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Weight Loss
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Is anyone over 65 & trying to lose?

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Seems eveyone on here is young.  Of course it's easier to lose weight when your young.  I'm finding it impossible to lose weight after age 60.  I'm 65 next month and I lost 1 gain 2; lose 2 gain 1 and it goes on like that for the last 5 years.  If your over 60 please let me know if it's possible to lose after age 60 and keep it off.
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Hi Saneug I'm 60 I know it is possible to keep weight off, but one must be more vigialnt and consistant than when we were younger. I feel like you lately, up one lb. down two and vice versa. At this age, I think a snug pair of jeans or a tape measure are better tools than a scale, which I have found to be depressing. I am taking it one meal at a time and if I "fall off the health wagon", I get right back on again at the next meal. I am having a difficult time staying consistent and bought myself a weight loss affirmataion C.D and the book "Chicken Soup for the Dieter's Soul" to add some levity to this battle of the bulge! I am learning how to natigate this website so be patient and be gentle with yourself and take it one meal at a time. Good luck!
Hi tiamama,  thanks for taking the time to tell me that.  I have been doing so so on this web site.  I have gone from 1550 calories and each day tried a little harder down to today at 1150.  So maybe I;ll get there.  But once the grandkids come out to stay a night or two or 3, it'll be tough.  They eat ice cream, cookies, popcorn, stuff like that and I can't stand it.  I have to have some too.  Boo hoo hoo!!  But they don't come that often so guess I'll survive.  One thing for sure, it doesn't seem so bad if you got someone with you.  Shall we advance to the next level together?  Ha.
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Hi Saneug, Yes let's be health buddies! I hate to think of myself on a diet, it's a healthy way of eating for life! You can have goodies when the grandkids visit, just not as much as you want! Just a ittle so you won't feel deprived. I love the individual mini Dove ice cream bars, only 60 calories and you get the Dove bar taste. I just love the individual servings of things like: cheese fish crackers, sugar free jello pudding in capuccino, doule chocolate, dulce de leche flavors.. Now with the summer, there are the Dole 100% fruit popscicles that have less than 100 caloires. Just keep at it buddy, one meal at a time and pray for self control when the grandkids visit! Do get the book I recommended, it is so heartwarming, I am loving the read. Good luck and hang in there Saneug!
Hi Saneug,I am over 60(62)and need a lot of help starting on a weight loss program.I started one month ago & have lost 8 lbs. so far. I love to swim so I joined our local YMCA & try to swim 2x a week.I have sveral health problems so am trying to get healthier.I am a retired nurse & have taken care of others all my life so it is now time to take care of me. My grandkids live out of stae but come every 2 months so I know its challenging to snack with them. I use sugar free popsicles& skinny cows(ice cream sandwiches) for snacks. I also like string cheese which I count on my program.I also like sugar free jello & have a lot of different recipes.

I would also like to be your health buddy.Please feel free to call on me for support anytime.

Keep on trying 1 lb at a time .Don't concentrate  too much on your big goal but make small ones. I am trying to do 10 lbs. at a time .So far so good. You can do it!!!!!

Your buddy,Needaboost10
Hi Tiamama and Marymiller6!  Oh boy, now there's 3 of us in our 60s trying to lose weight.  I hope we can keep in touch so we can keep losing.  Marymiller6, you lost 8 lbs.  Boy, how's you do it?  Swimming?  Sunday will be my 1st complete week I've been doing this.  I haven't weighted since.  I hope it shows I've lost.  I will weigh tomorrow moring.  Gulp!  I can't stand sugar free stuff.  Yucky.  I tried and tried to like it but I can't go that route.  I have narrowed my sugar in my coffee in themornings from 3 teaspoons to 1 teas.  I call that a victory.  ha. 
Jul 20 2007 02:11
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Well, I'm only 54 but it's still a challenge.  Your metabolism keeps dropping as you get older, cutting into what you'd like to eat.  All I can say is watch the portions, and keep moving.  30 minutes a day walking to start, as fast as you can.  And yes having the grandkids around tends to derail things for me too, with all that high carb stuff close at hand, but this is a long term project.  I total up the exercise, calories eaten and weight lost at the end of a week; and try not to focus on each day by itself.  Hope this helps a little.
Hi to all of you!  I'm so glad to see there are people here my age!!  I'm 62 and yes, it is harder to lose now than at any other time in my life.  I lost 26 pounds about 2 years ago and have managed to maintain the loss, but know I need to lose at least 20 more . I've had some joint/arthritis problems that have kept me from exercising like I had been and I think that is the problem.  What worked for me in the past was lots of fruits and vegetables, lean protein, some good fat (like olive oil), cutting out the processed carbs and getting in a minimum of 3 hours of aerobic exercise a week.  I'd love to have your support in getting refocused. 
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Hi Saneug and all the rest of you lovely go -for- the- healthy- life older gals! I just love reading your posts and am encouraged. I did really well at a party the other day and that is a victory. I am evolving, one meal at a time and that's how I see it. Make a good choice and pray the next opportunity to eat is a healthy one. I hate feeling out of control with my food, but it happens and the best thing I can do is immediatly forgive myself if I blow it. Keep up the good work, don't get discouraged, this is a life time commitment. We can do it!

