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Is anyone successfully losing while eating lean cuisine/smartones for lunch?

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Like many people here I work a busy full time job and b/c I usually have 20 minutes to eat lunch I tend to go for a lean cuisine or a smartones. I always keep my calories between 1300-1400 a day during the week (I alway myself about 1700 on weekends). I know that these pre-packaged meals are high in sodium.. but I never add additional salt and I usually succeed in keeping my daily sodium intake under 2500mg.  I also drink about 3 liters of water a day. I am having a hard time losing even though I am eating low calories and working out 5 days a week for an hour and a half each day (cardio and weights). I am trying to figure out why I am not losing and I thought I should explore the possibility that eating these meals daily may not be condusive to losing weight??? Anyone having a similar problem? 
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for lunch a lot of time I don't have time to cook a grand meal so i'll eat the lean cuisine or a lean pocket and it seems to be working fine for me.  I don't know how to explain the stop in weight loss but i hope u find ur answer sorry i could help.........good luck :)
I love 'em and use them on occasion.  However, I turned my boyfriend onto them around mid may, and just by replacing 75% of his lunches and dinners with them (he manages a restaurant and used to eat TERRIBLY), he's gone from 231 to 214 (he's 6'1") since May 26!  Thats the only thing major thing he's changed.  Though he only eats the pepperoni pizzas and mac and cheese dinners, lol.  I know they are high in sodium, but anything is better than what he was eating.
I'd like to know too..I'm eating Lean Cuisine sphagetti and meat sauce right now as a matter of fact lol.  I'm big on prepared meals only cause I find it too time consuming to cook and I'm not great at it...sad I know.
Right now my kids are with their grandparents, so it's just me and DH and we can't be bothered to cook anything special for dinner, so I've gotten into a rut of having one of these meals for my dinner, while he has one of those Indian pouch meals from Trader Joe's over fresh rice. But I stay away from Lean Cuisine because of the sodium - I do think it causes water retention and temporarily masks the weight loss. Lately I have been eating the Kashi brand meals, they aren't quite as tasty though!

I always add two servings of veggies to round out the meal. For example I'll slice up a tomato and also have leftover steamed veggies. So half my plate is fresh veggies and the other half is the prepared meal.

I'm kinda sick of them now so tonight I'm getting off my lazy butt and making a simple shrimp stir-fry instead. :-)
I started out on those just so I could get my mind used to smaller portions and  it worked and even for a while i would stick regular food into the little containers for some reason this helped me stick to my eating plans daily now i just eat what i want and make sure its within my cals range . I lost weight on them still even though as mentioned they are high in sodium.
Consider slowing down your workouts - like if you are regularly at 85% heart rate in your cardio, try a week or two at 60%. Go for the same amount of time, just SLOW DOWN.

Sounds backwards, but that's what my trainer told me and it worked for me.  

Also make sure that you get enough sleep and R&R - maybe even add a rest day or a really light workout day in place of a real workout. Give your body a chance to get organized.
I've lost 9 pounds in about 5-6 weeks so far with Michelina's as a staple in my diet.  I don't exercise (still too self-conscious), but I eat 1200-1300 calories a day.  I usually eat two Michelina's in a day, one for lunch and another for dinner! 

I know there are healthier ways... but not easier ones.  They're only $1 at my local grocery store and make it super easy to track my intake information. 

To combat the processed food excessive sodium, I usually drink atleast 16 cups of water a day (yeah, I don't know, it's filling up my water bottle 4 times).
I posted under a different headline a week ago w/out mentioning that I eat a lot of lean cuisines and was asking for reasons why I was not losing weight although it seemed as though I was doing all the right things. It came down to a lot of people saying that I am in starvation mode and that I should eat more (which frightens me) or workout less.. So I chose the latter. I no longer walk 3 miles in the morning like I used to, I just stick to my boxing class 4-5 days a week and lifting light weights. However, I responded to someone elses post today.. similar body type as mine who is having great success eating similar to me and working about maybe more.. and she suggested that I try running in the morning!! So I don't know....
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I wouldnt recommend eating any of those frozen foods like lean cuisine or anything like it because they all have tons of sodium which is bad for you and ive heard it makes it harder to lose weight too.
I've used these, and used them last year when on my quest to lose 50 pounds. (And yes, I lost the weight.) I just had a Lean Cuisine for lunch, in fact. I've been successful at keeping the weight off, too.

Yes, they are high in sodium, some meals higher than others, but I still manage to keep my sodium content below 2500 on days I eat them.

