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Anyone lost weight SPINNING?

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Hi there,

I've been really committed to losing weight for just over four weeks now, and flaky about it since Feb. In these past four weeks I saw the scale go down 2lbs in the first, and then stasis and gain up until today I'm 0.5 over my start weight. GOLLY is that depressing. I'm 24, F, currently 137 lbs., trying to get around 120. Sticking to a good amount of daily cals (not too high, not too low, varied), and here's my question:

Have any of you lost weight with spinning classes? This is my primary source of burned calories and I love doing it and it FEELS like a great workout, but what's up with not seeing the numbers drop? Should I reassess and consider abandoning it for say, running or elliptical (classes go into a 4 wk summer recess soon so I'll have to find an alternative for that time anyway, but should I ditch it altogether?) Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks so much.
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When I was losing weight (i'm maintaining now) I ran and did the elliptical and interval training and stuff. When my weight loss stalled I started doing spinning and busted through it and lost the last bit of weight. Now I do all of three and it keeps me from getting bored. I'm 5'9 22 years old and I weigh 133
I adore spinning - so much so that I bought a spin bike for home. The one thing about spinning is that if you're taking an hour class you're burning somewhere up around 600 calories. I'd just make sure that you're careful to eat enough AND ... it might be good for you to try varying it a bit. When I was spinning 4-5 days a week and not losing I spoke with a trainer at the gym who suggested cutting back a bit and doing 2 days spin and 2 days other cardio equipment (I'm limited to biking or maybe stairmaster thanks to a bumm ankle).

I would definatley not give up spinning but rather cut back on the classses and add another exercise - maybe running/walking/strength training etc. it will help shock your system!

Good luck!
I love spinning! I just started adding it into my cardio routine about a month ago, and I'm addicted. But I don't over do it- I only do 1-2 classes a week. I mix it with running and elliptical along with toning classes.

I asked the trainer how many calories you burn in one class, and she said beginners will burn more because after a while of doing it, your body is used to the workout. So she suggested I do it only a few times a week. Also she said many people think they burn 1000 calories or more because it feels like such a great workout they let themselves eat more. So just make sure you eat the same, and vary your workouts. But if you like it, I don't think you should stop altogether.

Good luck!  
Would someone please explain to me what the heck "spinning" is?! 

Rachel, it's an imaginary bike trip. You visualize taking your bike up mountains or around a hilly landscape while sweating your buns off on the exercise bicycle.

I hear it's REALLY intense, physically.
dnealis - its a beast of a workout so you are probably replacing some of your fat with muscle...i wouldn't give it up altogether,  but maybe mix in some running and elliptical to keep your muscles guessing...
My trainer told me the same thing, gabriellesca.  I was doing 5-6 days of spinning.  Once I cut it back to 2-3 days of spinning and 2 days of running or cross training (when I'm injured and can't run), the scale started to drop again.  The other thing is to measure your heart rate and make sure you're not working TOO intensely, which I know sounds counterintuitive.  Any time your heart reat goes over your aerobic threshold you switch from burning fat to burning sugar stored in your muscles.  When you stick the the lower "zones" only spiking it up occasionally during the course of the workout, your body burns more fat during the workout and you train it to burn more fat when you're at rest too.  The spin classes at my gym are taught this way (primarily Zone 3 interval classes). 
Thanks everybody. Another question, is spinning Interval training, cardio, strength or all? I just can't figure out how to classify it.
Thanks H, for the explanation!

Thanks guys. That is really helpful. I do like 4-5 times spinning classes a week. Now, I will consider cutting it back to 2-3 times. I feel like my body doesn't get tired as it used to be.
Another question, is spinning Interval training, cardio, strength or all?

Truthfully, I think it IS all, and that is why I love it so much!!!

When I have really heavy resistance on, it's better than any weight machine.  We certainly "jump" a lot in my class, so that is definitely interval training, and as for cardio... wow!  My heart just races!!!!

So while that doesn't help you classify it (LOL) it did make me smile just thinking about going to class tomorrow!!

And... I think everyone should take a spin class before weighing in.  I can change 2-3 pounds in sweat!! ;D
All of it is necessary if you really want to be healthy.  Interval training burns fat/calories most efficiently.  Endurance training (lower intensity cardio) increases fat burning when you're at rest and makes your heart healthier.  Strength training is BY FAR the most important of the three--it burns calories while you do it, makes your body look better, and increases your muscle mass so that you burn more fat doing nothing at all.  Believe me, do all of them and you'll get the best results.  Personally, per week, I do 3-4 high intensity interval days, 1-2 endurance days, and 4 days of weight training.  :)
Strength training is most important? Really? Is the strength training I get in spinning enough? Apart from the usual beating on the lower body we do a pilates type arm workout and abs. I'm guessing no, but every lb of muscle burns only about 10 more calories per day than fat. I'm not looking to bulk up, just TRIM fat. Is spinning and jogging/walking enough for this with some light calisthenics like push-ups, wall sits, bicycle crunches, etc?
It certainly won't have the same effect as actually lifting weights.  Lifting weights will not bulk most women up--it takes A LOT more than just lifting a few times a week to do that.  I lift HARD with a personal trainer 4x a week, and I am definitely not bulky.  I have nice lean muscle.  I'm sure some people on here will disagree with me, but I truly do believe strength training is most important.  Losing fat through cardio won't look good if you don't tone it up.  Plus, with cardio, you burn while you're working out, but it doesn't really affect what you burn at rest--and let's face it, we spend 95% of our time doing very little.  Plus, it increases oxygen and makes your bones stronger too.
I did spinning classes last year and loved it.  I didn't lose weight though... but I wasn't watching what I ate either.  I did feel a lot better after the workouts.  I may start going to a spinning class once this semester starts  (my gym membership doesn't work in the summer)   ... I haven't decided to do spinning or just run, though...  I'm not sure which is more effective 
Chelle--do BOTH.  They work different muscles and the body differently.  Maybe do spinning 2 days a week and run the other two :)
runner_girl, what strength exercises to you suggest for a beginner? I don't have the money for a personal trainer and am very self conscious about going into the weight room since I'm not really sure what to do and I'm not ripped, I end up feeling like a total fish out of water. I already spin and do lunges and plies and some side leg lifts, and do crunches and bicycle crunches everyday so I think lower body is covered but as for shoulders/arms/chest I'm kind of at a loss. Oh, also, what about hip area/outer thigh/saddlebags?
This is a great program for beginners:

http://exercise.about.com/cs/exbeginners/a/be gstrength1.htm

Lunges and plies and leg lifts aren't really "weight lifting" so you may want to consider adding actual lifting exercises if you want to see the full benefits.  I find that using the machines in the gym is often the easiest way to go for beginners.  Also, DO NOT let the people in the free weights intimidate you.  They're nice, and most of them will be happy to help you with exercises.  I know I always am.

runner girl,  was told not to lift more than twice a week because it bulks you..im aiming for a defined slim look. wanting a six pack andslim muscly arms but not over the top and not to the extent when im looking like a bodybuilder what do you advise?

iv sarted doing spinning twice a week and i swim half a mile every morning do you think this is going to help me lose weight???

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