 recommended days.  If it helps you lose weight and get motivated to follow a healthier eating plan in future that will be great.  I understand how motiviating quick results can be.  Just be careful to transition into a sustainable eating plan ASAP.

Good luck,


I don't want to knock anyone else's diet plan but for me, the secret to losing weight is: There is no secret.

Day 1: Eat less a little (not too much) less. Move a little (not too much) more.

Day 2: Repeat.

And so on.

It's not complicated. It's just hard.

Thank you lilborykuamami, stayonpiste, and southcarolinaguy for your comments...I agree with you all - this diet does work if you stick to it...but should only be used as a motivational tool to get started. I am well aware that this is not a "lifestyle" diet and that long-term sensible eating (not a strong suit for me, I'm afraid) is required. I am VERY happy with this site and all the tools that help to monitor what I eat and my activities during the day.



Thanks again for all your comments. 

Just wanted to respond to Kajikit's comment that "All food gets broken down into the same basic building blocks when you digest it - your body doesn't say 'this is a carrot, this is good, that's a piece of chocolate cake, oh bad better save up extra fat from that.'"

NO, that's wrong. Yes the body breaks down all food be it "good" for us or "bad" for us.BUT it does not break down all food into the same building blocks as you said! Carbs are for energy and protein is broken down and used to build and repair muscle.

I don't buy into " a calorie is a calorie". If you want to lose weight you can't think a "calorie is a calorie" you should be more aware that where those calories come from have a direct impact on not only how your body looks but also on how you feel. The foods(calories) you eat will play a major role in protein build up and hormonal regulation so if a calorie is just a calorie why do you think it is that people should avoid processed foods and carbs if they want to lose weight? It's so they can avoid a insulin (fat storing) response.

Why do you think it is that people who are serious about looking in great shape eat protein rich foods and back off the carbs? It's because protein is important in muscle maintainance and building and carbs make you hold on to a lot of water and unused carbs easily become fat stores. But hey if you want to think you'll get great results eating cake (so long as it's in your caloric budget) because a calorie is going to be broken down the same way for cake as it is for tuna then by all means go for it.

Kiwiviv the "Idiot proof diet" (if done right) will induce a mild ketosis and cause fat loss.
It's true simple carbs (such as those found in chocolate cake) can cause an insulin reaction is because they are processed so quickly by the body. Now if you take that chocolate cake and have it as dessert after a meal that is full of fiber, complex carbs, and protein, you will likely not see an extreme insulin reaction because the body will digest that meal as a whole, not as individual components, so the fibers, proteins etc. found in the meal will tend to slow down digestion enough so the blood sugar levels won't peak like they will if you eat the chocolate cake as an afternoon snack.
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