Just like most anything, these can easily fit into one's food if one plans for them.
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I have exactly your same problem.  I work out 5 - 6 times a week instructing cardio kickboxing, step aerobics and do my own strength training regimen so that should be more that enough physical activity.  I was only eating the lean cuisines and subway at lunch.  The only thing I can think is the high sodium content (and perhaps hormones in the chicken) was making me retain water.  I went on a week long boat trip with parents and only ate chicken breast, fish, and other home cooked foods with minimal salt.  When I got home I saw that I had lost 6 pounds.  I then bought a big pack of boneless, skinless, chicken breast with minimal processing and no hormones.  I marinated them and cooked the whole batch on the Foreman grill and have them as wraps, sandwiches on whole wheat, or on mixed greens with balsamic dressing.  This strategy seems to be working so far, I lost 3 pounds in a week - hope I can keep it up!
Athena- That is basically the way that I am looking at it. If I know I am going to each a lean cuisine for lunch (which is most days) and I take is easy on the sodium in my other meals and snacks. Additionally I choose the meals with the least amount of sodium.
Tonymack- that is very intersting.. Good for you. Well if I don't start seeing result soon then I am going to have to make a change and it sounds like what you are doing is a good option!
I eat one almost every day and I've lost 75 pounds.  I agree you've got to be careful with the sodium, but your situation sounds to me like a regular old frustrating plateau.  There are lots of great suggestions in the forums about breaking a plateau.  Patience is your number one ally here.  I know it's hard but plateaus don't last forever.

Good luck!  You're doing great!
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if you're trying to lose weight you're probably eating too many calories (especially the 1700 on the weekends), i would think with your exercise routine and your eating habits now that you're probably just maintaining your weight.  I lost my final 15 lbs by cutting down to about 1200-1400 every DAY,  AND most importantly eating smaller meals every 2-3 hours (meals that are about 300-400 calories for breakfast, lunch and dinner, then fruits and veggies as mid meals, even yogurt...100 calorie pre made snacks are a great snack for the afternoon or late night. and yes i do have lean cusines and weight watcher frozen meals, but i also include a veggie only salad with strict small does of dressing for lunch and dinner could be the same if i need something quick and fast but with steamed veggies from the microwave that take up 1/2 my plate.  Also, i hired a personal trainer which mixed up my routine on weights and cardio...i've actually cut back on my cardio to only 30 minutes of HIGH intense interval cardio from 60 minutes 3 times a week and i do a different weight routine 3 x week for my whole body.  the older you get the tougher it is and when you're near your goal weight or the weight that is considered "normal", even a blip of cheating will cause the scale not to move.  Now that i'm at my goal weight i have a diet that is similar to your write up and i'm happy with maintaining.
You may try doing some shorter, more intense workouts...it sounds like you spend a lot of time working out, with no "results". I don't know what your workouts include, but if it's aerobics, try doing high intensity for a shorter amount of time, if you run, try adding sprints into the workout...these will boost your metabolism. Try doing something new, change up your routine in some drastic way and you just might be able to break through the plateau.
Hi all...I am new here and I am eating lean cuisines also! Hopefully I won't have to stop. I wondered if anyone could point me in the right direction for a question I have. I wanted to see a breakdown of where my calories should be distributed (fat, carbs, protein, etc.) Can anyone help??

I personally hate the taste of Lean Cuisines or any frozen dinner for that matter and end up adding way more salt to give it some taste!  

A few years back I was about 30 lbs over weight and decided to get on a diet and lose weight.  I am a big eater, but decided that I would do the slim fast diet. 

All I did was replace my breakfast with a slim fast (I used the powder form and added about 3 cups of ice and a small about 1/2 cup of non-fat milk making it taste like a smoothie).  When I wasn't in the mood for a slim fast, I replaced it with a slice of whole grain toast and a large glass of non fat milk (about 10 oz).

For lunch I would eat whatever I wanted, except that I cut the portion in half of what I would normally eat.  I also incorporated drinking a gallon of water throughout the day.  If I got hungry in between meals, I would eat either celery sticks, baby carrots, an orange, necterine or a low fat yogurt (I guess any fruit or veggie of choice).

For dinner I would eat two large chicken breast halves and a whole bag  (1lb) of frozen veggies(cauliflower, brocolli and carrots).  I guess you can prepare them any way you like, but my favorite was to add lemon and garlic salt and fry them in olive oil, yes fry them baking takes too long for me). 

I would jog/walk 25-30 mins 5 times a week.  I had two boys at the time and would take them on a double stoller.  Well at the end of about 3 months, I had lost 28 lbs!  My body was a lot tighter and I had a ton of energy.  I slowly started back to eating other things for dinner, but I guess as long as you keep it healthy you won't gain the weight back.  The best thing was that all this healthy eating made me stay away from chips, ice cream and sodas.  Just make sure you are always full and never let yourself go hungry.  That's when you are most likely to over indulge in junk food.
Yes you can,

Try the spa cuisines

they are lower in sodium, and have more whole grains and veggies.  The squash ravioli one is SOOOOO good
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Another good option for me are the SOUTH BEACH wraps! You can keep 'em in the fridge & it takes less than 2 mins to prepare (and that includes warming them in the microwave if you like-which I prefer)... They are YUMMY and all for around 200-300 calories!

They are REALLY GOOD!!!

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