I enjoyed these posts about losing weight over 65.  I'll be 65 in 2 weeks and I have stabilized at about 20 lbs more than I weighed as recently as 3 years ago.  I was working out regularly and then stopped.  Well I gained the weight and now it seems like it is there for good.  I'm watching what I eat and working out more but the weight goes down slightly and then right back up to my current weight.  It's a real challenge!

I'm 57 and working on this also, but I try to go to Jazzercise when I can and believe it or not, most of the women there are between mid 50's and up.  I was shocked!  You might want to check it out.  I hate exercise, but love Jazzercise.  Now, if I can just get there.....

I had lost 17lbs, but have put 4 back on and for some reason I cannot get motivated again.  I look at my weight log and wonder how the heck did I do that?

You have to just keep on trying though.  If you give up?  Well, we all know what happens then  Good luck everyone!

Well if anyone can give me advice It would be great,  I always weight 120,  and now I am 60 and I am at 147,  It seems I can't lose no matter what I do,  I lose two pounds gain three.  I have been on many diffrent diets,  and I exercise,  according to all the diets I should be losing weight,  it isn't happing.  Not sure why,  and I try to eat healthy.  If anyone has advise,  bring it on.

I'll be 72 next month.  I quit smoking in March of this year and before the 20 lbs. I needed to lose became 40 I joined Weight Watchers for the second time (I became a lifetime member 25 years ago and age and laziness brought back 20 of those lost pounds) this past May.  I have lost the 20 and  reached my goal weight in early November.  It certainly took longer to lose than when I was younger but the weight did come off.

The only advice I can give you is that this has to become a permanent lifestyle change.  Yes, you can cheat once in awhile (key words once in awhile) but you need to be constantly vigilant about what you put in your mouth.  My mantra has been "you can't have it both ways."  I absolutely cannot eat the way I did before the weight came off (being a long time vegetarian I suffered from carb overload) and maintain my goal weight.  I figure if I can quit smoking after more than 50 years (oy) I can do this too.  When I'm tempted to over indulge I ask myself if it's worth it and usually my answer is no.

Some type of exercise is crucial too.  At 72 I certainly can't run marathons or exercise myself into oblivion but I've been successful using Leslie Sansone's Walk at Home exercise CDs (available at Amazon).  

So, the answer is yes, you can succeed at any age.  It just depends on how badly one wants it.

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Physiologically fact:

Weight loss over 60 is DIFFERENT from weight loss under 60, and VERY different from weight loss under 50. If you aren't over 60 yet, you'll see, UNLESS:

You have never been athletic, in which case, increased activity will have good results.

I have run MORE than the equivalent of 4 times around planet Earth, in intense training for decades, following grueling and strict routines with Nike Texas and other outfits. I have trained many athletes to maximize genetic potential. There is NO cookie-cutter approach to fitness and weight loss. A trained distance runner can gain weight running 80 miles a week without an unreasonable food intake. I know this. Similarly, an overweight couch potato can drag his/her butt 8 times around the track and lose weight. (Not enough, of course!)

So hope you weren't in great shape at one time. Effort will work. The good part of HAVING BEEN in shape is that you can handle the habits, and you start at a weight and fitness level that is better than most. But good luck losing anything after 60. Just sayin'

Jun 10 2015 12:53
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Coming up on 8 years since I posted on this thread...

I'm still down 45 lbs from where I started in early 2007, but for the past year I've been focused on increasing muscle mass. Weight loss doesn't come exclusively from fat, and a combination of age and calorie restriction left me with less muscle especially in the shoulders. A year ago I had rotator cuff surgery to repair damage which was exacerbated by that muscle loss.

So I'm turning back to the same exercise routines as high school. Weight work for the shoulders and arms, and biking for transportation. Walking has replaced running. I've gained 5 lbs from where I was in 2007, but the regain is not fat. This takes a considerable amount of time - typically 3 hours a day. Weight loss past 60 is difficult, regaining lost muscle mass even more so. 

Recently I became aware of the importance of thigh musculature to cardiovascular health:

As you age, your thighs are where a lot of muscle mass is lost. In youth skinny thighs are a good thing, but they are not a good thing when you get old. Besides the biking I've added squats to keep my thigh circumference up to the desirable 22-24" range.

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