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anyone had success with blood type diet

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i'm just wondering if anyone had lost any weight on blood type diet? my boss from my previous work lost almost 50 lbs in 4 months this way... not counting cals just eating products suitable for his blood type...

thanks for all replies
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not sure about that, but most of the people on here have had astounding success with this diet:

http://www.calorie-count.com/forums/post/1223 0.html

yeah, it's not glamourous, and it takes committment and planning, but, it's healthy, and it works.
I lost 13.5 pounds in the last month & a week doing cal orie counting.

I've never had any other diet work like this... with this kind of consistency.

Counting calories is the way to go.
tried it when the book first came out.  It didn't work.  I wish I had all the money I've spent on books about fad diets over the years!

edited to add:  This is what has worked for me

Mayo Clinic Strategies for Success
I used this strategy years before and not only lost weight but was extremely healthy too.  I have just started to integrate this diet again as well as counting calories and trying to exercise.  I did this diet more for the health benefits than weight back then and lost weight as a bonus from following the diet.  I think that is why so many people may loose weight from eating protein only (atkins) as I think type o blood is carnivorous - being the most popular blood type this would make some sense.  I pay attention to the way my insides feel and I definately feel better following the "eat right for your blood type". I have less cramps & pms, I am more regular and have more energy.
Most reviews I've read of the blood type diet indicate that it's based on faulty research and science.  Here is a sample:  http://www.weightlossresources.co.uk/diet/blo od_group_diet.htm

And there are plenty of vegan websites that really have things to say about a diet that instructs people that they have to eat dairy or meat products because of their blood type.
my doctor told me that it was just another fad diet, and not to bother with it.  So I didn't and I joined this site and lost all my weight by calorie counting :)  thanks doc

Well, I tried it when I started to feel sick a few years ago. It seemed like everything that I ate was against me. And somebody told me about the diet. The things that I was eating that were healthy that were making me sick were lots of oranges, wheat, and tomatoes. Things like that. But, since I am A, I guess those things are bad for me because of low stomach acid or something. 

Anyways, I did it and it really worked for me. I felt extremely healthy and no longer had problems with lethargy.

I don't agree with the evolutionary thing. I think it's bogus. But, the diet itself worked for me. Plus, the cons against it are things like not getting enough protein. But, you get plenty of protein. A's can eat chicken, tofu, soy products, duck and lamb. Plus, there are other carbs out there than wheat like rice, egg noodles, gluten free breads. 

I went off it, because it felt too strict for me and it's hard to do when family members are different blood types, but I'm starting it again to lose some weight and feel healthy. Plus, my husband is extremely fit, so I'm not going to worry about it for him.

I'm not saying it's for everybody, I don't know, but it definitely worked for me.

I am going to try this for a month, and see how it goes. While I do think weight loss is mainly about calories in/calories out, the actual food you eat matters a lot. HOW you lose weight is just as important as the actual loss.

I lost weight before by "just" counting calories, and exercising. I was 14, and even though, calorie-wise, I followed the rules-meaning I lost it gradually, between 3 and 6 lbs per month, eating between 1200-1600 calories per day, I really did not bother at all about learning proper nutrition. And 8 months later, and 37 lbs lighter, I ended up with severe anemia, gastric hyperacidity, and a few months later, at just 16, got diagnosed with IBS(Irritable Bowel Syndrome).

I went from have a perfect dygestive system, and being to eat anything I wanted, to having to avoid some of my favorite foods, like milk, sour cream, and all forms of alcohol(I wasn't an alcoholic, or anything, but one glass of red wine per week, with Sunday dinner was nice). I cannot drink milk without getting horrible gas/bloating. And while I was on my "diet" I had half a cup of milk in my coffee every morning, and felt as light as a feather.

And actually, now, at almost 24, it's gotten better than I had it at 16-18, when it got so bad I'd have prolonged constipation for days, complete with hemorrhoids and what not, or phases of serious random gas, so bad, that I ended up missing my first hour of classes almost every day for the past two years of high school, because I could not leave my apartment until I made sure my bowels were emptied properly. And of course, my classmates and teachers thought I was just skipping classes out of laziness, and I was way too embarassed to tell anyone what the real issue was...and all this because I followed a diet "by ear" without seeing a nutritionist or getting informed at all(back then I didn't have internet access, either).

Basically I decided to eat mainly cold food, like sandwiches, some low-fat yoghurt, with maybe 2 pieces of fruit per day, which meant that I got nearly 0 nutrition..white bread was a staple, since I would normally eat 4-5 slices per day, and needless to say, I was in a permanent stae of semi-hunger, but I told myself "no pain, no gain". My thoughts were basically "if I'm in pain, it must be working". I had no idea that if I ate just lean steak with fresh veggie or broiled veggie salads, and more low-fat dsairy, I could've lost weight much faster and without so much agony.

The result was, yes, most people were amazed at how "thinner" I look, and prettier, but those close to me also saw the dark around my eyes, and the fact that I looked really miserable and had really low energy. The reason behind it being because the nutrition-less diet not only affected my red cell count, but also worsened an already-existing depression to the point that I became suicidal and completely interiorized. Needless to say, I maintained my weight for about 1 year before I started to get back to my old habits, and in 3 years after weight loss, went back t6o my initial weight.

Moral of the story:eat what makes you FEEL good inside, and don't listen to anyone but your own body.

Personally, I tried the low GI diet before, and lost 15 lbs in one month, with no extra exercise or counting calories-which everybody said would be impossible. Now I realize it was probably because the GI diet also cut out a lot of the foods that my blood type diet recommends cutting out, like all wheat products, or corn.

And since I don't really like chicken much, anyway(which I'm supposed to avoid, according to the blood type diet) I ate mostly lean pork, beef and fish for lunch, with a side-dish of steamed vegetables, had omelets for breakfast and some yoghurt and fruit for dinner. In between meals, I snacked or raw almonds and apples.

Blood type is bull. Your metabolism, how you process foods, actually has NOTHING to do with blood type. The reason people lose eating protein isn't because it's their blood type, it's because PROTEIN IS NOT STORED AS FAT. And if you don't eat carbs, your body goes into ketosis and you burn fat for energy. So no **** you lose weight. You don't lose it because of blood type, you lose it because of biochemistry, no matter who you are.
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i'm just wondering if anyone had lost any weight on blood type diet? my boss from my previous work lost almost 50 lbs in 4 months this way... not counting cals just eating products suitable for his blood type...

thanks for all replies

I did, but in the end found it too restrictive to maintain. The diet for type O is basically paleo, and while I can easily give up bread and even pasta, I am not giving up my beans.

I'm a lot happier.

Any low calorie diet will work in the short term. The problem is sticking with it long term. Most diets are based on crap science. The only reason most work is that they are low calorie. The low carb diets work a little bit differently, but they are basically low calorie too.
after hearing thats what victoria's secret supermodel used/still uses to get her body back after having her son, i looked it up. i have recently found that my body reacts well to low carbs/high fat/high protein in terms of weight loss, energy, and overall health. oddly enough, my blood type "O" was said to need a low carb diet high in protein and low in dairy (dont really follow that last bit). this was probably coincidental as O is the most common blood type and carbs are the downfall of most people. but striking none the less. all the diets listed seem healthy enough, and mrs. kerr surely prescribed to it if that means anything, lol. she is arguably the fittest yet healthiest angel on the runway!
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