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Weight Loss
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Has anyone tried Apidexin?

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Hello everyone

I am looking to loose weight and have been doing so at a fairly slow rate of one or two pounds per month.  I consider myself to be a fairly healty eater, being vegitarian and eating mostly veggies and fruits.  However, I am looking for something that will help me loose a bit more to go along with my cutting back on calories and excorcising.  I have never tried a diet pill before, and am very sceptical about them.  However, Apidexin seems to have fairly good reviews. 

I am wondering if anyone has tried this or knows much about it.  I am mainly concerned on whether it is safe and if it actually makes you loose fat (rather than water, etc.).  Any information would be wondeful!

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You are right to be skeptical about diet pills, as they are almost 100% scams.  Prescription weight loss medication may be fine, and Alli has been FDA approved after being a prescription medication for over the counter sale.  As far as I know, there are no "diet pills", prescription or otherwise, that do not come with nasty side effects.  Over the counter stuff, and especially at $50 per bottle, is not worth it.


Save your money, eat healthy, and exercise. 

They also say "with proper diet and exercise".  Why spend money on them for something you already know how to do.  You've already got your tools for weight loss right here.  And, where are their fairly good results coming from; their own hype, or the FDA? 

the ingredients seem to have caffeine in a few forms, as well as the appetite suppresant : "gugglesterones".

It may help you lose as long as you ALWAYS take it.  Stop paying them the 50 bucks and you'll gain weight fast and furious.

I've tried lots of fads and diet pills throughout my life, only to gain stuff back.

Using CC, I have lost a significant amount of weight safely and cheaply. 

Those diet pills affect your liver, and that is irreplaceable.



Thanks for all of your replies!

The reviews came from independant sites, but, as was pointed out, nothing from the FDA.  I guess I'll just have to settle back into my "slow but steady" routine.

Try Alli. Orlistat is the sam  thing and can be prescribed by DR.  GOOD LUCK!

Original Post by pchanmisao:

Thanks for all of your replies!

The reviews came from independant sites, but, as was pointed out, nothing from the FDA.  I guess I'll just have to settle back into my "slow but steady" routine.

These "independent" sites are probably hoping you'll click the link in their review to get to the site, as they probably get paid per click or per sale.

I take Apidexin,  Let me tell you a little about my day and you'll see why at the end of this post  and this is a day without Dr appts etc..

5:00 am UP and cooking Hubbys meals for the day

6:00 am Get daughter up and cook her breakfast before school

7:30 am take daughter to school

8:00 Go to grandmothers ( 91 yo ) house to care for her for the day

8:15 cook her breakfast and clean up

9:00 Bath her

10:00 clean her room and change bedding

11:00 sweep, mop and vaccum rest of her home

Noon: Fix and feed her Lunch

12:45 clean up from Lunch

1:30 Run daily errands for her pay bills, grocery shop, Pick RX, etc...

3:00 Return home and get hubby up for work (he works 3rd)

3:30 Fix hubby breakfast and send him off to work

4:00 get daughter off school bus and cook her supper

5:00 Back to grandmothers to fix and feed her supper and clean up

6:00 back home to do my house work and pick up after dogs in the yard

8:00 Get daughters things ready for school in the AM along with packing her Lunch and checking homework.

9:00 Get daughter bathed and ready for bed

10:00 FINALLY time to squeeze in Cardio

OK I outlined my day to say this, I do take apidexin but NOT for the weight loss claim I take for the extra boost of energy so that I will even feel like exercising when I get time.

I know that my diet of "clean" foods and exercise will be the reason I lose the weight but the extra energy boost is needed on some days

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