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anyone who lost over 100 pounds? Extra skin worries...

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So far I have lost 40 pounds but my goal is 100 if not a little more. I am wondering about how bad loose skin gets when you have lost that much. I've seen these surgery shows where people spend over $10,000 for a body lift to get rid of extra skin after gastric bypass and things like that. That definitely would not be an option for me. Does anyone have ideas on natural ways to try to tighten it up along the way?
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I've lost 102 lbs so far and have not had a problem with extra skin I'm young (21 yrs) and I exercise to tighten it up as I lose..............those are the basics it's gonna depend on your age..........if ur younger skin bounces back more easily and it you exercise and how much.  Ab workout will help tighten around the stomach GOOD LUCK with the rest of your weight loss:)
Aug 04 2007 13:41
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I've read so many stretch mark threads that say that if you're young, your skin should be okay, and, while that may be true for the majority of people, it makes me want to punch a hole in the wall.

When I was 13, my highest recorded weight was 226 (and that was after a week of strict dieting, so I'm guessing I was over 230). I was (and am) 5'6 and have an extremely small frame (and no breasts to speak of :( ). I had been a fat kid my whole life (well, since I was 3, according to the pictures), and I'd finally had enough.

Through not the most healthy diet (i.e., I pretty much tried to eat as little as possible), I lost about 80 lbs in 9 months. I was also excercising, but not lifting weights. I was around 160 through high school (still fat, but not freakishly so), and then I lost weight when I went to college. Came home, gained weight. Went back to school, lost weight. Moved to Chicago, lost. Moved back home, gained. Etc. See a pattern?

I now live in New York, eat pretty damn healthily (but not perfectly, by any means), and walk everywhere. I weigh 116 (yesterday, it was 115, damn it!). I've kept the bulk of the weight (not going above the 140s) for over 10 years. So, that's about 115 lbs, give or take.

My point? I have stretch marks on my stomach, back, and under arms. They don't really bother me because I've had the for so long. HOWEVER, I also have excess skin on my stomach, underarms, and probably a little on my back and thighs (it's hard to tell). I was THIRTEEN when I lost most of the weight. This did not help me.

Nobody ever talked about excess skin when I was losing weight. I had no idea. I think I probably lost the weight too fast, and I probably should have been doing different excercises. If somebody had told me that if I starved myself and lost lots of weight (and probably muscle) fast, I'd have this mushy stomach and batwing arms, no matter how skinny I was, and shown me pictures, maybe I would have done things differently.

I've had a crap self-image my whole life. I desperately need people to tell me I'm thin, and that I'm pretty (even though I rarely believe them). I know I'm not "fat" anymore, but I can't help but think that if I just lost *5 more pounds* my stomach would magically disappear. I am really angry/bitter that I didn't know about this as a kid.

I've gone to a plastic surgeon for a consultation about getting abdominoplasty, but...I just don't want to have an expensive, painful, unnecessary operation solely due to vanity. I don't want to be that person. And my skin is not *that* bad, compared to others' I've seen (I am addicted to "Big Medicine" and "Inside Brookhaven" on TLC). However, I don't want to be terrified any time I date someone that, once they see me naked, or feel my mushy gut, they will vomit and run away screaming. Which is pretty much what I'm afraid of.

Wow, look at me vent. Sorry about that. And thank you for letting me. I just wanted to make the point that being young does not guarantee that your skin will "snap back." I really believe it's the speed in which you lose it, and possibly dependent on excercise. Or maybe it's just genetic? I don't know. All I know is, every time I see a model who got hugely fat (well, for them) when pregnant, and then 2 months later is back in a bikini...well, I don't like that model very much, is what I'm saying.

Thanks for your replies. And mop, I do have stretch marks also. I developed breasts younger than anyone else my age and then started to gain weight in general so I've always had the stretch marks everywhere. I think that's a lost cause because I don't think they'll ever go away. Then if later I have kids they would come back anyway. Congratulations on all your weight loss I'm sure you look great! I think most women tend to see ourselves in a harsher light than how others see us.
Ive lost 108 and I will have excess skin no doubt..... My stretch marks now are all shriveled, but the skin under my arms will never go away considereng if I hit my goal weight, I will have lost 188 lbs... I do you jergins natural glow that helps blend in the stretch marks, but they will be here for ever.... I dont care about looks, there will never be a bikini onthis body, I just want to be healthy, able to run with my kids, jump on my horse again, and play. I dont want to be a fat grandma for my grandpbabies, or a fat mom for my kids... I havent been to an amusment park in years ( which I love) because my ass was too big for the rides. Thats not FUN! I currently weigh 255 today, and I am getting there daily! It will all be worth it!
losing:  LOVE the amusement park comment.

I went to Disney World with my mom about eight or nine years ago... probably 300 pounds.. and I remember waiting to see if a heavier woman would get on the ride before me to see if I could fit!

Going to the movie theatre without raising the arm rest is great ,too..

As for the excess skin... it's there... luckily for me.. only in areas no one will see unless I want them to!!!  and someday.. like you, losing.. .it will be gone!!!  (under anesthesia and after paying much money!)

So far in total I've lost about 120 pounds give or take (I don't know my maximum weight... only what I weighed after two months of losing already) and no loose skin here.  I think if you lose gradually your skin shrinks with you, I've been working at this slowly for the last 3.5 years.  Lots of exercise helps too :) good luck
TEXASTEACH~~~ I love your new pics up!!!!
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re-hydration-fruits and water


and strength training

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