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anyone 5'4" 125-135 with pics?

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does anyone who is 5'4" weigh between 125-135 have any pictures up? my goal weight is 135 but i'm considering going to 125, but i'm not sure exactly what they look like.

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I just looked at your profile. I'm 5'4" and 144 too. I would also like to see pics of women at 135 :)
I'm 130, goal weight of 125 so it's right in the middle for you. If I can get a good picture I'll put it up.
I'm 5'4, started at 141 and now I'm at 137lbs. I should try to find a more recent pic to put up, although I usually pick clothes that cleverly disguise my size..ha ha.  I'm looking for 130lbs too, because I'm wanting to gain muscle. If you add me as a friend you can see some pics of me from Dec. 2005 ("college christmas banquet" in black dress with white stripe), which was about 132lbs.  It's dark, but maybe it will help? PM me if you want!
yeah i'm wondering what 125lb at 5'3 looks like b/c i'm at 135 and i definitely still have some excess fat, although i don't have a hell of a lot of muscle so my weight would probably look better on someone who does
kiwistarfruit: I feel the same as you...although there's no way I'm putting up my "before" pictures on here! That's why I think that even being at 135lbs would be ok if I was more toned.  Hopefully soon I will get there and then maybe post some!
Oops, yeah I'm 5'4" I forgot to mention that.
i would like to see this too...

i haven't put any pics up yet, i am 5'4" and 130 (Down from 143)...i was originally hoping to get down to 120 but i guess i will see what 125 looks like.
well, sounds like we all have similar goals and similar heights so that's comforting =)

give us the pictures people!! hehe...
I had always heard that you're "supposed" to be (or a guideline) 100lbs for the first 5ft and then 5lbs for every inch up. That would make us 5'4ians (ha) at 120lbs.  I thought about this, and after asking a lot of people what they weigh, that seems awfully low.  Maybe if you had NO muscle, but we want to lose weight to show MUSCLE, right? (everybody strike a 'gung-ho'-like pose here.) I've talked to a lot of people smaller than 5'4 who are at least 120, if not more.  These aren't body builders either, just "fit" people. Anyway, my overall goal is 125, but for now I'm aiming for 130 and seeing some muscle!
any of the rest of you newbies getting addicted to this website or am i the only dork? I have too much free time on my hands right now (see profile), my boyfriend is starting to get jealous of my time spent on here... lol... i guess that's sad, but lol anyway
*strikes gung-ho pose* yay for fit and toned and feminine! not scrawny and waifish
Hello! I am 5'4" and 126 lbs currently. Here is the most recent picture of me  http://img46.imageshack.us/img46/6636/7106561 1fo4.jpg  But also keep in mind everyone has different body types depending on how much muscle they have, etc. Hope that helps!
Oh and sorry it's not a really good body shot, but it's all I had.

u look great! have u always been that size or just recently got there?

and kewi-

u are not alone. i'm on cc all day at work! i just love it, it gives me comfort in knowing that i am not alone on this journey. i wish cc was a place we could all go to when we reach out goal weights!
Thank you! Up until about 3 years ago I was always 115-120. I started putting on weight and I hit 145 at my highest. Then in this past year I have been able to get back down to where I am now by eating better and exercising more.
Hi everyone!!

I'm 5'4", and have an after pic up of me at 120lbs.. :)

Sarah you're gorgeeeeeousss!!
well i like u there. just looking at your arms on down, u look healthy and slim. i think i'll shoot for 128. i wish you had more pictures!!! lol. thanks, i'll add you as a friend.

what did you do to get down from 145?
I am 5'4" and 119 right now. I fluctuate.
I'm 5' 3.5'' and 120~125lbs but I don't really look fit like the pics above.. D:

-Sad Lemon Jello
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