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So I heard about this vitamin CLA and was just wondering if anyone has taken it and if you have had any results ...I'm not looking for it to make me lose weight, Just help me along the way :-)  i realize nothing is going to make me lose the weight but me but I did hear good things about CLA on you tube so was just wondering what everyone thought?-Tiffany

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Save your money

I've taken it, didn't really notice much of a difference.

I noticed more from cinnamon, cayenne and green tea plus of course eating healthy

Mar 11 2011 02:42
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I haven't tried it, but the studies I looked at showed about 5% higher weight loss in the best case, which is for someone starting out obese. So in my case, instead of losing 50 lbs in 6 months I could have lost 53 lbs. Not a big deal. Probably not even measurable on a loss of 10 lbs, or starting out from a normal weight.

It seems to work better on lab rats than it does on people.

I have been using CLA (vegetarian capsules from Healthspan) for 2 weeks along with exercising 4 times a week HIIT training and Kettlebell Weight training along with a Paleo diet.  I have been doing this fitness diet regime for several months and although my weight/inches have been steadily coming down nothing prepared me for the CLA.  In the two weeks I have lost HALF a dress size.  I only discovered CLA as it was an ingredient in my protein shake and looking into the research thought I would try the capsules.  I have now purchased safflower oil (high content of CLA) for salads etc.

I take CLA with my meals & its in my Reflex Diet Protein Shake which I have for recovery after a workout.

After having a baby, being in my mid 30's, hormonal changes etc its nice that nature is lending us women a helping hand and thats CLA.

Highly recommend it.

Hope this helps.  xXx

Lost about 12 pounds a month with it along with the other changes fore mentioned. I've been at it for 2 months so about a 25 pound loss.
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